HQアイコン青城詰め合わせ || 霜月壱 [pixiv]
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Initially I doodled some fluffy marrying iwaois for coping with the train wreck that is tei-gen​‘s and crossbelladonna’s love for iwaoi angst, but after showed them the first pic they switched to maximum meme overdrive and here we are.

Click on the pictures for captions ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)b  

(Also shout out to hipster-noya​ for telling me about 21 pilot’s cover of ‘Can’t help falling in love’ because that’s been on repeat ever since she told me about it much thanka amberoo)


HQ!!AU┌  - Iwaizumi & Oikawa~

  • Ushijima:We don't have to be adversaries, Oikawa. We both want a strong team.
  • Oikawa:[thinking] Why is Ushiwaka-chan being so nice to me?
  • Ushijima:And if you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.
  • Oikawa:[thinking] Wait a minute. Is he coming onto me?
  • Ushijima:I mean, if I should slip something into your pocket, what's the harm?
  • Oikawa:[thinking] My God! He IS coming onto me!
  • Ushijima:After all, negotiations make strange bedfellows.
  • Oikawa:[internal screaming]
  • Oikawa:Sorry, Ushiwaka-chan, but I don't go in for these backdoor shenanigans. Sure, I'm flattered, maybe even a little curious, but the answer is no!