tooth fairy movie

So… err… the things is: every time I watch “Rise of the Guardians” my mind blows when I see Jack’ sister and Baby Tooth, I can’t help but to think they are the same person… “What? Lola, are you crazy?” “Maybe…” But I can kind of prove it.

Jack’ sister and Baby Tooth has three damn freckles right under their right eyes, let’s see some facts:

Ok, I know they’re a bit different, and it may be something of my mind, but it keeps buggin me every freaking time I watch the movie. I thought I was just a poor crazy soul because I haven’t seen any post, comment, image, gif, story, anything about it, bUT I JUST CAN’T TAKE IT OUT OF MY MIND!! For me they are the same person. “How can that even be possible?” ok, I’ll tell what I think:

Right after Jack drowned in the lake, his sister kept saying it was her fault and eventually got depressed. She got, somehow, sick, and not long after she died. Man in moon, felt pity for her and decided to turn her into the Baby Tooth fairy, and, just like Jack, she lost her memories, and Tooth Fairy couldn’t help her remember because she didn’t know this fact; and for some reason Manny never told any of the guardians…

but, dude, She and Jack get worried about each other all the time, THEY CAN FEEL THEY’RE SIBLINGS…. IN THEIR BELLIES!!!

That’s my story…

Sorry, I got a bit excited BUT I can’t be the only one to notice it… tell me I’m not crazy…

He never needed wings anyways, he was just…One of the unlucky ones.

Though wings would’ve been nice.

oops I accidentally made this sadder than it needed to be.

Commission for TentacleMonsterHair in exchange for Half-Life 2: Episode one

I really hope you like this! (and I’m sorry I made it sadder than ever requested)

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