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Of Idiots and Ink

I have a weakness for soulmate AUs. My friend @notallpotatoesarefrenchfries and I were talking about different scenarios, and this one is just so cute, so I had to write about it. ( @velocifoxy )

Summary: Human!Sides. In this world, whenever your soulmate writes on themselves, the ink shows up on your body as well. Many soulmates use this as a way to communicate and meet up with the one they are meant to be with, and, wanting to meet his love, Roman writes cute notes on himself everyday in hopes that one day the soulmate link will be found and his lover will view his words of love. He has always been excited about the prospect of his soulmate responding and living happily ever after. One morning he writes “Good morning, my love” on his forearm and checks back to see “No morning is good” written beneath it in a handwriting that is most definitely not his own.

AO3 link here.

Pairing: Prinxiety. This is going to be tooth rottingly fluffy, so prepare your little hearts my darlings!

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Obi-Wan/Rex, secret marriage (but without drama! There is nothing I like more than ppl getting married and then... kinda forgetting... to tell ppl about it)

I’m rolling in the fluff, guys, it’s awesome.

It starts like this :

Anakin is walking up the stairs leading to the Temple, and he passes near Obi-Wan and Rex, and his former Master and the clone Captain are standing close.
Just a glimpse, and Anakin sees their hands brushing against each other, and then entwining.

He’s so surprised he trips, and rolls down two flights of stairs.
Ahsoka mocks him for days.


Anakin almost stalks them every time they are together, looking for the absolute proof he has not hallucinated that casual, intimate touch.

He doesn’t always find something, and the things he sees are… not incriminating. Looks. Touches. Small gestures, really, a brush of shoulders there, a kind smile then.
It’s at its more blatant when the 501st and 212th have been on separate ops for a long time. Then Anakin catches them whispering to each other in Mando’a, handholding and, even once, standing forehead against forehead on the main deck.

Now, Anakin hasn’t his master’s knack for picking up languages and customs, but even he knows enough about his men to understand what that is, and what ‘cyare’ means.

Obi-Wan… and Rex.


Talking to Obi-Wan about it is trickier. Anakin wants his Master to trust him, but he is also pretty miffed that his teacher can still nag him about attachment when he’s clearly involved with Anakin’s Captain.
Still, subtlety and dancing around the subject aren’t Anakin’s forte and he blurts it out in the middle of a dinner in Obi-Wan’s quarters.

“Is there something between you and Rex ?”
Obi-Wan looks surprised, before he nods. “Yes?”
“… Really ?”

Obi-Wan smiles, the kind of easy, relaxed smile he doesn’t wear that often in the middle of the war, and just for that, Anakin is glad that there is a reason for him to do so.

“Really, the same kind of thing you have with Padmé, I believe.”

Anakin chokes down on his food.

“Uh… friendship ?” he coughs, red as a Lethan.
“Marriage, Anakin.”

Uh oh. Obi-Wan knows.
Wait, what ?


“But what did the Council say ?”
“Strangely, they never mentioned it.”

Anakin knows Obi-Wan. He knows that air of perfect innocence, he uses it frequently and Ahsoka is becoming a master at it, too.

What did you do ?”
“I have no idea what you mean. I filled our paperwork in the Archives, like I should.”

Anakin stares, then smirks.

“The Archives. The ones nobody ever reads, except Master Nu.”
“Now, Anakin, that’s not kind, the Council is very busy with the war, they can’t be hold responsible for not checking every bit of paper that goes through their desks before it’s put away in Master Nu’s files.”
“Of course, Master.” the young knight grins. “Forgive me, I have to go, I forgot I had some papers to fill in.”


(But really, it starts like this :

Rex and Obi-Wan are lying next to each other, on Obi-Wan’s bunk, Obi-Wan’s face nuzzled against Rex’s chest and the clone kissing his brow frequently.

“Once the war ends…” Rex whispers, because if there are times when he can actually hope that it will end, it’s when he’s holding his Jedi in his arms, “once it ends… I’m asking you to marry me, I’m saying the vows and giving you my life.”

Obi-Wan stills, then lifts himself on his forearms to give him a long, deep kiss, then pressing his forehead against Rex’s. His eyes are shining with love and mirth.

“Why wait ?”)

Ask me silly prompts !


Can’t say how the days will unfold. 
Can’t change what the future may hold,
But, I want you in it, every hour, every minute. 
This world can race by far too fast, hard to see while it’s all flying past. 
But, it’s clear now, when you’re standing here now.
I am meant to be wherever you are next to me. 
All I want to do, is come running home to you, come running home to you.

