toon book

I purchased Adam Phillips’ Animate to Harmony Toon Boom book, and I have to say so far I’m enjoying the information! He provides exercises right away as you start to read the chapters. 

It’s a monster though, over 400 pages of amazing info and wonder! So hopefully when I get finished with the book (hopefully by the summer) I can start animating in Toon Boom (when I get a license, this is the demo). And then one day I’ll be animating as awesome as cookiefication! :)

Btw, check out cookiefication’s tumblr! Cookie does a lot of animations in Toon Boom, specializing in special effects hand drawn animation. A lot of great stuff to watch, you will not be disappointed! :)

Another quick tip - the Toon Boom demo is unlimited! That’s right, no deadline or due date on the demo software - so you can take as much time learning as you want! :) Makes it way better than Adobe in my book!

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