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The Maid : Part Eight

Summary : Lucy was a 24 years old lone survivor, in her path of survival and escaping death , she stumbled across The Saviors who took her to The Sanctuary, where she found shelter and food. But what she didn’t know was that the girl who always hated and bullied her at school, is one of Negan’s wives (Frankie ) and is about to turn her life into a living hell all over again!

Pairings : Negan x Lucy

Type : slowburn

Warnings : language

Dedicated to @negansmainwife


“Fuck my life!!”
Lucy muttered under her breath as she sat on the cold ground of her cell staring at the dirty wall , hugging her knees. Her breath hitched in her throat and a tear escaped her blue eyes.

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I Can’t Wait to Hear You Scream PT. 24

Summary: Negan vows to track you down.

Notes: Sorry it has taken a couple days to get this out there, but here it is! Hope you enjoy! 💘💘

Warnings: Violence, mentions of rape.


“And eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. A burn for a burn. A life for a life. That’s how all this got started, and that’s how it’s going to end.” - Jenny Han

“Revenge may be wicked, but it’s natural.” - William Thackeray


You spent the majority of your time in the room either staring off into space, thinking about how much you wanted to be out of this situation and the other half trying your best to get some sleep.
But the uncomfortableness of the chain around you, combined with being stuck in a dark room, knowing that this isn’t where you belonged prevented you from getting any sort of decent rest.

You were truly exhausted and in pain from the amount of attacks you had received.
The anger and frustration you felt against Negan - even the fight you had seemed like years ago now and you’d give anything to just be back at sanctuary.
Hell, you’d even be happy to hear him berate you again and get mad and then give him back some attitude, which he secretly loved.
You missed him and you could only hope that he missed you too, or that he would atleast try to go out and look for you.
But you weren’t sure whether or not he would care.

You wanted so much to cry, but you didnt. You held back all of your emotions.
You didn’t want to show any kind of weakness and you definitely didn’t need Randy seeing that Negan was your weakness.
But sadness wasn’t the only thing you felt, you felt a lot of fucking anger too.
Randy wasn’t dumb by any means, he kept you in the chains because he knew that you wouldn’t stop trying to attack anyone that tried to come into this room.
He knew you would do whatever it took to get try get out of here and that’s why he had you so restrained.
You could be killing him right now, but he would never tell you that he seemed to be just a bit scared of you when you weren’t chained up.

You could see sunlight shining through the cracks in the door, and you gave a sigh, “Someone please get the the hell out of here.”

*Negan’s persepctive*

He had Lucille tightly in his grip as he made his way out to the men who were all gathered around trucks waiting for his word.
He stood in front of everyone, the anger radiating off of him.

“I’m sure Dwight fuckin’ filled most of you in on the goddamn situation. This is without a fuckin’ doubt a search and destroy mission. No fuckin’ negotiating, no fuckin’ crying, not a fuckin’ thing. You shoot to kill every fuckin’ person if they are the ones that have (Y/N). We’ve been looking for Randy for quite a fuckin’ while after the goddamn shit storm he caused here. If you find him, you fuckin’ restrain him. You leave fuckin’ killing him up to me, and if you don’t.. Well, Lucille will have her fuckin’ way with you, too.” Negan said loudly to the crowd of men that were gathered around him, hanging on every single word he said.

“What the fuck are you waiting for?” Negan growled to them as they still stood there looking at him.

All the men suddenly started moving around and all going the their own vehicles as Negan looked around to them with his eyes narrowed.
As Negan got in the truck his blood rushed through his body and his adrenaline began to pick up, he was ready for you to be back and he was ready to kick some fucking ass.

‘Please fuckin’ be alive, (Y/N).’ He thought as the truck pulled through the gates and left the sanctuary behind.

*(Y/N)’s perspective*

The light to the room burned your eyes again as the door was swung open by someone.
When your eyes adjusted, you saw that it was Mark and Randy entering, one Mark’s eyes were black and swollen and he still had a red marks around his neck from where you had choked him.

You stared at them as they came closer, Mark had a displeased look on his face.

“What do you want?” You said to them, adjusting the chain around your waist.

Randy cleared his throat, “Well, Mark here is pretty damn upset about what you did too him.”

