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I can’t express how pointless I find these terrible discourse attempts to nail out who is “more oppressed” in the LGBTQAI+ community.

The whole competitive angle is so… Without actual purpose. Oppression and privilege are useful discourse tools, they aren’t weapons.

I’m not interested if someone is more or less oppressed than me, quantifying it isn’t helpful. Understanding the axis of oppression that other people face is useful, creating a hierarchy is not.

If someone is facing oppression from a cisheteronormative society then I’m not concerned about who gets more or less privilege.

It’s talk like this that made it really hard for me to understand privilege in the first place.

When I first came across it it was from a literal quiz that awarded you privilege points for xyz details. It’s a toxic way of simplifying ourselves and ignoring the complexity of people and their situations.

What do I have to do to make this shitehole of a site understand that if I don’t like sp*hura it’s not because I’m racist and *how dare spock be with a black woman* (What is this bullshit people pull out of their asses???) but it’s literally because I detest seeing a competent, amazing black woman being used as heterometer for the two obviously closeted leads

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Though, I do believe that that hate anon was in the wrong, I don't exactly believe that the person who said your writing is perfect. Yes, your writing is absolutely AMAZING and I would love to buy a book from you, you and other writers still have their flaws, so saying that you're perfect is stunting your growth from growing even further as a writer. Keep your head up! Do your best!

Thanks baby!! You’re absolutely right! No one is perfect, I’m certainly not. I’m always striving to better myself and this blog is one of the tools I use to get better at writing. It’s why I started it!
I’m so glad to have you all on this journey with me^^

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have you ever tried to draw in another drawing apps like medibang pro or photoshop or paint tool sai? would you recommend clip studio paint pro?

Of course! I mainly use Clip Studio Paint for most of my art pieces but for my more professional work I tend to lean towards Photoshop. I also use Kritia for background paintings alongside Photoshop

I don’t however use Paint Tool Sai, my computer won’t download it and in all honesty I prefer CSP. So yes, I would definitely recommend CSP, it’s basically Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop mashed into one.

Bada Big Boom

Dude, that’s not embarrassing at all.

I’m just gonna go on record again and say that blood freaks me out. Like, to the point where I’m sick to my stomach. If someone has a nosebleed, I step back. If I go to the hospital to give blood (which I should do today, I think), I have to look away from the needle and have ice packs on the back of my neck. Even if the blood isn’t real, I can’t see it or else it’s Jackson Pollock time.

You know, that made sense. It really did. But how the hell would you diagram that sentence? Do people diagram sentences anymore? Fuck, I’m old.

Okay, so Kanaya needs to scroll to the top of the timelines and read a few memos. That does feel a little like cheating, I guess, but if you’re using a tool in the way it was originally intended, then I don’t really see the problem…

… Ohhhhh fuckberries.

Okay, what the hell is that? If the trolls are all in The Veil at Future Karkat’s point in time, then that means the Reckoning has already happened on Alternia. Which means that the session has no more purpose. 

Does that mean that the Game ends? In “heat death of the Universe” style? I mean, it’s alternating white lines on a black background and black lines on a while background. That alone makes me think the royalties have something to do with it. Or Skaia. Or the Battleground.

But still, does everything just fade into nothing, or is there some kind of Big Bang? And does everyone just die, because the timelines are all cut? 

I have so many questions…

Vriska Isn’t Dead

There’s been a lot of speculation on where and what the status of Vriska’s existence is post-canon, and whether or not it’s a fruitless venture for Terezi to go looking for her. Here’s my theory as to why Vriska, the living, breathing troll, is alive and still waiting somewhere in the Furthest Ring. 

First off, this relies on Tex Talks’ theory of what happened in the epilogue, which I think is the most compelling and well-reasoned idea for what happens during Act 7. 

(Note: the rest of this person’s videos are excellent, too, and in particular are useful tools for character analysis using the lens of classpect.)

Given Tex’s theory, in the final metaphysical pool game, Vriska represents the cue. Lord English is the 8-ball being knocked into the black hole. This ends the Game. We can surmise from this that Lord English is, if not dead, then at least beyond the reach of human interference, as are the rest of the felt – they have been “pocketed” and are, effectively, dead. All of the balls – i.e., villains – are gone.

So what happened to Vriska? Some suggest that she’s sucked into the black hole, too, and locked away with English. I disagree. If Tex is right, and Vriska is the cue, then it would be narratively nonsensical for her to be sucked into the black hole. Because when a game of pool is done, you don’t put your cue into the pocket; you put take it off the table. Or, in other words: you take it out of the game.

Whether this means Terezi will find her or not, I don’t know, and I don’t really think there’s going to be much exploration of that thread. The snaps seem to be a dead end plot-wise, and even though it leaves two very important character arcs unfulfilled, Hussie seems to have moved on to different projects. Endgame Vrisrezi reunion is sheerly theoretical, at this point, and likely always will be. But regardless, in the canonical work, Terezi finding Vriska is a definite possibility. 

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Love your work, it's so gorgeous! Definitely can't get over how well done they are. What tool/settings do you use for lineart in Clip Studio? I haven't found anything that looks well without going to Paint Tool SAI.

aaaa thank you ; A ; that makes me happy to hear! 

As for what I use, its a custom brush that is design to mimic the paint tool sai brush since I was kinda in the same position as you wanting something similar to sai since its my main tool for lineart. 

It also helps looking around the new assets gallery that CSP offers since there’s a ton of nice working brushes people upload all the time ❤ 

Hope this helps!   

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Hey there. I'd be really interested to know about your equipment. Stuff like the tablets, hardware and software you currently have and use to make your art. I hope to get back into the game in a years time or so

Sure, I use a Wacom Intuos (small). For a computer I have a Custom Cyberpower Fangbook and I use SAI paint tool. Occasionally I use Photoshop as well.

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hi, is it ok if i ask what kind of markers/ other traditional art tools you use? i'm trying to become better at traditional art and learn how to ink, and i see your stuff as a huge inspiration

I honestly don’t do a ton of analogue work any more, most of my jobs call for digital and I’ve found that ProCreate does an amazing job of faking analogue tools if I need them. HOWEVER there are a handful of what I consider illustrator standbys that I still carry with me everywhere anyways.

1) the pentel brush pen. Kind of pricy (about $15 for the pen and $3 for ink refills) but as long as you’re nice to it the brush lasts forever and it’s a very clean portable way of brush inking. I’ve had mine for almost 2 years, and use it constantly. I like it better than dipping an inking brush constantly.

2) Windsor Newton watercolors & gauche . Ok, for the most part, I absolutely do not care what brand my supplies are from, but for watercolor and gauche Windsor newton is on the affordable end of nice and therefore my favorite. I get like, 3 colors in tube and mix my own pallets, but you can also get travel packs and sets.

3) China Markers. These are like a hybrid of a pencil and a crayon, which I believe were once used for marking ceramics?? I’m not sure. I use them for sketching and shading because they have a really awesome drag and texture. A similar tool is litho crayon.

4) kneadable eraser. These are easily malleable erasing material, so you can get lots of shapes and applications for them. They look like satan’s chewing gum, and you will lose them constantly.

Hope this helped?