Phoenix Nest

(Formerly known as Phoenix Wolf Suits)

With the ever adorable Telephone as their ambassador, this maker is currently one of the most popular there is! A unique, high quality, super toony style that can be anything from badass grump to crazy cute fluffmuffin. Be prepared to fight off some hefty competition if you wanna snag a suit from them, their last pre-made auction went for nearly $12000!



Reviews: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7


Kaiborg Studios

This maker has gone viral multiple times, and for good reason! Using their incredible skill in casting and electronics they create some of the most unique costumes that both the furry and cosplay communities have ever seen. Highly recommend having a look at their facebook and tumblr pages to see just how extensive their process of making these is. If you want a head from these guys, prepare to hoard some serious cash! They’re worth every cent for sure.




As promised, pictures of the partial suit all together! :D I wish I had better clothes for this… OH WELL, worked with what I had. There is also a loose fluff on his nose in the pictures, oops.

Scrabbles is an inkblot style opossum, and he is for sale! I’m looking at private offers through email ( If he doesn’t sell between now n’ then, I will be selling him for a flat rate at my dealer’s table at FURRY WEEKEND ATLANTA next month! I’d be happy to discuss turning him into a fullsuit for the buyer or making him toony clothes :)

Head fits up to 24" circumference… if your head is in the 21" range, glasses will fit inside. Tons of ventilation and ample vision.
Hands are one size fits all, sleeves can be adjusted to fit the buyer if they’re too big or too small.
Feet will fit up to a women’s size 9/men’s 7.5, these can’t be modified to fit a larger individual. They have hard soles so they can be worn anywhere.

I also made a VIDEO, be sure and check it out! :D