“You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me?” You scoffed pointing to Mark.

He glared back at you, “Look what you did to my eye, you cunt.”

“Yeah, and if I had just five more minutes I would have snapped your neck with your own belt, you sick fuck.” You growled back.

“Shutup.” Randy said in a dangerous tone as he glared back at you, prowling towards you.

You kept your eyes on both of them as they stared you down, you were beginning to get an eerie feeling and you didn’t like it.

“Now, it’s eye for an eye around here. So, Mark is entitled to a little revenge.” Randy said smiling.

You stood up slowly ,readying yourself for a fight. “Come on then, if you think I’m just gonna back down, you’re fucking crazy.”

“I don’t wanna fight you.” Mark said, biting his lip.

“Looks like you’re gonna have to fight regardless. Because I’m not giving you what you think I’m gonna give you.” You growled back to him, balling up your fists.

“If that’s how you want it. I like it when you girls fight back.” Mark said back.

He and Randy both ran forward at once, holding you back against the wall, with you kicking at them and screaming before Randy covered your mouth with a hand.

“Bitch, if you keep up this fighting, I swear this whole situation is gonna be really bad for you.” He growled, yanking you down onto the floor.

You tried to worm your way out of his grip, but he pulled the length of chain that was behind you around your neck, making it tighter each time you moved, you had no choice but to lay there to keep from being choked to death.
With Randy at your shoulders pinning you to the ground Mark forced all his weight down top of you as he pulled out his knife that he had tried to use last time, taking it to your chest, cutting into your shirt, ripping it off.

You let out a huff as you tried your best to fight back without choking yourself, but it was nearly impossible, you were already feeling some of your oxygen being cut off as it wrapped around you tighter.

“You must not like us as much as Negan.” Randy said with a chuckle.

You glared up at him as he looked back down to you.

“Fuck off.” You growled back.

“Fuck is the right word. I wanna know what all the fuss is about. Negan always gets the pretty wives. Well, now I’ve got you.” He said, digging his fingers into your shoulders.

The thought of either of them doing anything to you sent you into a rage and you put all your energy into fighting back in the moment, you pushed your body up as hard as you could, trying to throw them both off.
You head butted Randy hard as he slumped back holding his head.
Your grabbed at Mark’s head, clawing at his eyes as he grunted in pain, you had forgotten about the knife in his hand and he plunged it deep into your thigh.
you cried out in pain, trying to pull it out.

“Goddamn you!” He said as he punched you hard in the face.

“You stupid fucking whore!” Randy yelled back grabbing you again, slamming you back onto the ground.

Mark punched you again and you coukd feel the blood as it began running out of your nose is a large amount.

“Kill me! Just fucking kill me!” You screamed out, spitting blood in Mark’s face.

He pulled the knife out of your leg roughly and you screamed again at the burning pain as you began to bleed all over the floor.
He took the knife and cut into your pants, tearing and ripping the down before throwing them across the room.

“You brought this on your own self!” Randy yelled back.

Mark kicked your legs apart from eachother, unzipping his jeans.
You tried fighting back with your good leg, even with the amount of adrenaline you had, it still hurt to try to move the injured one.
You tried kicking at him as much as you could, but it was no use.
Both of them had the upper hand and you were growing weary and fighting only made you lose more blood.
Mark pushed himself down onto you, putting his face near yours, you spit more blood into his face and he licked his lips.

“God, you are one fiesty bitch aren’t you?” He growled, as he put his lips near yours.

*Negan’s perspective*

They had finally gotten close to the supposed warehouse that Randy was hold up in, Negan had ordered the vehicles to stop a little ways from the actual entrance, he figured a sneak attack would be best.
He gathered all the men around him again, Lucille propped on his leather shoulder as usual and his rage growing with each second that passed.

“When we get in there, start fuckin’ shooting, take no fuckin’ prisoners. I don’t give a shit who you hit, but also fuckin’ keep in mind that (Y/N) and Randy better not be shot, especially (Y/N). I don’t want Randy dying easy. You fuckin’ got it?” He growled, looking over the crowd of men and he was met with a bunch of nods.

Negan nodded back, “Alright, clear the fuck out.”

