Morning adventurers! So I go on to make a new world on 1.0 and I get this world. You spawn literally in the middle of the ocean, and it’s a big one! So then I started traveling North-east and found a tiny speck of land about 4 minutes away from spawn. Then, just North of that tiny speck of sand and grass, you are greeted by an AWESOME landscape! It is one of the most cool and unique ones I have ever seen. If you travel more North-east inland, you find a ravine! And just blocks away to the left of that is another ravine! TWO ravines side by side! I have never seen that before. The land has comfortably decent sized plains and has really cool and small lakes as well.

Wanna check it out? Here are the details for the world! Happy crafting!

Seed: 6211000584208352391

Coordinates to Land:
x: -961.1419619103397
y: 69.62000000476337

Good morning explorers! Today, I have a skin contest for ya! My favorite Minecraft website, PlanetMinecraft, is holding a Steampunk Skin Contest! I am a long time member of their site and it is awesome so be sure to check it out! They have a contest every month I believe. Anyways, you can read through the details HERE. The prizes are pretty awesome as well. Happy crafting! :]


Welcome to the fresh and new Minecraft blog, TooMuchMinecraft! On this blog, I will try to suit all of your Minecraft media needs including the latest news, texture packs, skins, adventure maps, and much more! I hope you enjoy the blog, and if you do feel free to follow! Happy Adventuring! :]



If you haven’t been up to date on the latest 1.9 Pre-Releases, Notch added a final boss and an ending to Minecraft! It’s not really the “end” but it has an awesome 10 minute speech thanking us, the players, for making our universe ,Minecraft, what it is today. They put it in a way that you really have to think about to get. So thanks to Gamechap and Bertie for this video on the ending of Minecraft! Enjoy!


I am helping my friend set up his new Minecraft server and this is the spawn I built by myself. Nothing too fancy (Let the record show I am no Minecraft Van Gogh), but it does the trick. And the spawn is sitting on a tiny island so people have to sail themselves out of the spawn to the land. Thought that was pretty clever. Details of the server will come soon as we are not giving out any of it at the moment.

[1.8.1] Mine Little Pony v0.8!

Morning crafters! I stumbled upon a fantastic mod on the forums called Mine Little Pony for 1.8.1! I don’t know if any of you are bronies (like me), but if you are this is the perfect mod for you!

Minecraft Forum’s user Verdana created this show accurate mod that implements ponies into the game! Well, sorta. They are not mobs, you get to play as one of the ponies and it works on multiplayer as well! The multiplayer players will appear to be background characters of the show if they are not using a pony specific skin.

This mod is for 1.8.1 only at the moment but it’s pretty neat if you ask me! And it has a popular tag on the forums as well! So if you are a brony and wish to have your fellow Minecrafters ponified, this is the mod for you! Enjoy!

Forum Link: [1.8.1] Mine Little Pony v0.8