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I FEEL TERRIBLE because I can't remember why I originally followed you (although I'm pretty sure it had to do with something Fallout or Mystic Messenger related), but either way you have been/are completely awesome and will be one of my forever follow blogs! <3

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s;lakjfeaoijadlkd my trash blog, awesome?!?  (*/▽\*)

ty luv <3333

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Hey! Loving your "My Neighbor is a Jerk " chapters, I love the detail you put in them and they always make me smile. Could you add me to the taglist? Tumblr never tells me anything :/ Hope you're having a great day, because you've made mine!!

thanks for reading, love! You’re toooo sweet and of course I’ll add you to the tag list! ☺️❤️

My Neighbor’s A Jerk | pt 3 (Bucky x Reader)