toolbox tales

Prompts, et al

I’m not ignoring your prompts darling, I’ve just had a bit of an interesting week.  One of my parentplaids needed some help and then I discovered I had too many clothes and my stacks of poorly scribbled idea notebooks looked awfully topply.  So I had to clean that up.

BUT most important of all, I’ve started in on Toolbox Tales, and I’m so excited for several of the newer characters but I can’t say anything about things.  But there is much plotting.

Also I met a very nice lady at a agents and publishers conference but I don’t think I should say any more about that now.

Also!  My reverse engineering of the first Wee Doctor story is happening.  Slowly.

So I haven’t had time to file my prompts, but they’re on the calendar.


SO! If you don’t know, I am going to CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA on Feb 14th. I’ll be gone through the first week of March. I am going dark (no computer, limited internet access, expensive phone bills, etc). I will TRY and update/check-in while I’m down there, but no promises.

I want to work on filling a new sketchbook. I want to come up with a plan for this year (mostly how orchestrate moving out of my hometown and quitting my part-time customer service job). AND I want to read and finish a book (just one).

HIATUS and Future works:
NECROMANCER comic is almost completely done: just editing the text and fonts. I’ve wrapped up most of the pieces for THE WILDS OF ALASKA picture book Kickstarter prizes. ACEN is going to happen. CHIRAULT guest art is mostly done. TOOLBOX TALES is starting up again, and there’s a possible new project with THE WILDS OF ALASKA author Andrew L.Fersch…

If you need to tell me something, or if you want a postcard, now’s the time to say so. Until internet access is achieved, I will see you in March.

For those of you wondering where I’ve been for the past two weeks I’ve been quite busy.  I have a twitter now.  I also have the social tendencies of a hibernating turtle, so be prepared for writing prompts and awkward silence.

Also! I’m NaNoing next year’s Toolbox Tales now so that next year I can focus on Wee Doctor next year.

And! I’m starting to flower shop for witty floriography bouquets.  Part of the problem is trying to get a whole bunch of different live flowers together at the same time for a bouquet is very expensive and difficult so I need to find fake flowers that photograph real.  That’s also a bit hard, but once I find some good fake flowers I can reuse again and again as needed.  Yay!  Expect new on the kickstarter soon!

Toolbox Tales Issue 4: Marten and Mysteries

On the 22nd of December the fourth issue of Toolbox Tales will be available on, followed soon after my other major retailers.

In a different 1914, in a different American South Maggie Irving is learning what it means to be a mechanic, to fix things.  Mysteries will be revealed and truth uncovered as Maggie finds herself in reliable company.

One of the hardest things about being a writer is having an enormous plot twist and not being able to tell anyone.  I’m working my way through issue 3 of Toolbox Tales, and adding hints for issue 4 and 5 and I can’t tell anyone what’s going to happen and I wish I had more people reading it so that I could revel in their gasps.  The hardest thing is knowing when to reveal something, I don’t have a lot of Toolbox Tale Readers and probably won’t for a while and I don’t want to reveal something now that could ruin the anticipation for other people down the line.

At least the plotting is fun…

Hello all!  Look for some exciting things in the next few days.  The link will go up for my new professional blog.  I’ll be making some posts about floriography designs.  And last of all I’ll be posting a bit of information about Issue 3 of Toolbox Tales, which will be coming out at the end of September.