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I’m bitter AND sticky so let’s get gooey on topic!

People just? forgot that ton of season 3 episode’s visuals are  actually amazing? I mean it could be just me but this season clearly trowed a ton of budget into some scenes an episodes! 

Super Watermelon Island got an amazing fluid fight scene between two giant women and it was as energetic as it sounds 

Gem drill, even tho it was pretty chilly on animation, had ton of detail on Steven’s faces, I find it like such a sweet detail having in mind the episode was focusing a ton on Steven and his connection with the cluster 

(this is my personal favorite)

Hit the diamond had a TON of characters on-screen at the same time, having in mind 5 of them where new characters and they had to design new clothing for 5 of them 

Even though my favorite part of this episode is the bond between Amethyst and Peridot, I think Too Short To Ride was pretty consistent, I am in love every time they put little lines under the eyes of the characters because it usually helps to remark the emotion they are feeling, is personal. 

Stevonnie’s back for Beach City Drift and the thing I like the most about this episode is the backgrounds and the color choices, they are AMAZING and pretty relaxing to watch on their own. 

Monster reunion was pretty harsh to see for me because painful scenes (aka scenes where the character is clearly in pain) make me feel incredibly bad, but I again shot out how they draw emotions and the subtle lines that make it all even better. 

More than for animation itself, I praise a lot Alone At Sea because of writing and atmosphere, and the last one really works, I felt incredibly… tense, when Jasper showed up, how she acted and the way she expressed herself, and how the colors got dark and the rain around it… just gosh

Even tho it was a pretty okay-o episode in general, I really liked Gem Hunt’s backgrounds, the whites and cold tones made a good mix with Jasper’s colors and really helped her to pop out! 

I’ve talked a lot about Bismuth, so at this point everything would feel redundant, so I’ll just say that the first and last scenes have pretty good colors, one being calm pastel tones and the other reddish dark tones #BRINGHERBACK2K17

And finally, Bubbled, which has some on the most beautiful space backgrounds i’ve seen in an animation product, is the feeling of emptiness that makes the most of the episode personally, how is literally just Steven and Eyeball and Eyeball pretty much tries to kill him, in other situations you can think about something going on, but is the fact that they are in space what makes it feel… well… empty, giving more focus to the characters that contrast the most in a sea of dark cold tones and blacks! 

katz the killer cat

idk i was thinking of how funny itd be if courage was human and own katz as a pet and katz was a true lil cat, set to kill his owner before anything else did

of course, design for human courage goes to c2ndy2c1d

I wound up running out of time tonight to do that stream I wanted to do, but here’s a sneak preview of the next thing I intend to tackle on stream.  I’m testing out that program I just treated myself to, ToonBoom Storyboard Pro!

This also happens to be the first Boris I’ve ever drawn.  He’s… he’s so much fun to draw, I-I… I never knew….

A reminder that the Animaniacs actual origin story is

that their creator was under pressure to make a bad cartoon funny and pulled an all-nighter alone

and that he in fact lost his actual sanity creating them…

and what he created was just them smashing the protagonist with wooden mallets.

Liz hair interpretation appreciation post

( @nobby-art )
cute, messy bed-head. realistic. function over form. for the girl on the go, who looks good without even trying.

( @spiked-mauler )
glossy. nice soft colour. clearly defined locks. hair swerves a bit. prominent parting. for the poster girl, who always keeps her cool.

( @inkie-heart )
hair moves like a cape. never tangles. for the heroic protector, whose very presence calms those she cares about.  

( @themyuk )

When you’re a caveman chillin makin some tunes

when your caveman wife tells you to get up and quit makin some sick ass tunes

when it’s ok because your caveman wife was right it is kind of late to be makin toons. you love and appreciate your wife and her thoughtful + loving input

when you go to start a fire to prepare for a nice evening with your caveman wife, of whomst you love