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🍰 A cat toon, maybe?

Crybaby here! (questioning, she/her)

Crybaby is a young toon which a seeming obsession of people taking pity on her, which in turn, she always look sad, and has very low laff and bad gags, but thanks to her cuteness, she’s always carried in every battle.

Namesake: Crybaby by Melanie Martinez

eeeeeeeee all e these nandos charvas are spot on cushty like but av you ever been north of spamchester

ya kna when yer oot on the toon with the lads and everythins fair canny like til one e yes starts feelin a bit clammin

then yer m8 gazza pipes up “ey lads wees up fer a cheeky nandos” and the whole toon starts chantin “aye champion canny boshty barrey”
and before ya kna it yer all scoffin yer nandos like theres nee temorra and the banter is f’in champion