uhh ive been getting a lot more new followers lately. hello to you new people! welcome to my silly blog about cartoons haha

i just wanted to say a couple things! not just for the new followers but for everyone.
sorry about making so many random/personal posts lately. my life is just a mess and it helps to type out my frustrations sometimes. i know thats not why you followed me/this blog, to see my personal posts, so my bad. but any and all support i get from you guys, whether its just little comments or really long messages, it all means the world to me and always makes me feel a little better

and then speaking of messages, im sorry if ive ignored a message youve sent me lately. ever since a tale of two stans ive been getting tooooons of messages in response to the posts i made about the episode, which is cool! im glad everyone wants to talk about it. but a lot of it is the same stuff over and over again (ie “shermie is the baby stans mom was holding”) so i dont post them all. not that i dont appreciate getting those messages! thanks for keeping me updated B)
but if you sent me a different message that wasnt related to gf and i didnt respond, im sorry but it probably got buried under all the other messages and i missed it. ^^;

anyway. yeah. just wanted to say those things. thanks for sticking with me :)

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Tips, advice, or places to start with spirit work? I'm very interested in it, but I have no idea where to start and only some information on what it entails. I'm in research stages, but I'm not sure what to focus on either. (I'm sorry if this is in an far somewhere I'm on mobile) thanks in advance. (And would you mind tagging your response as 122597 you don't have to though?)

thiscrookedcrown is my absolute favorite spirit work resource! On the right side of her blog, you’ll see a link labeled “resources” and it’ll have a tooooon for you

noivern replied to your post: how did the commentors on this part of…

as someone who has never read any floraverse. What. (but i watched the one you linked earlier and wtf theyre so good i need to get in on this)

theres tooooons of sysmbolism in the itchy itchy arc or like expressionism anyway!! and im reading comments and a lot of it flew over peoples heads i guess? OMG WASNT IT GREAT??????????? you should totally omg this is soooooo you!!! totally please think about make characters too if you have the time cause your art is like wow wow wow!!

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How is Deathlands? I saw a tooooon of them at the thrift store the other day.

I’ve read the first six or so of the series - they are quick reads - fun and simple - I’ve heard the quality falls off after a bit - but with over 100 books in the series that’s not surprising - try one - it’s perfect if you just wanna read something quick and light.


taylorswift After hours our numbers are finished. 4 eras, 4 albums, 62 songs, tooooons of handwritten lyrics. WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND WE CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU TODAY. were the ones whose band aids dont fix our nerf bullet holes. SEE YOU SOON.

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hi hello, it looks like you lost a lot of weight since like last year howd ya do it

IS IT ACTUALLY NOTICEABLE THIS MAKES ME SOOOOOO HAPPY !!!! Ok so basically I’m almost 100% vegan now, I used to eat tons of shit but now I consciously try to eat really well. Tons of fruit and veggies, also a lot of whole grains and stuff like that!! I rarely eat processed grains (white bread and white pasta and stuff). Also I try to get in more exercise that I ever had before which was easy because I basically never exercised ever…..and I drink tooooons of water!!! get the app plant nanny it will save you!! But this message actually made me really happy I look in the mirror and don’t feel like I’ve lost any weight or look any better even when I know I have and this made me :))

I’m not deleting but if you wanna fwm in the next couple weeks you can follow me on instagram and soundcloud (nothing up yet but stay toooooned) @petey.mp3 :^)

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19,8,24,26,29,31,47,50,101 from the ask madterpost

8. Tooooons of fetishes lactation being the biggest.

19. The best Sex I ever had involved a lot of hair pulling and biting and bruises. And alcohol lmfao.

24. Boobs

26. I usually masturbate by clit stimulation but I’ll finger myself as well. If I have toys I’ll use them occasionally.

29. Having Sex on a train ugh

31. Ugh fucking MAY!!

47. Mmm idk I haven’t been with anyone smaller than avg but I think if you know how to use your dick and hands then that makes ALL the difference.

50. 44 H

101. YES!! I am 100% accepting “applications” for partners!

Hitchcock Blondes

WWE recently did a photo gallery chronicling their love of blondes. You know who else loves blondes? (Besides us :) …and don’t worry: we love brunettes too…and redheads and gray hair and black hair and green etc’s all in how you use it!)…Hitchcock! The iconic director was famous for his choice of flaxen-haired protagonists. If he’d had a look at the current and recent Divas’ and KOs’ roster, we’re sure he would have found tooooons of inspiration for his films. Who might have achieved legendary movie status via his art?

Blonde: Kim Novak

Movie: Vertigo

Although Kim’s character, Madeleine/Judy, spends most of the film as a redhead, she begins as a blonde – an icy, mysteriously wistful siren who Jimmy Stewart’s former detective John Ferguson can’t get out of his mind…even after her untimely death.  He is plagued both by his fascination with her and his inability to save her. It’s a special blonde who can inspire that kind of devotion! And it’s a simple jump of the imagination to imagine cool, controlled Lana handling that dual role with ease. Inspiring men to fall madly in love doesn’t seem to be something she has any trouble with ;) She shares Madeleine’s preference for suits, but could handle the youthful, more carefree style of Judy. And an air of aloof mystery, wrapped in an aura of melancholy would be a role in which she would clearly excel.