All of the men began making their way to the entrance of the gates to the warehouse, with their guns out.
The men inside didn’t even see it coming when the place was lit up with the surprise gunfire.
Negan came into the gates last, firing also.
He had pistol his his hand, shooting anyone that was still alive, with Lucille still resting on his other shoulder.
Anyone that was laying on the ground that still seemed to be alive gt to meet Lucille though.
He holstered the gun, walking up the one of the men that was laying on the ground, rolling around in pain.

“Damn, that looks like it fuckin’ hurt like hell.” He said with an evil smile, lifting Lucille above his head before bringing her down with forceful impact on the man’s head.

There was a bunch of gunfire back and forth between the groups of men, but Negan’s men heavily outweighed the number of men that were here.
Negan showed no emotion as he walked through the gunfire, he didn’t give a shit and he wasn’t scared, the only thing on his mind was ripping this place apart looking for you.

*(Y/N)’s perspective*

“What the hell is that?” Mark said suddenly, lifting himself up from you.

You coukd hear the nonstop gunfire from outside and your heart began to race, maybe another group was attacking the place. Maybe you’d get drug off to another God forsaken compund, you didn’t care anymore, you wanted tgis fucker off of you.
Randy got up and walked to the door, cracking it open.

You took your chance to knee Mark, making him fall back as you stomped him repeatedly in the chest, making him heave.
Randy closed the door, running back to you and slamming you back down to the ground, tightening the chain around your neck.

“Maybe I will fucking kill you after I try you out.” Mark growled, getting back up.

“People are fucking attacking the building.” Randy huffed.

“Her people?” Mark asked, pointing to you.

“Fuck if I know. We’ll lay low in here.” Randy said back, glancing towards the door and back to you, “I hope Negan’s here. We can end all of this bullshit once and for all.” He smiled wickedly.

Mark forced himself down onto of you again and you tried screaming as loud as you coukd so someone outside coukd hear you, but Randy pulled the chain again, contracting your breatheing.
You coughed as he tightened the chain more and more, your vision started to go blurry as Mark all you could see was Mark’s face above you, at this point you were hoping you wouldn’t live through it.
you were never gonna a see Negan again and if this is what your were in store for, you didn’t wanna live.
You lifted you head as much as you could, pulling your neck against the chain, feeling it cut off your air.

*Negan’s perspective*

After few of Negan’s men had died, but they had taken out the majority of men at the warehouse, only a few Remington now which were being taken out with ease.
His men were inside of the building now, tearing apart every room, looking for you.

Negan paced around the grounds, growing angry that you hadn’t been found and that there was no sign of Randy.
“Where the fuck is she?” Negan growled quietly to himself, slinging Lucille around in his hand before taking her to one of the heads of the dead men out of anger.
Blood splattered back onto his face.
He grunted as he leaned back up, letting out a sigh.

He was beginning to give up hope when he heard a scream.

He turned his head quickly and squinted at a small building nobody had been in yet.

“Jesus fuckin’ Christ.” He growled as he began walking over to the door, “Dwight!”

Dwight who had kept close to Negan, came running over towards him with a gun in his hand, “Yeah, boss?”

Negan pointed to the door and he began kicking it in, with Dwight’s help.
The door finally gave way as it was flung open to reveal the people that were inside.

Negan’s stomach churned inside him and his anger grew out of control at what he saw inside the room.
He saw you, bloody, beaten and beneath some motherfucker on top of you, he charged at the guy as Dwight held his gun out to Randy, backing him up roughly into the wall.

“You sick son of a fuckin’ bitch!” Negan roared as he slung the man into the wall, punching him hard in the head, he didn’t have time to waste on speeches or telling him why he was gonna die.
The guy gasped as he quickly held Lucille up and brought it down on the man’s head repeatedly and furiously, grunting roughly each time he brought her down on his head.
It didn’t take long for the man’s head to be beaten to a pulp.

But to Negan, it still wasn’t good enough for what he had done to you.
Negan had never in his life felt anger like what he was feeling now, the thought of this fucking prick forcing himself onto you sent him into another rage and he didn’t stop with Lucille, the skull and brain matter began to fly around everywhere and the blood ran all over Negan’s shoes and pooled all over the floor.
He was covered in his blood.

Dwight finally had to run up and yell to get Negan’s attention, “Negan… Negan!”

