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“Sweet! I found something rare!!” 

I’m having fun with this texture by @famirin X3

Yes the part where I am is when the Great Sea is cursed XD I loved the dark musicly  tone it gets and wanted to make a short gif of Dark Toon Link too! :3

katz the killer cat

idk i was thinking of how funny itd be if courage was human and own katz as a pet and katz was a true lil cat, set to kill his owner before anything else did

of course, design for human courage goes to c2ndy2c1d

Liz hair interpretation appreciation post

( @nobby-art )
cute, messy bed-head. realistic. function over form. for the girl on the go, who looks good without even trying.

( @spiked-mauler )
glossy. nice soft colour. clearly defined locks. hair swerves a bit. prominent parting. for the poster girl, who always keeps her cool.

( @inkie-heart )
hair moves like a cape. never tangles. for the heroic protector, whose very presence calms those she cares about.  

( @themyuk )


“At least my own dear dragon is a precious cutie, Kaiba-boy,…”

“It’s a just shitty imitation of the majestic Blue-Eyes…”

“… just like me.”

“I think it’s about time for me to leave.”

I only wanted to make a quick coloured sketch, because I had this short conversation in mind… It escalated and became some kind of royalty-styled portrait thing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But it was a nice practice for lighting and contrasts, so I get that going for me. And I actually really like it.
I wish my English was good enough to write longer stories. But all I can do is drawing stuff :T

And during painting I noticed I adore Pegasus wearing black clothes. He is just marvelous.

Btw. requests are on the way, I hope I get some of them done the next days!

Collab with onetts-arcade!! She drew the sketch and I coloured!! 💙

sleepy sleepy wind child

Palette: hey Goth! What do you think?

Goth: Hot ///

Palette: what? Sorry, didn’t hear you…again.

Goth: you look amazing…heh yeah

Palette: aww…thanks, Goth

Goth: (amazingly hot) O///O

Goth- @nekophy

Palette roller- @angexci

(Hey…what?…why not wear a costume?
,it’s another of my “What IF” if palette wore a costume(?) and showed it to goth)

(I swear, I tried to make palette look hot but the cuteness took over)

A real life tasmanian devil 😍

WOWIE!! Sketch requests are open!

So as a few of you may know (probs not) but I hit 300 followers last month too and I totally forgot to announce it or do anything about it! But yay 300!! So one sketch request (one character) per person and please reblog with a ref of your oc! Thanks again everyone!! I love you so much!

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