toony fursuit



Hey everyone, I’m happy to announce that I’m finally open for business selling fursuit blanks and other costume accessories! More variety of Inventory will be added in time, so bare with my as I gather resources and get this thing off the ground and running! Please check out my etsy store, and if you can’t or aren’t interested in buying a blank, it would really help if you could spread the word by reblogging this post in hopes that someone who would like to purchase one will see! I really appreciate it everyone, this is kind of my baby, so I’m doing everything I can to really make a success of this


My latest suit, Luika! She’s a half suit that will be around at confuzzled, and I plan on posting more photos when I have all of her inshot :) For now, I just have head photos.

She features:
- Follow me eyes with feminine eyelashes
- Minky inner ears and nose
- 60 pieces of Luxury fox fur for hair
- Super plush and soft fur
- Whiskers from DVC
-Resin teeth                    


Tabby Cat Partial

I made this guy as a bit of catharsis. His colors and markings are based loosely on my sweet departed cat Guiedo. I though making something in his likeness would be a wonderful way to honor him in is passing.

Partial includes Head, handpaws, armsleeves and tail. He will be for sale at Fur-eh in May.
I hope very much my kitty can live on and be loved as much as I loved him >_<

As promised, pictures of the partial suit all together! :D I wish I had better clothes for this… OH WELL, worked with what I had. There is also a loose fluff on his nose in the pictures, oops.

Scrabbles is an inkblot style opossum, and he is for sale! I’m looking at private offers through email ( If he doesn’t sell between now n’ then, I will be selling him for a flat rate at my dealer’s table at FURRY WEEKEND ATLANTA next month! I’d be happy to discuss turning him into a fullsuit for the buyer or making him toony clothes :)

Head fits up to 24" circumference… if your head is in the 21" range, glasses will fit inside. Tons of ventilation and ample vision.
Hands are one size fits all, sleeves can be adjusted to fit the buyer if they’re too big or too small.
Feet will fit up to a women’s size 9/men’s 7.5, these can’t be modified to fit a larger individual. They have hard soles so they can be worn anywhere.

I also made a VIDEO, be sure and check it out! :D