He finally stopped, lowering Lucille.
He breathed hard, his grip still tight on her as he glared down at the man on the ground.
Negan backed away slowly, spitting onto the body before he turned around to meet Randy’s eyes, furrowing his brows.
Negan didn’t have any type of fucking wise cracks for him, his anger had taken over his whole being at once.

Randy had talked a lot of shit, but now he looked like he was seconds from pissing his pants.

Negan turned his head to you and dropped down on a knee beside you, your breathing was shallow and labored. Between the blood loss, you had choked yourself unconscious.
He set Lucille down and quickly began working on getting the chained unwrapped around your neck.
He pulled it off to sling in to the ground, and took his jacket off to cover your half naked body.

“Where’s the fuckin’ key to this shit?” Negan growled furiously, looking back to Randy.

Randy pointed to the body of the man that Negan had just killed.
Negan kept his eyes glued to Randy’s as he got up, quickly going over to the body to rummage through pants pockets until he found the key to the padlock on the chain.
He dropped back beside you, and unlocked it, letting the chains slide off of you.
Negan looked down to you and felt a happiness that you were found, but his anger and worry had overridden him.

He looked down at your battered body, your pretty face was now all bruised and swollen again, and he could see the stab wound in your leg and the cuts to your chest.
He shook his head and let out an angry grunt as he pulled you to him, gritting his teeth sound hard you could hear it.
You were out cold and he needed to get you back to the sanctuary as soon as he could.

“What happens next?” Dwight asked.

Negan picked you up off the floor, holding you in his arms wedding style and glared at Dwight, “We have to get the fuck back now. She needs to see the fuckin’ doc. Bring him with us, if anyone needs to see him die, it’s her. Now fuckin’ grab Lucille for me.”

He carried you off back to the trucks to get you back to the sanctuary.
It was a bittersweet victory.
Randy was finally gonna get what he deserved, but Negan knew that this wasn’t the cost he wanted to pay for it to happen.
He sat in back of the truck with you in his arms, doing his best to try to keep you warm, because your skin was growing cold.
You were still bleeding and it had soaked through his pants, but he didn’t care.
He wiped the blood off of your face with a towel that was laying nearby.

“Just fuckin’ hang on, darlin’. You’ve survived all this, just fuckin’ hang on a little longer. I know you fuckin’ can.” He whispered into your ear, pulling you towards him, listening to your breathing nervously.

He was scared of losing you, for once he was fucking scared.

*Y/N’s perspective*

You could feel yourself coming back, like you had been away for years in some far off place.
You could feel the pain in your leg start stinging again as you began to regain your consciousness, if only momentarily and you could hear whispering.
Your fighting instinct kicked in again and you began to fight back as you could feel arms around you, you began pushing and kicking, it must be Mark still holding you.

“Whoa! Easy! Fuckin’ easy, babydoll!” A deep voice said, restraining you as you kept trying to fight.
Your eyes opened weakly, and you could barely make out the face of Negan.
You head really began to spin now, you didn’t know if you were dreaming, or if you really we’re dead after all.

“Negan..?” You breathed out, your vision still blurry and weak.

“I’m here, darlin’. It’s me, you’re okay. Just try to stay fuckin’ calm. I’m taking you home.” His deep, comforting voice said back to you.

You felt a hand brush through your hair.

You let out a small breath as your vision went black again. The loss of blood had made you too weak to stay awake any longer.

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In Greek mythology the Graeae  "old women", “grey ones”, or “grey witches”; also called the Grey Sisters, and the Phorcides (“daughters of Phorcys”), were three sisters who shared one eye and one tooth among them. Their names were  Dino, Enyo, and Pemphredo.

The Graeae were daughters of the sea-deities Phorcys and Ceto, (from which their name the Phorcydes derived), and sisters to the Gorgons. The Graeae took the form of old grey-haired women; though, at times poets euphemistically described them as “beautiful.” In other legends they are described as being half-swan. Their age was so great that a human childhood for them was hardly conceivable.


Through The Eyes Of The Inquisitor

(Cullen/Dorian/Cassandra/Josephine/Iron Bull/Blackwall)


I wish I’d known about your memory. I could’ve helped you

Look, let’s just get you taken care of.