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Testing the curve deformer on #hera & #athena’s #hair .
#divine #toonboom #animated
Tomorrow I’m off to #Greece 💖💕 #αγαπημένημουελλάδα
#godsschool #greekmythology #animation #cartoon #digitalart

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digging through some old files for Eddsworld Mirror Mirror

the first background (the house) was the only one made in flash, which took a long time to finish. The house didn’t make the final cut btw

the background on this next shot was made in toon boom, which was a huge mistake. It took me FOREVER

Forosha and I ended up using Manga Studio (Clip Studio Paint) for the rest of the backgrounds bc it was just faster for us that way.

My senior project involves animating a lot of frogs and toads, so I’m making GIFs of each individual animation!! 

I used reference of Jens’ beautiful singing and Important Frog Announcements over at the @stickyfrogs blog! His croaking makes me smile, and it helped me out a lot!