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5SOS Preference #1 Part 2: You have a fight/ arguement
part 1 part 3Luke: Once you got out that apartment you ran, tears now unable to stop rolling down your face. You didn’t know where you were running, but you were going to try and end your life as soon as possible. Everything became such a blur. Everything was spinning and your mind was a mess. The only thing you could hear was the constant screaming in your head telling you that you were worthless. You still ran, but this time you know where you were going; the train station. You figured it would be quick and Luke would never find you. You stood at the edge of the platform waiting for the next train to take your life away. You checked your phone; 19 missed calls and 37 messages all from Luke. You froze, you didn’t think Luke gave a shit about you. You decided to send him one thing before everything would end. You sent him a train emoji. The next train would be here in 15 minutes and that slightly scared you because in 15 minutes you wouldn’t be alive.

~~~~~~6 minutes till the train arrives~~~~~~

You heard pushing and screaming from behind you and then you saw the face you couldn’t bare to look at; Luke’s. He looked at you with his red puffy eyes and signaled to you to come towards him. You didn’t know what was going on, if Luke cared or didn’t, so you didn’t budge. “Come on honey, I will take you home and we can watch movies all day. We can talk and laugh, please just come back home with me..?” he said a little too desperately as he put his hand out for you to reach. You looked at the time; only 3 minutes. “Luke..I can’t just go home and forget about this! You know how hard everything has been on me! It’s better if I just leave everyone and die! I’m not good enough for anyone, not even you!” you sobbed out. “Then I guess we will jump of this platform together then” he said as he walked to the edge.

Ashton: It had been two weeks since you last saw Ashton after your fight. He was on tour now and you hadn’t sent one message to wish him good luck. This probably just made your relationship worse, well if you still had one. You decided to go to their concert since they’re in town. You usually went backstage, but that probably wouldn’t happen now. So you bought yourself front row side tickets. You really needed to talk to Ashton, to ask him how you changed and what went wrong. Because at the moment you were so confused.

~~~~~~the day of the concert~~~~~~

You arrived a tad early just in case you “accidentally” bump into Ashton. You were surrounded by hundreds of girls who had the same thought as you did, most of them knew that you were Ash’s girlfriend so they let you go in the front. A car parked outside the theater and you saw 4 boys pop out. All very energetic except for Ashton. You were surprised, usually he always had a smile on his face, but now it was only a tiny smirk. He still greeted fans, but it just didn’t seem the same. You were near the door way waiting for him. Your eyes connected with his and he swiftly took your hand and pulled you inside the building. He kept a firm grip on your wrist until you reached his dressing room. “What the fuck are you doing here (Y/N)?! I can’t deal with you right now!” he screamed. “I’m supporting you! You told me I’ve changed, but I haven’t! I have been here for you every step of the way and you just push me away. I try so hard to be the perfect girlfriend, but I’m obviously not!” you screamed back in frustration. He tugged on his hair, “Maybe you haven’t changed, but I have” he said as he walked out once more.

Calum: Once you slammed that door, you realised that you had made the biggest mistake of your life. You still loved him, but how could you go back in there and say you were wrong. You hated showing weakness, but you regularly showed it. You just sat on a bench at a nearby park and cried your heart out. You felt like you had sat out there for hours, but in reality you were only there for around 20 minutes. A young man, roughly your age, saw you sobbing. He immediately stopped, “Hi I’m Dylan umm ahh are you okay there, honey?”. “I’m fine, just I’ve made the shitest decision of my life!” you replied. The young man sat down, “And what may that be?”. “I let the one I love go! I said stupid things and I didn’t even let him explain! Ah I’m such an idiot!” you yelled to yourself. Dylan now began to cradle you in his arms, “It’s okay-” “(Y/N)” “it will be fine (Y/N), if he truly loved you, then we come and find you” he explained. As soon as those words came out of Dylan’s mouth, a hand had grabbed you tightly around the wrist. It was Calum.

Michael: You ran after Michael,but you were to slow. He had already gotten into his car and drove away. You called and messaged him numerous times, but you never got a reply. You once more got into your car in search for Michael. You started to panic, you loved your relationship with Michael and you didn’t want it to end this way. You drove everywhere you thought he would be; video store, food court, Calum’s house, but he was no where to be seen. You were about to give up, but then you got a text from Micahel saying: 18 Ardbower rd, Toorak. Be there.
You drove as quickly as you could, without getting a speeding ticket. As you got near the destination realising that this was the fancy part of town. Why the hell would Michael want to meet up here? You stopped at the destination, it was a very elegant and fancy restaurant. You called Michael to make sure you were at the right place, “Mikey, I’m here. Are you sure this is the right place?” you asked a little concerned. “Yes, just get out the car” he replied quickly and hung up. You got out the car a little concerned, why the hell would Michael want to talk here? As you walked towards the restaurant, you saw a nicely groomed and suited Michael Clifford waiting at the entrance.
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Historical Map: Melbourne and Metropolitan Tramways Board - Proposals for General Scheme (1923)

Here’s a great map that we’ve just added to our archives today. Authored by the M&MTB’s Chief Engineer T.P. Strickland in 1923 and overlaid on a Sands & McDougall map of Metropolitan Melbourne, it shows the extent of the cable tram network and the electric routes inherited by the Board four years earlier in 1919, and a slew of proposed lines as outlined in the “General Scheme for Future Tramways.” Some of these were eventually constructed, many others remain unrealised.

Most curious: the proposal for lines on the Footscray system to Sunshine and the City via Dynon Road; the original plan to join Spencer St/Clarendon St via Hanna St (now Kings Way) to Toorak Rd; a curious loop arrangement near Caulfield Station; the extensive network in the bayside suburbs of Elsternwick, Glenhuntly, and Moorabbin; and all of the connections in the inner northern suburbs of Fitzroy, Northcote, Preston, Brunswick, and Coburg.