Soooo…for anyone curious about random stuff, I’m going to be spending the next few weeks doing prep for an upcoming con! I have an epic collaboration in the works (won’t say anything about that until closer to con time), but I was also thinking about making and selling some fandom-themed bracelets as well. I’ve been MASSIVELY buying beads and charms in bulk, and figured I should at least ask if anyone would be interested in such things! Today I made this Jason Funderburker bracelet (do we have any “Over the Garden Wall” Fans out there?). It includes a charm I disassembled from a key chain (thank you Hot Topic!), as well as some cat’s eye and sea glass beads!

The very first pet I ever had was a Parakeet! This is drawn from memory- My little pet helped me understand bird anatomy in my drawings! In an upcoming episode of “AWTH” Toaster will also get to meet a Parakeet! (Which she will mistakenly name a “pair-of-keys”)