Some of my first SPG fanarts in November was actually my own ‘Toonverse’ versions of the characters. However I interchange all the time with these designs in my  SPG art and no longer separate it so much as a 'separate’ world. Anyways, thought these would be relevant to this current resurrected art prompt! Here’s the best selection.

So yeah, I hope you enjoy my old art.

anonymous asked:

is rabbit a boy or a girl i am confused plz send help

She identifies as a girl. The prettiest girl in all of Californiaaaa.

….Rabbit though, the character she plays, is supposed to identify as a boy, or at least with masculine traits *depending on your opinion of how robotic sexuality works I guess*

—–optional ramble—–

I for one personally think the robots are naturally sexless and they have made their own gender and ‘sex’ based on their bodies and upgrading. So for my couple headcannons I have, Rabbit actually is quite genderfluid and androgynous, being very masculine, creepy, with a feminine body and a robotic equivalent of a vagina. Well you have to drain excess robotic fluids once in a while, so I imagine that as the first robot its just a socket rather than a phallic shaped device to get the job done, and over Rabbit’s growth he has interpreted himself to become his 'own thing’ without attaching gender meaning to objects. He identifies as he and doesn’t care if he does something 'effeminate’, nor cares about the shape of his bodyparts since he is not human and therefore not thinking in a human mindset, if that makes sense. His parts are his normal and he personally does not compare them to the standard of human normality. And even then it is a confusing time if he does try to use his drainage port for human-like sex, but at least…in one headcanon…it does work and been made to work…the important thing, and this is true for many ladies out there, part of being aroused by touching certain places is if we have attached the MEANING that we become aroused if certain things are done to us at certain spots. So Rabbit, in the mildly-slash Spinal Tapverse, has attached the meaning of sexual pleasure to that area based on learning from human behavior. Its a sociological influence for the concept of his being. He has MADE it become that when at first installment to his framework it was clearly not meant to signify genitalia. It is all, basically, gender identity.

So if you keep seeing any of my artwork of rabbit with lovely hips, legs and yes, indeed in some pictures of Rabbit’s makeup and at Youmacon where I first met them there ARE painted cliche-female eyelashes on, that is the thoughtprocess behind it. Rabbit going by male pronouns and not caring about the human though of giving a shit about gender identity. Rabbit DO what he WANT dawg!