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What I think about their blog: One of the first blogs I followed when I created this blog~ Her url is amazing and I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with her (even though I sometimes don’t respond in years kejrklwe feel free to spam me if I ever don’t respond. Chances are messages get buried under others kjwerewr). The blog is very active and I appreciate that lots because I don’t follow many blogs in the first place. She’s also very sweet and kind and has sent in some really thoughtful asks and I appreciate the opportunity they present for me to expand on my thoughts (bc I don’t like voicing my opinion unless prompted wekjrlkwerjelw) ANYWAY, she’s rad, the blog is rad. 100%, A++ , 101/10 would recommend pls follow her. 


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What I think about their blog: I love the theme, it’s so pretty but they havent been active in a week and I’m worried about them ;__; I hope they’re doing okay erklwjer I would message them but I also don’t want to overstep boundaries or make them uncomfortable. Their replies are long which I actually really like because I love reading people’s extended thoughts on things. They also write scenarios I think and those “X as your X” which are fun to read and I respect the thought that goes into each one. I hope they feel better but I also hope they take their time because their health (mental/emotional/physical) is the most important. 

eggseob (I think they changed their name to thekpopfaerie? their old blog isnt popping up)

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What I think about their blog: They have a good mix of stuff which always makes a blog fun to browse through. I don’t know much about some of the groups reblogged but they seem very lovely. Also they like @extraongdinary and seem to be part of the friendship group thing that @swoojin has going on and that’s so cute klwjrlwejrwe I love seeing people be friends and interact on tumblr ewkrjlwjerrlewjrw 

Followers Forever!!!

aHello all!!

I hit 1.4K followers a few days before. And I have had some people mention me doing a followers forever. And I apologize because I’m actually clueless and new to everything so I didn’t know what that was (lol I’m really stupid my bad). So without further ado, before my week long absence. **This might not be all of them because I was clueless the entire time I tried to make this so I deeply apologize for all errors. Mutuals are bolded. Favorites will have an emoji 😻  Close friends will have 🌷  Emoboiz will have 🍠


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To Emoboiz // THE SQUAD:
Thank you girls so so so much for being a second family. I’m not always outgoing, I’m awkward, I have too much pride and I’m very much an airhead, and being the groupchat with you guys makes me try to be a better person. I always was, am, and will be grateful for having you guys in my life. Thank you for filling that empty void in my life that was eating away at me. NAE MAEUM SOGAE JEOJANG! 

To @minsbugi @park-woojin @emperorhwangs @godkimsamuel
Ahhh. You three are like the older siblings. I’m always thankful for the support I get from you guys, and how sweet natured you all are. I love our conversations, being able to encourage one another, and just getting to share the same love for the boys. Thank you!!

To @toomellow @17pinkdiamondsluvs @itsyonghye
You guys were like the first few people to have ever talked to me!! I’m so thankful for you guys. I don’t think I would have been able to open up to and meet so many wonderful people if it weren’t thanks to you guys. Thank you for helping me love on those around me, and thank you for always being such lovely people.

To my followers: 
Thank you for dealing with me, my corny ass, my terrible jokes, my inability to function properly, and my spazzy posts. Sorry for the bad quality posts, and I hope we get to walk on this flower path together~