tooruu  asked:

may i know the name of the song that is currently playing in your blog? thanks :)

Which player are you referring to? If it’s the one at the side of my blog then it’s ‘He Said He Loves Me’ by Standing Egg feat. Windy.

If it’s the other player that you’re talking about, then it’s this track from the Ao Haru Ride OST~ (*^-^*)

tooruu  asked:

I'm building my Sewing Studio and what's left is x5 wool. Also, I only have one trader in the trading deport (Silk Country) and it's already Fall 17th. I see I haven't unlocked the sheep yet in their shop, is there any other ways to get wool? Thanks!

There’s your first problem, you need to trade with the Silk Country frequently and with enormous trades, which means you need to produce a lot more goods than what you currently are. You’re going to need a sheep to get Wool, and the only other way is to ask an advanced farmer to give you some Wool through the Multiplayer Option. I would recommend either making 300 Sweet Potatoes and selling it to the Silk Country, or looking around for a blog that frequently offers to do online activities.