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Shark teeth collected in Antwerp Harbor

I just wanted to say thank you for making this week happen! You guys are amazing and Dorian is luckly to have so many adoring fans ;D

You can find the entries here.

Kudos to all the participants and their a+ content:

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Some of you even went for the nightmare mode and nailed it. As someone who kept up only with 3 days I’m impressed! 

The week might be over but I’m not quite yet done with dorian community related events, so don’t worry, there’s more to come ;)


Tooth line

Outlaws of Love

Chapter 3 - Final

Prompt; Your Lucille’s younger sister that Negan promised to take care of after she died. Negan continues to “take care” (be over-protective) of you during the apocalypse even though you’re considered an adult now. You’re also still in the closet regarding your sexuality.

Pairing: Arat x Reader (Romantic), Negan x Reader (Platonic), Negan x You (Platonic)

Word Count: 5,072

Type: Multi-Chapter fic, Mini series

Warnings: Swearing, Smut, Overprotective relationship, Closest sexuality, Slurs, being unconventionally outed, Unsanitary use of a hygiene product ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Rating: NSFW

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

After a night of drunkenly laughing at each other you somehow both ended up in your bed, and given to the fact you had a double bed and Negan had a massive oversized king mattress you couldn’t work out how you’d both ended up here. Negan’s huge body took up most the bed, which meant you were squished against the wall, your legs lying on top of his and his snoring head inches away from yours.

You had woken up to see it was 8.30am, which was unusually late for you to wake up and for Negan to still be fast asleep. Looking down at him, you knew it would be impossible to get off the bed without waking him.

Pushing on his shoulders you whisper in his ear “Ne, wake up. I really have to pee.”

He doesn’t move and you continue trying to wake him. You eventually get a groan of disapproval from him before he speaks, “Fuck, turn the light off.” He moans with his eyes barley open.

“Negan, that’s the sun” You say looking at the window.

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etsyfindoftheday | CURATION: tooth finds | 2.17.16

big sky tooth print by katievernon

EFOTD follower vaaada wrote in a while ago requesting a … different kind of curation. apparently she’s been really into teeth things, and i’m going to help feed her recent obsession! this big sky tooth print is a little weird but a lot awesome-looking. somehow, i kinda love it? :D more teeth-related finds coming up!


I’ve been getting a lot of questions about Demonic Guardians, so i finally designed mine!

Meet Pierre, Tooth-collecting rope-haired loose canon pirate! 

With a canon for a leg. Of course.

Well known for giving children various swords and accidentally committing arson.

Stony Prompt #30

Anonymous said: HC Steve takes care of Tony like he always does making sure he eats and sleeps, offering comfort and love. Tony really wants to thank him but can’t say the words so one day he sits down and writes a letter thanking Steve for everthing. Steve finds it

Tony wakes only because the pillow he’s lying on shifts and that…. that shouldn’t be possible. Pillows don’t move on their own, and this fact is strange enough to make his sleepy brain kick into gear. He blinks his eyes open, not yet seeing anything, yawns; as if on cue, a hand cups the back of his head and briefly massages his neck. Tony comments the gesture with a pleased groan, pressing his face into the pillow. The pillow laughs.

“Steve…?”, he slurs and moves to look up. The blond makes an affirmative noise, his hand never stopping to rub circles into Tony’s neck. “You fell asleep, Tony. About five minutes after we started the movie. Want me to carry you to bed, hm?”

The brunet decides that he’s still too sleepy to answer, so he simply cuddles closer into his boyfriend’s arms. It’s comforting to hear Steve’s heartbeat right under his ear and to feel his incredible warmth so close. Tony hums contently and closes his eyes again. He barely notices that Steve gets up with him in his arms and carries him outside into their room.


The circuit board in front of him starts to get blurry and Tony rubs his eyes, tries to blink the sleepiness away, but it doesn’t quite work. He’s vaguely aware that he has been down in the workshop for over a day without much more than a ten minute nap and that makes him think of the stock of Granola bars that has gone down in number. He’ll need to get more of them, and maybe coffee while he’s at it, and-

“Sweetheart, I think it’s enough for today.” Steve’s voice comes unexpected and Tony flinches at it, before he turns and blinks owlishly at the blond in his lab. Then his eyes drift to the plate Steve is holding and Tony’s stomach growls audibly. The blond laughs.

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Norma Jean - The Almighty Norma Jean 4xLP box set

/400 ‘Version A’  with green/black swirl, red/white splatter, and picture disc vinyl || Suburban Home Records 2008


This vintage Whitman’s Prestige Chocolates tin is full of sweet treasures! Includes two human teeth, a megalodon tooth, jars of meteorite fragments, rabbit teeth, crystals, colorful exotic feathers and loads more!

For sale here in my Etsy shop along with loads more delightfully creepy oddities!