• Finally a job in line with my degree. • Too excited for my first day! 😄😄😄 • Too excited for the Power Dressing dress code! 😍😍😍 • Kind of scared of the challenge, but hey! Challenge accepted! • Excited to meet new friends 😁😁😁 • Determined to learn a lot of new things 😎😎😎 • Very grateful to God for all the blessings showered on me 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇 Yes, I feel like on a high right now. 😜😜😜


Awwwwww he’s snoring ♡♡ Poor baby has had a lot of excitement the past few days ♡♡
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Last one for the day! (To replace my nightly check-in since I forgot to take photos of my food all day… #toomuchexcitement). Made it home but sad to be gone from all my TIU friends!

SO excited I was able to meet these girls!!! Some I had seen before & others I had followed for years… I was so excited to spend this day with them. Nothing like meeting your insta friends in real life ☺️ to everyone that I met – thank you for saying hi and for having a smile on your face. You made today so special for me!

M1: banana
M2: smoothie
M3: salad & a chicken spring roll + small caramel apple spice (½ syrup)
M4: luna bar
M5: leftover chicken fajitas w/ extra veggies

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