Study of the teeth of one of my characters 8> and his dark gums nd tongue. he’s got a thick textured black lining on the inside of his lips like animals often have

they actually belong to a very chill and funny character, his mouth just… isn’t as chill or anything to joke about, bitch can bite
 though his too big toothy smile makes up for it 

let me tell you I gave up on those molars. hrbjdfgd


I see a lot of people mixing Guardians of Childhood books with the Rise of the Guardians movie, and I’m totally into that, I love it when people do that, 

but the books and movie are actually pretty different. I wanted to make a fine line between what is in the books, and what is in the movie. That way, people won’t get confused or we can look at things from a different perspective. 

I probably have left out a lot, and maybe forgotten a few things, but these are just the basics. 

There are still a few books yet to come out for The Guardians of Childhood, so we don’t have full confirmation for a lot of things. 

As for the movie, I really don’t see a sequel happening anytime soon, so I just went with the information we were given. 

Otherwise, feel free to use this as a reference for any art or fan fictions you guys want to make! Any questions? Go ahead and ask~ <3 

~~~~Guardians of Childhood VS Rise of the guardians ~~~~