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Of I'm allowed to send this in at this time, A, E, and R for the captains please? If not, then ignore this. Please and thank you~

((Now, I could have sworn Raine wrote E and R for Oikawa, but I can’t find it for the life of me. I don’t know if she did, or if I’m imagining things. You can check in the ask meme tag, though, and if she has, it’ll be in there, too. 

Also, I was unsure if you meant current or former captains, so I tossed both Moniwa and Futakuchi in there. And Terushima bc hello weakness hot damn.

Sorry to have disappeared on you guys for a while - I’ve been pretty sick the past little while. Ready and raring to go now, though~! Hope this is what you were looking for, sweet nonnie c:

~Admin Abel)

Daichi Sawamura

A= Afercare: Daichi is a giant sweetheart after he and his s/o have sex. He’s gentle and kind, using a low, soft voice to murmur praise as he brushes their hair back from their forehead and leave tender kisses along their forehead. The other admins and I, much like most of the Haikyuu fandom, agree that he’s got one of the biggest daddy kinks - so after a round like that, his aftercare is more tender than usual, and he’s very, very careful in the way he takes care of his partner. He makes sure to use nothing but feather light touches against their skin.

E= Experience: Now, this captain has his fair share of experience. He isn’t the type to play around, and he’s only been with two serious partners in his life. However, he’s always been game to experiment, and he has learned a thing or two from his old relationships - things he’s very willing to use on his current s/o.

R= Risk: Daichi is one of the guys that likes to keep it to a minimum. His favourite place is in the bedroom, and honestly, that’s where he’d prefer it to stay. He’s not one to really be down for a quickie in the bathroom stall, or the locker room, but sometimes, if his partner is lucky, they can entice him when they corner him and get on their knees…

Kenji Futakuchi

A= Aftercare:
Kenji and aftercare really don’t go hand in hand. Yes, he snuggles up to his partner and presses sloppy kissed along their face, but he doesn’t do much more than that. He’s too busy sleeping almost immediately after.

E= Experience: Before his current s/o, Futakuchi really messed around. He’s handsome, smart, and a tease - the perfect combination to get someone down for a quick, easy lay. So when it comes to pleasing his partner in the bedroom, he really knows how to get them going.

R= Risk: Absolutely. Any place, any time. He’ll take his partner wherever they please. The locker room, janitors closet, even in an empty classroom up against the window. He’s not really afraid of people seeing - he gets a thrill out of knowing someone may walk in and see just how good he can please his partner.

Kaname Moniwa

A= Aftercare: He’s a little awkward about it, really. Sometimes his touches are too hard, or he gets his hand tangled in a knot when he’s brushing his fingers through their hair - but his heart is in the right place. He apologizes profulesly and won’t stop till his partner plants a little kiss on him, assuring him it’s all right.

E= Experience: Moniwa has always been rather focused on volleyball and school. Besides a few kisses here and there, he really doesn’t know what he’s doing. The first time with his s/o, they spent most of it taking care of him, making him comfortable being with them in such an intimate way.

R= Risk: Along with the new territory that his partner brought to the table when they began a sexual relationship, he also discovered a few things about himself. Perhaps it’s because he never had sex before he met them, or he just can’t get enough of the feel of their skin on his, but he’s very open to taking them just about anywhere they ask - even for only five minutes of their sweaty body against his own.

Kotarou Bokuto

A= Aftercare: He tries. This little owl tries so very, very hard to be a sweet, romantic lover. But his aftercare game is weak. He’ll follow up the act with a sloppy peck on the cheek, wriggle against them and dig his head against their shoulder, and promptly pass out.

E= Experience: Bokuto has had a few sexual encounters in his life. However, most of what he’s really learned is from porn, which, as we know, is definitely not the best teacher. So he had a lot to really come to terms with when he and his partner really started the intimate side of their relationship. For example…most people really can’t bend like that.

R= Risk: Bring it on. Anywhere - he’s down for it. Akaashi nearly walked in on him and his partner one time, and instead of stopping or hiding, Bokuto fucked them harder, just so they’d cry out louder. Much like Futakuchi, he enjoys knowing that people can hear (or possibly see) how well he treats his partner.

Tooru Oikawa

A= Aftercare: Oikawa is a big softie after sex. He cuddles his partner and, much like Daichi, whispers praise against their skin, trailing sensually along their neck, shoulder, and arms with soft kisses - before pressing a kiss to each finger. It’s his way of showing his affections, following up each kiss with a reason why they’re so beautiful to him.

E= Experience: He’s been around the block a time or two. With girls throwing themselves at his feet, he’s taken a few up on their more intimate offers. Each person is different, of course, but he’s come to learn the basic things that sets every person off - and with how observant he is, it doesn’t take much to figure out how to make his partner scream.

R= Risk: Another one for the risky side of things. However, he’s quite unhappy knowing that his partner may be seen, and always takes care to be in front of them - for example, in an empty classroom, he has his back to the door, covering their body from prying eyes. Only he’s allowed to see his partner in the middle of mind blowing pleasure.

Yuji Terushima (mY BABY AWWW YEEEAAAA)

A= Aftercare: Not really his forte. He’s more playful in the moment than anything, and presses sloppy little kisses along his s/o’s shoulders and neck, teasing them about how utterly cute they are. However, after a particularly rough go, he’s always very gentle, and pulls them in to his chest without saying a word, lips resting against the top of their head.  

E= Experience: Although it may seem like he’s a master of the craft….Terushima only has a handful of encounters under his belt. His rather forward and pushy nature is offputting to a lot of potential partners. He experiments a lot with his s/o, though, and is down for trying almost anything at least once.

R= Risk: No. Terushima will not chance anyone seeing your body, or hearing your cute voice calling out for him. He’ll take you anywhere at home - the shower, bed, kitchen counter, couch - but nowhere outside of the house. Watching you fall apart beneath his fingertips is something only he can see, and no one else.