two crosplays down, several more to go lol
actually i still have a tooooon of work to do for chrom xD
the next one after that is nier from replicant!

I had a lot of fun at ALA and I got to meet a lot of awesome people! Thanks to everyone who helped to make it fun! I did a tooooon of painting for commissions and it really makes me want to get back into more water colors again.

Okay but I love bioshock infinite as much as the next person, actually even more but I’m really tired of seeing a tooooon of bioshock infinite stuff of the bioshock tag. It’s literally almost 90% infinite….. I really don’t like how popular it is compared to the first and second games it makes me feel really sad tbh like I feel like people hate the first two games and it makes me wanna cry I feel so left out

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Yeah, i understand that tooooons. We all have went through certain phases or did bad stuff because we didn't know better or no one taught us to NOT do the thing and why it's bad, which is why i'm always annoyed when people back him up or help him without teaching him what the heck he's doing wrong. Protecting someone from hate is one thing but encouraging their actions like they're completely innocent is a bit ech. I can't wait until he learns better and grows up or somthin

yea same its just like……dont complain when he starts acting rlly : /// bcs of ur encouragement and stuff,ur doing more harm that way