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hello please do "you have a cute nose" for jikook please?

a/n: hmu w some short prompts and i’ll write you smt

i went w i l d w this one om…g……insp by this here’s a buzzfeed!au i guess

all in all, sometimes jungkook really hates working on the internet.

the cameras’ red lights all flash simaltaneously, as if they’ve ganged up on him and are trying to permanently blind him. the pulse points and wires attaching his body to the lie detector machine that expert kim namjoon is using are uncomfortable and itchy. yoongi, hoseok, and seokjin are hovering over him in white dress shirts and loose ties like “real inquisitors,” though real inquisitors probably dress in completely styles. jimin sits quietly off to the side on top of a file cabinets - which is the one cute gift jungkook’s been given for this video.

the rest of it is a curse.

seokjin blows a bubble with his hubba bubba bubble gum, an action quickly followed up by a sharp pop. he walks around where jungkook is sitting behind a desk piled with wires and resembles a tall, circling, drunken wolf.

seokjin starts loudly, “you and jimin are just so cute with each other, jungkook! it’s almost as if you’re-” seokjin pauses to pop another bubble, and by now jimin has perked up from where he was leaning against the wall above the filing cabinet-“ something else than what you show. something more. i’m just throwing it out there, but it’s almost as though you two are… together.”

jungkook shoots seokjin a look of daggers, only receiving a laugh, a wink, and a bubble for reply. jungkook knows that their “guys try lie detectors” video has reached the Very Very Personal Questions segment, but god, did they really have to do this? he shifts in his seat,  sure that namjoon notices sitting next to him.

hoseok clears his throat and closes in on jungkook (the victim) next. he’s pretending to toss nunchucks between his hands, even though jungkook is certain inquisitors don’t use nunchucks.

“the fans speculate as much about you two, but the most particularly thing is that you aren’t dating.” hoseok raises a brow. “or are you? will you?”

“case in point!” cries yoongi, dramatically tugging his root beer dum-dum from his lips and pointing it at jungkook. “do you or do you not,” yoongi growls, leans in with narrowed eyes, “like park jimin?”

jungkook hesitates, not wanting this to breach Romantically Personal Questions That - Oh My God Let’s Not Discuss This on Camera Please I’m Begging You territory.

“of course i like jimin,” he says tentatively, though more easily than his dishonest answer because he means this one. at this point, jimin has leaned back, looking at ease again. “he’s my favorite buzzfeed member.”

namjoon is about to open his mouth and announce the honesty result of jungkook’s words (he’s telling the truth), but yoongi holds up a palm to stop him. if possible, his eyes narrow even further, scrutinizing.

“we’re talkin’ more than friends like, bud.” yoongi’s hand slams on the table with a BAM, starling everyone but hoseok and yoongi himself and getting a dirty look from namjoon, whose wires and machine clanked and shifted from the hit. “is that how you really feel about park jimin, jeon jungkook? do you like jimin as more than a friend?”

they have officially breached Romantically Personal Questions That - Oh My God Let’s Not Discuss This on Camera Please I’m Begging You territory.

jungkook is surprised to find that his blood thrums in his ears, because he’s sure blood would be rushing to his cheeks. he’s a trifle impressed with himself. maybe - maybe he’s even good at this lying thing, and he’ll be able to trick the machine into saying that he’s telling the truth when he says no, he doesn’t like jimin that way. no way. that’s all he has to say.

jungkook’s mouth is dry but his voice is confident as he lies, “no. i don’t like jimin that way.”

everyone’s heads whip to namjoon, who stares at the screen. jungkook’s heart becomes a beating drum in his chest. the room breathes once, twice. jungkook feels hope spark in his lungs, pleading that the world can be nice to him and let him keep his dignity close and intact, safe in his arms-

namjoon announces, “he’s lying.”

- but jungkook’s dignity ends up scurrying out the door with its tail tucked between its legs.

he’s numb as hoseok, yoongi, and seokjin howl and yowl behind him, shouting something along the lines of “i TOLD you so!” and “that’s ten dollars from my wallet, a whole ten dollars, goddamn, i should’ve seen it comin’” - all the same, jungkook feels mortified. he can’t bring himself to even think about what jimin’s face might be like, can’t possibly imagine what he’s going to say when they get back to the office.

he pushes at his brain not to think about it. if his dignity is gone and done then he has to at least keep his bodily systems all from rupturing. no jimin. not now. leave it for Tomorrow Jungkook or Night Jugkook to suffer through. no. jimin. none.

the issue, however, is that jimin doesn’t have to imagine jimin - he appears right in front of jungkook, kneeling besides him as their other co-workers hoot and whoop and argue, as always.

the issue is also that jimin then giggles, straining his head upward to affectionately rub the tip of his nose against jungkook’s, practically making jungkook go cross-eyed. jungkook tries to ignore the awkward cough namjoon gives into his fist, the way the camera whirs a few yards away.

“you have a cute nose,” notes jimin simply, and jungkook tries to scowl to maintain his whole web reputation on buzzfeed as chic, cool guy, but he’s sure it comes out wobbly and flustered. 

jimin giggles again, and while internally exploding jungkook notices that one of jimin’s buttons is done incorrectly. he reaches out to fix it, but jimin is already standing up to lean against the wall and look into the camera with a huge smile.

