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Primaverenart’s Cell Shading Tutorial

i was asked how i shade so…. i hope this helps?

color your flats like normal. i merge them all into one layer after i color. put it in a folder with your lineart and anything else (as you can see i put the gold hat trim in there as well)

clip a layer to your folder, and fill it with your selected color. i used this mid-tone indigo, but you could conceivably use any hue or shade depending on the mood and color scheme of the piece. i indicated the bean in red of the range of colors that i normally use.

set the layer to multiply and fringe. you can obviously go back and adjust the colors now. my opacity is usually set between 50-75%, depending on the effect i want.

begin erasing where you want your “highlights” to be. i usually use the default pen tool set to transparency (the checkerboard below the color swatch). i’ll sometimes blend out some parts of the shading (the bridge of the nose, etc). i’ll also erase the shading on the eyes but that’s obviously not necessary.

tada! we’re not done yet though. preserve the opacity of your shading layer.

plop on some colors, i used a pure aqua and a mid-tone blue, however like i said before you can conceivably use any colors depending on what effect you want.

blend those out.

make a new layer and clip it to your folder. set it to luminosity, and i’ll usually set the opacity between 5-50%.

plop on some glowy highlights. i used that pink shade and the default airbrush set to 20 density. erase the parts where it intersects (?) with another part. example below.


now i boost the colors. as you can see i added that rainbow smudge, the light blue, and light yellow, all set to overlay. 

and we’re done! yaaaay


Here’s my tutorial for 2 minute icons!

step 1: choose your screeshot and copy and paste the same image to a different layer!

step 2: go to Filter -> Brightness and contrast

step 3: up the contrast all the way and down the color deepen all the way (should end up with a black and white image *you might need to up the brightness to take away any background!* But as long as you have a completely white background behind what you want to keep as your icon)

step 4: Go to Layer –> Luminance to Transparency

Step 5: Make the black and white layer the selection source using the options on the right and add a layer below this.

Step 6: Using the bucket tool (with the options Transparency: Strict, and Target: Selection Source and anti -aliasing checked) and just fill the background around the part you want to keep

Step 7: Hide the black and white layer and show only the orignal layer + your new background

Step 8: Add a flag on a separate layer and clip it to the background layer and you’re done!!

Finished Product:


dimondwolfgirl  asked:

I am starting to try digital Art. Yours is so good so any tips?

If you mean ‘digital-art-specific’ tips, then…

  • Before you even start, I highly recommend you calibrate your screen first. Just like you’d want a well-lit drawing space when working traditionally, it’s good to have your screen show the colours properly. Your OS should have some tools available for it or you can find special programs on the Internet.
  • Having a drawing tablet helps. It is possible to draw great stuff with a mouse, but it definitely helps to use a tablet.
  • Just like with traditional medium, having a certain program or using certain brushes doesn’t automatically make your art better. Experimenting with those is good though!
  • Don’t forget to save regularly. You never know when your computer decides to glitch or something.
  • Things you’ll probably want to learn about once you’re more or less comfortable with basic tools: layers and layer modes; transparency locking; line stabilizer. There should be a lot of tutorials about those online.

…I think, that’s all I can think of on the spot, really.

Good luck and have fun with your art-ing!

yeshua16  asked:

Can you expand on the Green Grace being the Harpy? I feel ridiculous, I completely overlooked the idea.

I think it’s safe to say that Hizdahr is definitely among the Sons of the Harpy, because if he wasn’t, how does he get them to stop killing for 90 days? How else does he even know who to talk to, and why else would they be so enthused about him becoming Dany’s consort that they’d stay their knives? (I guarantee that if she’d married Skahaz instead, they’d have ramped up the killings tenfold.) Plus, he gets pissed when Dany intervenes to stop Tyrion and Penny from being ripped apart by lions, and he instinctively refers to the woman he takes to bed after Dany flies off as a bedslave and therefore “nothing,” and just in general he exemplifies the exploitative avarice of the Master class. 

But Hizdahr himself, to be honest, is also a preening cowardly dolt. I really doubt that he’s in charge of Team Harpy. If you look at how he conducts himself after Dany leaves, it’s hardly the portrait of a mastermind pulling the strings. He’s a puppet, a useful tool, a means to an end. So if you want to find the Harpy, look at who actually proposed that Dany wed Hizdahr. And who was that? The Green Grace. Unlike Hizdahr, she’s consistently presented as a clever experienced politician, choosing every word carefully; not for nothing does Barristan send her to negotiate with the Yunkai’i. When she brings up the Hizdahr match to Dany, she specifically cites Dany’s refusal to kill the hostages (including some of the Grace’s own kin) as a reason the marriage would be worthwhile, hinting that her strategies and motives are the ones actually driving Team Harpy: she had freedmen killed, saw that Dany refused to kill the hostages in return, smelled a weakness, and stepped in to exploit it. All Hizdahr really cares about is that the spice must flow his profits from the fighting pits resume; the Green Grace is the one with the larger agenda, going so far as to reprimand Dany RE Daario when Hizdahr himself couldn’t care less. Indeed, she oh-so-subtly informs Barristan that if he wants the ramped-up killings to stop, he has to let her puppet go:

“The Sons of the Harpy slew thirty in the night.”

“I grieve to hear this. All the more reason to free the noble Hizdahr zo Loraq, who stopped such killings once.”

And how did he accomplish that, unless he is himself the Harpy?

But Barristan, being Barristan, doesn’t realize that he’s talking to the Harpy right now. He overlooks the kind old woman, thinking that the man with the crown must be running things, despite his transparent tool-ness. GRRM does love his elderly ladies takin’ charge, from Olenna to Barbrey to the Widow of the Waterfront. And indeed, the latter has her own “sons” that do her bidding in Volantis, which to me, is a clue as to whose orders the Sons in Meereen are following. Finally: the Harpy is a female religious icon, and the Green Grace is a prominent priestess. Sometimes, the mask is barely a mask.