Some of you might remember these caps being used in some of my previous edits. Well, I went down my account and I really wasn’t a fan of how bad they looked, so I decided to redo them. There’ll be a lot more remakes in the future, so look out for that.

PS: Once I remake some old edits, I’ll delete the ones from before. I feel that they’re an eyesore.

DIMENSION C-137 VS Universe 7! 
Blue haired Scientist VS. Blue haired Scientist 
With their Universe’s respected Idiots (Well, at least one of them really isn’t the original. BUT WHO CARES?
Who will win?! The Strongest Warrior in all the Universes?
Or the most SPINELESS? 
Place your bets! 

Had a lot of fun with this one!

This is a CROSSOVER. She’s the scientist. He’s the idiot. Please remember these two were the main characters LONG before anyone was married.