“i could already tell he was was lying.” another giggle. “if he says the thing confidently, he’s lying.”

yoongi, hoseok, and seokjin quickly settle down just to agree with jimin’s statement, and jungkook blushes hard but finds it in him to laugh.

he’s not laughing when the video is finally released and he founds out that a certain somebody (cough, devilish editor by the cursed name kim taehyung, cough) decided it would be a good idea to keep jungkook’s coercion-induced confession. even the part where he turned pomegranate red. the video already has one million views.

all in all, sometimes jungkook really hates working on the internet.

(but jimin kisses him on the cheek the next day at the office and says he’s free for dinner, and so maybe jungkook doesn’t hate this internet thing so much.)

((especially when they get so many excited praises for the instagram picture they post.))

Sweet Tooth au

-Thomas always have some sort of sweets with him.

-One time he couldn’t find the candy that Alex hid he ate straight sugar

-He once ate cinnamon and literally it’s him coughing and Alex cackling in the background

-Thomas is really happy, hyper and jumpy when sugar high

-He literally jumped at Alex once when sugar high

I love this au and ask me about it

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Kiss ask: Gradence, #6 (morning kisses), if so inspired 💙💙💙

The sunlight yawns through the curtains, bathing the room in the rosy gold of pre-dawn. Being summer, they’ve left the window cracked open; a breeze blows through, and the curtain flutters. A sunbeam falls directly onto Percival’s upturned face. 

“Ugh,” he says, and rolls over, drawing the covers up over his head. 

This action, unfortunately, pulls the blanket off Credence. He squeaks indignantly and scrunches up his face, reaching out and patting his husband to try to get his blanket back. 

Percival has no intention of letting this happen. He makes a happy little mmnnnnm noise, sighing, legs drawn up and feet tucked in, a perfectly warm burrito of sleepy happiness. 

“You stole my blanket,” Credence informs him crossly. The effect is rather spoiled by the fact that all the hair on the left side of his head is sticking straight up. 

“Sorry,” the pile of blankets formerly known as Percival mumbles, but makes no move to return it. 

Credence moves closer, wrapping his arms and legs around his husband like a particularly persistent limpet. “Give it back,” he whines. Percival’s face emerges from the blankets and pecks his nose with a kiss. 

Credence takes advantage of this to slide his hands into the hole created in the blanket, making a happy little ahhh as Percival presses a kiss to each one of his scarred palms. He lifts the blanket and Credence scoots in, pressed heart to heart with the man he’s promised to love above all others. Not that it’s a great hardship, exactly; Percival nuzzles a series of sleepy little kisses into his hair. Credence wraps his arms around him, relishing the quiet tangle of limbs and the soft warm smell of happiness and Saturday morning indolence. 

They fall back asleep like that, curled up and content in each other’s sleepy embrace.

Sweet Tooth AU

Character A works at a doughnut shop/candy store/bakery/etc. where lots of sweet, sugary items are on sale everyday. Character B has a major sweet tooth, so they’re always in Character A’s store, flirting with Character A while also stocking up on sugary treats. Character A is completely oblivious to Character B’s flirting attempts until Character B directly asks for their number.

Sweet Tooth Au Headcanons!!

-Thomas really loves dark chocolates

-His sweet tooth started after his parents died when he was 14 but it didn’t pique until he was 20 and it started when he studying for exams and he was frustrated and went through 2 whole bags of jolly ranchers

-Alex tried to keep his candy consumption at bay

-Like how does he not have diabetes??

-Thomas hides pieces of candy everywhere. In cabinets, in the boxes in the closet, in pant pockets.

-Alex finds it oddly comforting that when they kiss he can taste the dark chocolate

-Usually after argument, depending on what it was about and who started it, the innocent one gets candies/chocolate as an apology from the other.

-Alex is the only person Thomas shares with

-Thomas and Alex have frequent arguments over which jolly rancher flavor is the best. Alex says green apple while Thomas says grape

Bubbles and Baubles: Part 3

Obiyuki Week day 6: Little Mermaid
Haaaah, this is getting longer that it’s supposed to.
Part 4 will be the last.

After what had happened down at the rocks, the herbalist had spent the rest of the day in a daze. The truth of what she’d seen, of what he was, was nearly overwhelming. Whenever she had felt settled, another image of the merman’s golden eyes and sharpened teeth would scurry through her mind like a mouse. Spending the evening with everyone, more than one worried question was sent her way, and forcing smiles as white lies slid between her teeth was more draining than nights spent grinding and mixing herbs back in Wistal.

She had left for bed early that night, leaving a slightly forlorn Zen behind to complete a jigsaw puzzle by himself. With a single lamp to illuminate her room, Shirayuki paced in small circles, mouth in hand as she stared at nothing. Eyeing her bed with an expression akin to a convict faced with certain doom, she debated with herself over whether or not she should bother with sleep tonight.

It was only the thought of facing a concerned Kiki in close quarters that sent her to bed.

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