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Prompt #163

“Anonymous said: aaa idk if we’re supposed to be sending in full prompts or things that could prompt prompts? but. for memories. Once I went through a bouncy-house that was set up as an obstacle course/race type thing, and whoever had last used the track I was on got water everywhere. I slipped. kneed myself in the face. ended up dislocating a tooth. lost the race bc of the fall. tried to challenge the person I was racing to a second try. was told no bc my mouth was bleeding and that had to get checked out.”

“Stephie! You’re bleeding,” Her mum was yelling over the sound of inflated rubber on children’s feet. Stephanie was never one to back down from a fight, a race or anything in-between and it often got her in trouble, but this time she was determined. What with all the strange things happening recently, she was pulling out all the stops and fighting the devil; quite literally. She was sure the water wasn’t a coincidence, just yesterday she’d slipped and fallen in the bath tub, only adding to her endless list of water-related injuries…

// Oh darling, that was a wild memory, thanks for sending it in! I hope you haven’t had any emotional trauma from it? Thanks again xox //


The Coldest and the Boldest chapter 1

Jack turned to leave and Tooth was racing for something to say to stop him. She had to thank him, apologize to him, anything to get his attention for five seconds.

She looked to the bin of cookies. That was it!

“Wait!” she called out, snatching the tin and leaping up. Jack’s step didn’t falter, so Tooth ran and placed herself in front of him. She didn’t realize her hands were trembling again because her voice came out steadier this time around.“Here,” she kept it brief, holding out the tin of cookies, “please take some! As an apology for earlier.”

He stared at the bin before looking back at her, unsure. “I made them myself.” Tooth added quietly.

She wanted to try. She wanted to get to know this frigid boy, maybe see what he was like when he thawed out a bit. She could already tell he was lovely. Even though he had shoved her earlier and bit out his words in the meanest way, he still returned her book. He didn’t make fun of her for it, he didn’t throw it in the trash or the lost and found box, and he didn’t give it to the other kids to laugh over. He went to find her and returned it.

Maybe he wasn’t so cold after all.

thi was for day 2 “something sweet” staring ff TCTB

ialmostdiedtryingbutididit!!! *dora la exploradora victory dance*

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