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Starred Review in Kirkus for the hilarious graphic novel from TOON Books, Flop to the Top! Available this September.

It’s a perfectly Wanda-ful day until one large, boneless dog upstages his owner…New readers will enjoy following the frantic yet likable Wanda as she chases Wilbur and fame at the same time. Muted colors and busy spreads force readers to slow down and find Wanda and Wilbur. There is Wanda chasing, and here is Wilbur dancing under a disco ball, relaxing in a hot tub, eating a T-bone steak, or cavorting on a yacht…The book is so much fun that both lessons—in reading and in life—go down easy.

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Paige Toon - I knew You Were Trouble - Part two in the Jessie Jefferson saga for young adults. 

The Accidental Life of Jessie Jefferson is Part one and has had a makeover alongside the new release - they are stunning. I loved the first one, even though it was written for a younger audience, Toon has still managed to capture a reader in their twenties. I am counting down days until the sequel comes out!