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My 2nd theme in the theme garden! This one gives you a bunch of options to change how the theme looks.


  • 250, 300, 400, or 500px posts
  • multi or single column
  • Over 20 color options
  • Sliding menu with 4 links
  • Search box
  • background image (repeating or full sized)
  • reblog and like buttons


  • show tags or hover tags
  • turn on/off post shadows
  • turn on/off rounded corners
  • optional hp bar (like in both accessible themes). If enabled you can control how much health is displayed from 0%-100%. When hovering over the hp bar, the tooltip will display “hp is at __%”.

Full list and additional info is in the preview or here. Please like/reblog if you’re interested and let me know if there’s any problems!

April 1st game:

Go to the AH dragons tab, with the silly April 1st mode turned on.

Put in whatever currency limit you’re comfortable with, along with breed if you feel like it. Don’t search for any specific genes or colors, though!

Look through your results, but don’t check their tooltip information.

Based solely on the goof art thumbnail pick one dragon and buy it, then head to your lair and see what you actually ended up with.

Bonus mode: Search for ready to breed dragons, buy one of each gender, and put them on a nest together before actually looking at their real genes/art.

((An OOC Post: Living Human Trash interrupts Memorial Day RP event.))

I’m taking off the RP hat here for a few moments to discuss a problem we have on our server.

The problem is quite simply RP trolls, griefers, harassers.  They’re all the same sort of people, intent on ruining your time for whatever reason.  

Sometimes they simply dislike RP entirely; some of them are a part of our community of RPers and are specifically targeting singular people, cliques, or guilds; and sometimes they are especially malicious individuals targeting people who LGBTQ RPers or RP.

Regardless of what their reasoning is, they are wrong.  What they’re doing is morally wrong and they are pieces of living human filth for doing so.  On top of all of that, it is entirely against Blizzard’s TOS.

Today a short but pleasant (other than the trolls) event was ran by some of the more active people in Wyrmrest Accord’s community.  A few small sets of trolls tried their best to grief the event into the ground and indeed ruined the experience for a number of people.

So I want to take a moment to highlight some of these terrible people who I saw today, along with their entire guilds who eagerly joined in on the griefing.  If these people affected your experience during the event, I strongly encourage you to report them.  At the end of the post I will leave a detailed guide on the ways in which I find Blizzard is most responsive to reports.

The first and possibly largest interruption to the event was a Pandaren named Nohara.  A lot of you may know her from her spamming Savage Snowballs at human-form Worgen characters to put them into combat, forcing them to shapeshift.

She spent the majority of the event spamming disruptive toys(Including Piccolo of Flaming Fire and the Moonfeather Statue) and yelling as well as using large mounts to obscure the screen of the people watching the event.

Secondly, Auradein.  He participated in the toy spam and did his best to place his character in the way of the event.

I feel it is important to point out that the guild he is in, The Thirteenth Crusade is a notorious trolling guild, specifically targeting LGBT RPers and characters.  These are possibly some of the most vile people on the Alliance.  They use RP mods like TRP3 and MRP to create toxic, terrible, racist, sexist and violent descriptions and tooltips.  Basically the WoW RP of edgy 14-year-olds making obnoxious forum signatures.

Auradein’s TRP was somewhat tame compared to the usually racist/islamophobic trash his guild usually displays.

Finally, Jade and some members of her guild Concordance contributed to the griefing with OOC chatter and abuse of the Dazzling Rod toy.

All of these people made an effort to ruin the times of other people attending this event and they all should be reported for griefing.  I want you all to know that ignoring them isn’t the way to handle this.  We can defend our server from  these people.  The tools Blizzard gives us to do so with are clunky but usable.  However, they will do nothing if we do not stand together in this.  Just one or two people reporting them is not enough.

Firstly, when reporting a griefer, you should whisper them politely, asking them to stop.  This whisper has a dual purpose.  It shows creates a timestamp for Blizzard to look into as well as helps them determine who is being reported(especially for people with special characters).  If they do stop, I leave it up to you as a judgement call to determine whether you should continue on with the report.  Them stopping doesn’t excuse their earlier actions.

Secondly, you should always right-click report the person.

Report them for cheating via right-clicking the portrait.  Explain in as much detail as you can what they did in the pop-up box.

If the person is spamming chat or using racist OOC language, right-click their name in the chat box to get the dropdown for that.

Now that you’ve done this, you can get to the meat of the report.

Hit escape and go to help.

Now hit Open a Ticket.  

Now hit Gameplay.

Scroll down and hit Report a player.

Hit Ongoing harassment.

Then this thing.

Now this.

It may prompt you to log in again.  Please don’t be deterred.

Finally you’re here.  There will be a large section at the top telling you to place the people on ignore.  Please do so.

Now just fill in the boxes.  Be as specific as you can.  Tell Blizzard who did what, how it affected you and how it affects the RP community.

This is the way we need to stand up against these bullies.  Stand together and we can cast them down.

Finally, I want to thank the kind people who continue to host events on the server despite these terrible trolls.  I love you.


I know you probably hoped for something else than these eyes but I’m too tired to sort the rest of the pictures now so you’ll only get these edits of RippleSims whatever eyes today. Yeah I have no idea what they’re called since the files were literally named “randomnumbersandletters_eyes” and the tooltip had link to Ripplesims site and swatches only said “R”. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ So “RippleEyeEdit” it is. Two sets, first one has the original colors and most of the eyes have some sort of pupil and the second one has no pupil, colors are lighter and set contains three alien eyes because I wanted to make alien eyes for change. 

