toonboom animate

My senior project involves animating a lot of frogs and toads, so I’m making GIFs of each individual animation!! 

I used reference of Jens’ beautiful singing and Important Frog Announcements over at the @stickyfrogs blog! His croaking makes me smile, and it helped me out a lot! 


digging through some old files for Eddsworld Mirror Mirror

the first background (the house) was the only one made in flash, which took a long time to finish. The house didn’t make the final cut btw

the background on this next shot was made in toon boom, which was a huge mistake. It took me FOREVER

Forosha and I ended up using Manga Studio (Clip Studio Paint) for the rest of the backgrounds bc it was just faster for us that way.

  • Oh my goodness guys I'm sorry I haven't been on Tumblr like at all this week and now I have like tons of asks in my ask box right now and there's literally no way I can get to them all.
  • I really want to be able to take a day and answer a ton of them as well as answer most of the OC asks that you guys have been doing because I love them! But oh man finding the time to do it is proving to be impossible! 8U
  • I'm also bumbed because my computer is dying >8U WHICH IS BULL! considering it's not old at all! I can't wait to get my new computer and be done with Apple. I can't even open up ToonBoom or work on animations ;n;
  • But not to worry! I'll get around to the asks eventually I swear! or most of them. I literally can't get to all of them. if I don't answer your question it doesn't mean I'm ignoring you it's that I literally can't get to all of them because it's impossible. I hope you understand I'm sorry. <XD

I forgot to post this here, so I figured late is better than never! This was the first assignment we got from my ToonBoom animation class; he wanted to see what we could do as far as animation goes, so he said to animate one character doing something. I ended up animating two (sorta as far as the puppy goes).

The cat is sleepy, and has decided that it’s bed time for puppy there. :3

CTN Folks! John K will be giving a demonstration on how to use Toon Boom to make cartoons! I’ll be with the crew helping out. Maybe with luck, we’ll convert you all to Toon-Boomism.

Here’s the information!

Meet John K.’s Virtual Studio
John Kricfalusi is doing a workshop on his “Virtual Studio Model” sponsored by ToonBoom.
Saturday: 11/17/2012
Time: 2:30 PM – 3:15 PM
Location: Sunset A+B

Come by, learn a few things, and ask questions! Maybe I’ll draw you something after! Like Portal stuff, or cartoon Ricky Gervais Show characters! You guys like Karl Pilkington, right? =D

I think after this, we’ll be at Booth B12 working with Toon Boom. But we won’t supply you guys with food high in Vitamin B12. Sorry~ :C

Come and watch me be stupid and awkward! I’ll take pictures~