Blonde: Madeleine Carroll

Movie: The 39 Steps

The 39 Steps is an early Hitchcock film, often lost amid the reverence for later work like Psycho, but it has an engaging humor and dignity that Hitch lost in his post-British endeavors. Madeleine Carroll starred in the film, as the innocent woman accidentally attached (literally!) to supposed murder-on-the-lam Richard Hannay (Robert Donat). Carroll’s Pamela is in many ways the original Hitchcock blonde: refined, proper, beautiful but also, as the movie develops, daring and stalwart. Who better to inherit her legacy than Natalya? She is at home with the classic, ladylike style and qualities that Pamela exhibited. And yet, her bravery is constantly in evidence as well. She’d be the perfect gal for a guy in need of a break to rely on in a time of desperation and high stakes.

Blonde: Ingrid Bergman

Movie: Notorious

Exotic beauty Ingrid Bergman took the role of the femme fatale blonde in Notorious. At the beginning of the movie, Bergman’s Alicia Huberman is a character Taryn could play with ease: a party-girl daughter of a Nazi spy, who cares nothing for politics or world events in general and is only concerned with having a good time. However, she crosses paths with Cary Grant’s T.R Devlin, a government agent who recruits her to help infiltrate a group of Nazis who have fled to Brazil and are suspected of plotting further attacks. To do so, she must convince one of the men in the group that she loves him. She is successful, and provided valuable information to Devlin and his superiors, but falls in love with Devlin in the process, renouncing her party girl ways. The film is famous for both the tension-filled wine-cellar episode and the longer-than-regulation kissing scene. In contrast to the typical good-girl-gone-better often seen in Hicth movies, Alicia is a bad girl – with a golden heart and gutsy attitude, the prototype for other Hitchcock blondes to follow, including Eve Kendall.  Sexy, up-for-anything Taryn surely wouldn’t have any trouble getting any fellow to fall for her , be it an evil-doing Nazi ring-leader or a high-minded government agent. When the chips were down, it would be perfectly believable to see her true colors come through: daring and willing to risk everything to contribute something good to the world..and perhaps find love.

Blonde: Eva Marie Saint

Movie: North By Northwest

Sensuous, but intelligent, Eva Marie Saint’s Eve Kendall is the kind of blonde men dream of: gorgeous, quick-witted, seductive.  Of course, she’s also a spy ;). She meets Cary Grant’s Roger Thornhill on a train he has stowed away on in an attempt to escape a false murder charge, in one of Hitchcock’s favorite gambits, that of an innocent person drawn into a conflict he is unaware of. Confident, calculating and infinitely desirable is a flawless description of Maryse. We can envision her filling Ms. Saint’s shoes without missing a beat. Innocently questioning Mr. Thornhill when he returns (barely) from a supposed meeting with his antagonist in the famous crop-duster scene? Yep, she could do that. Seducing said Roger and sneaking off after luring him into the shower? Yep, that too. Dangling off Mt. Rushmore in a desperate attempt to escape the criminal masterminds? Hell yeah. Can you say “remake, please”? :)

Blonde: Tippi Hedren

Movie: The Birds

One of Hitch’s earliest forays into the true thriller genre, The Birds opens with a hint of screwball comedy which quickly descends into senseless terror. Tippi Hedren plays a socialite who delivers a a pair of lovebirds to her eventual lover in Bodega Bay, CA. Shortly after her arrival, birds begin to attack the town in bizarre ways. Melanie is interesting character because of her complexity – superficially, she is a typical pretty, slightly snobby prank-playing rich girl. But as the movie continues, her provocative and more dangerous characteristics become apparent. Like many Hitchcock protagonists, she is more than what she seems; unlike many others, her metamorphosis is less uplifting. The dark undertone of her character coincides with what happens in the town following her arrival. A smug wealthy A-lister would suit Summer quite well, especially as the good girl we’ve come to know and love. We’ve seen flashes of heel from her before (ref: The BFF’s) and she certainly has a propensity to stir the pot when it comes to affairs of the heart! (Just ask Fandango…and Rusev). We have no doubt she could lay down a performance of this role that would catapult to household-name status (well, even more than she is already :) ).

*This is by no means an exhaustive list of Hitchcock Blondes :). We’ve skipped Grace Kelly in Rear Window, Joan Fontaine in Rebecca and Anne Baxter in I Confess, just to mention a few who are well worth further exploration.

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You should open your sora, but BE CAREFUL!! The arms break so so easily! I broke mine with not much effort at all!

D= First off, I’m soooooooooooo sorry that happened!!! That must have been heartbreaking!!!! </3

I have a tooooon of Play Arts figures (not the Kais, I literally got my first Play Arts Kai this weekend and Roxas looks gorgeous). The one figure came with a leg out of the socket when I bought him (i bought him from the Square Enix website, so I was able to return him and fix him) but other than that, the figures have been amazingly resilient to damage. Except for my Kairi figure. Her hand broke, and I could totally replace it with one of the other ones if… uh… the nub didn’t break off in her wrist.

But I’m still hesitant. I only got him for $60 and he had gone for muuuuch higher. So, if I want to sell him, I don’t exactly want to have him opened, you know?

Uuuuugh but I want to touch him so bad!!!!!

So I’m almost at 50 followers (like I’m one away). Slowly I’ve gotten there (hey I’m impressed, I’m not one to get lots of followers anywhere or anything… 50 is like tooooons for me). Thinking I should do something but IDK what, maybe by the time I figure it out I’ll hit 50, XD. I kind of want to do poses, but I need to re-download everything to make them and I’m so impatient with that.

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Do you know anymore chemistry studyblr's?

The only one I can think of off the top of my head is hexaneandheels, but study-well has put up chemistry posts before, and there are tooooons of med bloggers out there, and I know for sure in the UK they have to take chem to A-level, and I’m sure it’s similar in the US, so they’ll probs have resources too!

If any of my followers are chem blogs. please make yourself known for nonny here ^^