toooo sweet


my sweet bby girl with her new brows ~ i’ve missed you guys so damn much, i cannot explain to you the fkin stress from these last weeks of the semester. but!! it’s finally over, all my finals are completed, and summer may now take me and hold me and let me stay up until 5am without any consequences <33


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aw Katherine it sounds like your little ones love you just as much as you love them. Congrats on finding your calling, I'm sure generations to come will remember your sweetness and caring nature!

this is toooo sweet, thank you! i sure hope i am remembered. speaking of which - one of my girls from last year came and read a book to this year’s class this morning!!!! it was awesome!!! she has a couple big kid teeth ?! and she’s 6 now ?! going to first grade next year ?! still hangs with her best friend from last year ?! and the kids were so in awe of a REAL LIFE GROWN UP KINDERGARTENER™ reading to them, it was fun ☺️

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I actually hate it haha (don’t judge me bb it’s just I’m more of a savory person that sweet and desi sweets are toooo much!!) only desi sweet I like is gajar ka halwa aka carrot halwa (LIKE WOW BLESS THE PERSON WHO INVENTED THAT) and now carrots are reminding me of yousana how did this ask turn into such a mess lol??

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