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So I sent in my forms for Tennessee's Governor's School for the Arts, right? Then I realized I have no solo to audition with. I'm completely lost and don't have a private teacher to turn to. I was last working on Beethoven's Romance No. 2 with my private teacher over the summer. Should I work on it by myself or do something totally different? Any suggestions on anything about this or getting ALL the major and chromatic scales perfected? They want them all for the auditions. D: This terrifies me.

I’d suggest working on the Beethoven and if you can afford it, hiring a private teacher. Unless there’s another piece you know very, very well, it’s probably in your best interest to go with the Beethoven.

As for the scales, practice! Remember that the major scales are all whole steps except for the third to fourth and the seventh to eighth.

Don’t worry too much, but make sure to practice a lot. Make sure that your practice time is productive as well.

I’m sorry I can’t help you more; my university doesn’t require an audition for the music program.

- Lily (lakrymosa)

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Moderate quarter pieces meaning..? (Moderate as in tempo, difficulty, etc.)

tempo-wise, i suppose it doesn’t matter

difficulty, i’d prefer it not be in 6/8 time 

not too crazy with shifting (nothing beyond third position hopefully?)  

hoping for something that can still sound well with out a bass voice

more like grade 4 music

we’re not planning to go all out, something nice and simple but sounds really pretty. 

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Life of Pi.

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I think it's great to have high expectations from your director. My high school orchestra last year was good and all, but in the spring, our orchestra teacher took a couple months off because she was having twins. I kind of liked her being gone. Our permanent sub while she was away was actually in band, so we were all learning. He pushed us and was very stern and kind of mean at times, but we got very good. He loosened up after awhile and was funny. Our teacher was impressed when she got back.