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8/16/2017: Its Her World…

Even tho the studio is a disaster, I promised I would grab her today. I dont ever break my promises. 

Haley: Auntie Lolo, don’t leave me for dat long no mor ok? I misseded you toooo much.

Me: Im sorry sweet pea! Auntie needed some time to herself. You know if you ever need me you know how to get me…remember??

Haley: Yesss

Me: I will always be there for you boo!

This girl is my reason for pushing so hard. God blessed my sister @adoremissyro with an angel. She has the most brightest smile, personality like she been here before and a sense of humor that will have you cryin. 

She will want for nothing!

~Lola B & Haley

Say Hi Haley..Haley: Hi Tumper!

okashido  asked:


Have I ever tOoooold yOooou hOooow much I adOooore that perfect face Ooooof yOooours? I cOooould just eat it all up. Yes we shOoould! Ship wrecks, blOoooOoood and causing a little pain, my fins are a flutter. 

YOooou sure knOooow hOooow tOooo sweet talk a trOoooll.