toolbox tales


SO! If you don’t know, I am going to CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA on Feb 14th. I’ll be gone through the first week of March. I am going dark (no computer, limited internet access, expensive phone bills, etc). I will TRY and update/check-in while I’m down there, but no promises.

I want to work on filling a new sketchbook. I want to come up with a plan for this year (mostly how orchestrate moving out of my hometown and quitting my part-time customer service job). AND I want to read and finish a book (just one).

HIATUS and Future works:
NECROMANCER comic is almost completely done: just editing the text and fonts. I’ve wrapped up most of the pieces for THE WILDS OF ALASKA picture book Kickstarter prizes. ACEN is going to happen. CHIRAULT guest art is mostly done. TOOLBOX TALES is starting up again, and there’s a possible new project with THE WILDS OF ALASKA author Andrew L.Fersch…

If you need to tell me something, or if you want a postcard, now’s the time to say so. Until internet access is achieved, I will see you in March.