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Red Plains Rider ☼ ∇☾

Appearance headcanon - She’s mixed-race and has a tooooon of freckles and is usually covered in dust. Her hair isn’t actually red. 

Old age/aging headcanon - Because she has Nah Nohtek she’s going to age way slower than most humans. (Which means she and Croach are going to significantly outlive Sparks as it is. FUN TIMES.)

Sleep headcanon - She has trouble sleeping in actual beds - she’s so used to a sleeping bag, it’s what she uses both out on the plains and in the Martian settlements (it’s the closest they could find to an embryonic sac for her as a kid). She doesn’t move a lot when she sleeps, but she snores really loudly.

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Alex once "borrowed" $500 from Onision and never paid him back, there was a tooooon of drama about it. I really doubt he has as much money as people say he does.

Oh my god. I don’t like either of them but what the fuck haha

+ Madi

Theres like tooooons of weed just besides me that I have the right to smoke but not to take home and I want to take advantage of it but I’m already so high I can’t even roll

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Pinkie dash and anmithist and garnet

A: Aaaah, the flow of passion in their energy just gives me so much energy. the two obviously care about each other, and I have a tooooon of examples I’ve never brought up even though the episodes it was present in was analyzed a ton of times. Gotta talk about this ship more. The only thing that can perfect it is the inclusion of the cutie pie Pegasus, Fluttershy, as she’s also super loved by the two and PinkieShy is super cuteeeee. FlutterDash is kinda meh as RD is super out of character when it’s used.

I’m assuming you mean AmethystXGarnet? I guess a C, as i don’t see much of it. Garnet’s like a mom to Amethyst, not a lover or anything.

I’m honestly a little worried about my brother. He’s away at school and has to eat there he’s a super picky eater like very very bad so eating there is a struggle for him and he’s basically not eating but working out a ton to get fit for when he gets out and applies for the marines. He’s lost a tooooon of weight like he comes home,once a month and every time he comes back He has lost a noticeable amount of Weight. Ik how fast you can fall into an eating disorder how you don’t notice it at first but it can,be a very fast downward spiral. My parents are only encouraging it and saying it’s fine he’s not eating and don’t,see the damage it can do much like they did with my eating disorder and still to this day will totally dismiss mine because they dont think it’s unhealthy. I’m just worried he’s in trouble and no one is noticing not even him but I do tend to,over react to things sometime to so I’m not sure what to do or how to help him because even if he knows he’s going downhill he’ll never admit it. I just don’t want him to get sick. He has a lot goin for him right now I want him to keep his life on track. I just hope he’s ok.

i been on the biggest Brubeck kick lately it puts me in such a good music

and desmond on this song?????? literally everything i want to be in a saxophonist and his tooooone

his ad libs are so so good on this recording too like on a lot recordings he feels really rushed but he just nails every single one here