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rumblesnore said: Perhaps a Enoch imagine? You could do whatever you’d like as to plot xx

Sure thing Darling!

Imagine being a Peculiar child who is an amazing craftsman and you make little dolls and creatures for Enoch to bring to life.

With a small amount of blood running down your fingers you fiddled with a long length of thin wire, twisting and bending every which way to determine the best shape.

Your tools sat patiently around you like a sort of ceremonial ritual as you glanced over the pile of cast away toys parts and odds’n’ends you had gathered for this specific purpose.

Enoch had been running through a lot of dolls lately, their little battles becoming more brutal and each doll being dispatched at amazing rates.

“I’m almost done I think” You crossed your legs and twisted the wire around the neck of a cast away doll head and a Frankenstein-esque body to secure it firmly before taking up the cast iron fire poker which had been sitting in the glowing red cinders of a fire, waiting.

“You’ve been sitting there for three hours.”

“You can’t rush these things, Enoch.” you reminded him as you slid down your goggles and began to weld the wire rings together into a solid metal brace.

“I can’t just churn them out like I used to, I want these ones to last so I don’t have to make new ones every week.”

Enoch smirked a little and glanced at you from the side of his eyes. “you know you love it.”

“I love a challenge, this isn’t a challenge.” You muttered as you pulled your goggled off your face and inspected the work carefully. “this is repetitive.”

Below you both there was a disturbing rattle followed by a deathly groan in the pipes, making you roll your eyes.

“The boiler again.” you muttered, knowing you would be the one to fix it again after dinner.

“Every single day” Enoch sighed and glanced at your hands which were stained red and raw.

“Come here.” He smiled a little and pulled a makeshift first aid kit from under his work bench.

“Not now.” You growled and began to fiddle with the doll again, determined to make it perfect.

Enoch sighed and pulled out a roll of gauze bandages, fabric tape, disinfectant, and a pair of small silver scissors.

Setting everything out he crawled over to you and gently pried the gadget out of your grip, despite your adamant protests.

“No, no, no, no, no! I’m just getting started! I’m on a roll here!” You whined as He set the doll aside and took your ragged hands, thick with callouses and scars.

“You’re going to get tetanus, that’s what you’re doing.” He scolded and took a cotton ball and poured a small amount of alcohol on it.

He wrapped a hand towel around the handle of your screwdriver and pressed it to your lips. “Bite down.”

You obeyed and began to hiss and whimper when he dabbed the stinging liquid on the open wounds.

“Ow, ow, ow, ow, OW.” You cried out until he stopped and wrapped clean gauze around the wounds and taped the bandages securely.

“You’re such a baby.” He snickered as you pouted.

He picked up the doll and turned it over in his hands, impressed with the workmanship.

“This is perfect.” he nodded but you snatched it away from him.

“No it’s not” You protested and He took it back.

“Yes.” he smiled. “it is. You’ve done a marvelous job Y/N” 

You blushed and muttered under your breath about it’s imperfection as Enoch ruffled your hair gently and set the gruesome thing on his work bench next to it’s opponent.

Time for the next battle.

anonymous asked:

How common is/was it on Cybertron to accidentally leave a surgical tool inside a patient after surgery?

More common than anyone would like, less common than it was before surgical scanning was made mandatory. The Cybertronian body is a labyrinth; drop a screw into a Seeker and you may have to remove several organs to get it back out again.

Dear Unicron, how I wish I was exaggerating.

In response to "The View"

I have had a few days to mull over the ignorant words spoken by Joy Behar and the other women on that show.
I find I’m insulted, hurt and all together disappointed.
Insulted that they can degrade nursing to a “costume” and “doctor’s stethoscope”. My scrubs allow me to work. My work involves moving in all ways and getting covered in every fluid imaginable. I don’t think heels and fashion wear would be appropriate for CPR.
MY stethoscope is one of many tools I use to help patients. I can’t count how many times I have caught a murmur that several doctors have missed or how many times I’ve lent MY stethoscope to a doctor.
I am hurt that once again that nurses are degraded to stereotype. Nursing is a talent to be shared. We are not the idiots too often portrayed on TV.
I didn’t go to school for 6+ years to be a doctor’s eye candy, waitress or hospital servant. I am trained and educated to react to acute changes in patient conditions. It is my CAREER and my passion.
I am mostly disappointed a out how these women can degrade other women so casually. Women have so much to contend with socially and in the work place without these women adding their two cents.
But I am also proud about how the nursing community has come together. We have flooded social media with our response. We have shown the world our souls and compassion.

I am proud to be a nurse!

Now if you will excuse me, I have lives to save….

 - serpentine - 
a locus / felix playlist
for Red Vs Blue s13e19

1. Psycho - Muse | Are you a human drone? (Aye, sir!) Are you a killing machine? (Aye, sir!) I’m in control, motherfucker, do you understand? (Aye, sir!)

2. Change (in the house of flies) - Deftones | I’ve watched a change in you/It’s like you never had wings/ Now you feel so alive

3. Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm Of The War Drums - A Perfect Circle | Don’t fret precious I’m here, step away from the window/Go back to sleep/Safe from pain and truth and choice and other poison devils, See, they don’t give a fuck about you, like I do.

4. The Patient - Tool | Be patient. I must keep reminding myself of this. I must keep reminding myself of this. I must keep reminding myself of this.

5. Karma Police - Radiohead | I’ve given all I can/But we’re still on the payroll

6. Phase 1: Fortification - 30 Seconds to Mars | He swallowed his heroes/They fell out of context/He opened his windows/To decadent interest/He polished his image/Like that of a human/He battled the planets and won

7. Serpentine - Disturbed | Even though I felt cold inside/When you told me it would be alright/I had given up control and/I didn’t focus hard enough to see/The warning signs/Your heart is serpentine

8. From the Inside - Linkin Park | I’ll take everything from the inside and throw it all away/Cause I swear for the last time I won’t trust myself with you/I won’t waste myself on you


Coating Makes Steel Tougher, Keeps Microbes From Sticking

More and more objects are getting superhydrophobic coatings that make liquids bounce right off. Surfaces with complex nanoscopic structures that prevent wetting will soon be deployed on wind turbine blades and aircraft wings to prevent ice from sticking, and even concrete is being doped with superhydrophobic compounds to help it last decades longer.

Much still needs to be done, though, to strengthen these coatings because any damage can remove the ability to repel liquids. Such an advance is hugely important since there are potentially life-saving healthcare applications if this hurdle could be overcome with a stable, nontoxic coating for steel. Just imagine if implants, scalpels and other tools used on patients had a surface impossible for infection-causing microbes to cling to.

Now, Joanna Aizenberg and her colleagues at Harvard’s Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering have demonstrated a possible solution. They’ve been able to coat stainless steel with nanoporous tungsten oxide, which repels all liquids. What’s more, the surface is extremely tough, maintaining superhydrophobicity even after being scratched with sharp steel objects and diamond.

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