Download RippleSimsEyes V1
Download RippleSimsEyes V2


  • Ripplesims for the original eyes
  • Pooklet for the sclera
  • Trapping, Aweehie & me for the colors
Snake Friends!

So since FR released snakes I had to do what I’ve done for the toads, frogs and butterflies and find their Real Life counterparts^^

FR’s Ball Python and a Ball Python:

FR’s Corn Snake and a Corn Snake:

FR’s Rattlesnake and a Rattlesnake (Massasauga rattlesnake seems to match best, despite the tooltip hinting at it being a Diamondback):

FR’s Red-Tailed Boa and a Columbian Red Tail Boa (again, seemed to match best):

FR’s Green Tree Python and a Green Tree Python (with color morphs just for fun^^):


I’ve had a number of questions about being a professional writer, and listing “creative writing” as a skill, hoping that this will somehow be something attractive to the hiring managers.

Let me begin by saying “Pure writers are a rarity in the industry” - most game writers are also designers of no small amount of skill because they need to be able to do things like script quests, set up triggers, handle spawning of enemies, and so on and so forth. The writing they do is only a fraction of their overall responsibilities. There are only a handful of studios that employ full-time writers, and most of those positions are already filled. You won’t see many writers for large genres of games - sports, multiplayer shooters, fighters, MOBAs, puzzle games, platformers, and the like rarely have room for full-time writers on the team.

In general, writing for games has very little in common with writing a novel, a short story, or even a TV script or screenplay. The difference between games and the rest of these is the sense of player agency - the player is the one choosing how to play the game. In all other forms of media, the player is a passive observer who follows the beats of the medium at the medium’s pace. You don’t get that luxury in games, and that sense of player agency makes a huge difference. If the story unfolds in a linear fashion, you absolutely must minimize the amount of time the player relinquishes control of the game to the plot. Even in a story-driven game, a huge amount of the writing exists to serve the gameplay. The gameplay is generally how the majority of the story will be told to the player, not just cutscenes or conversations.

Furthermore, what a lot of writing hopefuls don’t understand is that game writers don’t actually get to dictate what happens in the plot. The plot, for the most part, has already been established by the leadership on the game. It is the responsibility of the writers to handle the individual bits connecting the major plot points from A to B. It is directed every step of the way, because there needs to be gameplay here and there needs to be overall story movement there, and all of these things are hard and fast constraints on your work that will be assigned to you. As an entry-level writer, you’ll be the one who’s told the outline of will happen, and then you have to write the specifics. 

An entry-level writer will most likely be writing quest log text, blurbs for marketing, tooltips, tutorial text, and codex/lore entries. All of that stuff has to come from somewhere, and it has to adhere to certain regulations - you’ll have a word budget for all of the text you write, and you’ll absolutely need to stick to it. You’ll learn to write a cohesive and self-contained story in seven sentences or less, and you’ll learn all about writing with localization requirements in mind. As you improve, you’ll learn to trim down your conversations, streamline your storytelling, and improve the density of meaningful content conveyed to the player per word. Once you’ve actually gotten some experience writing the small stuff and proven your ability to handle the job, you will be entrusted with larger responsibilities, characters, and actual story arcs.

Further Reading:

If there was a Beast Peddler video game, this is what it would take to make a mandrake doll!

If I had any pixel-making skills at all I would make a whole storefront of the imaginary BP store. I love shop-keeping games! Mostly because I would love to have a brick and mortar store in theory, but the real-life implications of owning one give me a headache.

silly things about the nonexistent BP game:

  • You’d have to queue up different tasks to meet your quota for the day, but having too long of a queue gives you anxiety which makes you work at half speed
  • You’d have to deal with environmental encounters like power outages and mud wasps getting into your sewing room
  • Muffins would pop up with tooltips and hints and maybe sometimes would bring you a milkshake or a chai latte which boosts morale and stamina
  • Morale is affected by all sorts of things: weather, health, your favorite MST3K episodes being taken down from Youtube
  • Accidentally poking yourself in the finger with an embroidery needle happens frequently - offer the blood to the Dark Lords of Soft Sculpture™ for boosts the next day.
  • There’s a Stray Fluff meter that fills up while you work and when it hits critical mass you have to immediately vacuum or it gets in your coffee and eyes

Also RIP me I forgot about thread, but in my defense I ran out of stamina at about 4:30

Confession:  I’ve been joking with friends about how Ryder could be designed to match Overwatch characters. Give Scott Charge and a Krogan Hammer and you’ve got yourself a Space Reinhardt (the krogan hammer even has thrusters–just look at the tooltip!). Give Sara Charge and make Omni Grenades sticky, and you’ve got yourself a Tracer. What a time to be alive.

apparently i have written quite a few guides/tutorials - O_O - here’s a list of the code tutorials so far… no doubt, this will be added to - make sure to check the ‘resources & tutorials’ page for more…

g  d o e s  a  t h i n g - how to make a tumblr theme from scratch;

  • theme 101 part 1 - basic html, styling body, styling and positioning posts
  • theme 101 part 2 - the padding function, the margin function, permalinks, tags and styling
  • theme 101 part 3 - styling general links, styling bold and italic, styling blockquotes, images
  • theme 101 part 4 - styling sidebar, navigation links, headings and pagination
  • theme 101 part 5 - index and permalink pages, float, post info, styling asks and quotes.
  • theme 101 part 6 - adding images, backgrounds, sidebar graphics, etc.
  • theme 101 part 7 - container theme, scrollbar, overflow, hover effects.

[ parts 6 & 7 come with full base codes… ]

c o d i n g  &  t h e m e s


custom fonts and text effects;

editing links and permalinks;

theme backgrounds;

other and misc;