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#4 with Chibs

@mayyoustay-foreveryoung as requested :D

You had known all of the Sons for quite a while socially, but this time you were here on business. Your car was in at TM, getting fixed, and you were just coming by to see whether the mechanics were done with it. It was evening, but Chibs had agreed to keep the garage open a little later than usual for you as a favour. While you got along with everybody, you’d always gotten along best with the Scotsman, so you were looking forward to seeing him one-on-one, a rare occurrence as usually he was surrounded by the other club members.

Still, nothing could have prepared you for what you found as you walked across the compound towards the garage. 

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O.O I saw the pencil sketch of your dragon OC on the other Blog but how did you line art and color it on Paint?!! with a TRACKPAD? ._. And how did you erase the sketch? I'm sorry I'm a n00b but could you do a tut in your spare time for us people without fancy technology? PS: I bow before your skills TT^TT

OKAY INSIDE IS A PRETTY IN-DEPTH TUTORIAL, i didn’t leave out any steps or tricks i use. possibly the most useful ones are terminating the sketch, and how to use the eraser tool to color-swap which makes the following processes a lot easier:

  • putting markings on a color while without worrying about getting out of the lines

  • putting down some shading

  • coloring lineart

  • marking behind a drawing

(if you didn’t know about that, i recommend checking it out in step 4)

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“W-What do you mean by,

y͏͕̣͙O̤͙̠͙̫̱͢U̺̘͔̮ ̸̝̬̱d̪͚͙ͅÓ̯͍̥̦͇̦n̠͍̻̰̰͙̥͢'̸̬͈̭̥T̥̖̰̮͔̯͔͡ ̤L̛͈͇o͖̘̗̙̦V̹̟̱̤̩͔̝E̲ ̴͓͖̰̩M̀E̪̝͙̭̙?̣”

i can’t draw hands being pressed up against glass or showing a hand up close like that i’m actually trying to improve my art and practice on doing poses like this

i’m going to go to bed, night

How I cheated at the Undertale sprite animations that got me popular on this website

These ones: 1 + 2

Thanks for reminding me to do this @sutamatorega-crokertopoulos ..Sorry it took me so long to get to this, but before I show you my cheap tactics, I need to do a quick disclaimer - I can’t stress enough that i’m not a pixel artist - I’m a 2D animator - I have no idea how spriters do this, but i’m pretty sure it aint like this..

Ok - i started off with the model sprite(1), and traced over it with some funky colours (2) - since these are just black and white, it can get very confusing if you don’t colour code things - after that, I erase all the details underneath (3) but my tracing is a bit off model to the style - Undertale has some kind of shading or line work style going on - it can be a little tough to comprehend, though - I just kinda use the original sprite as a model sheet and try to make them look the same.

Here it is, more on model - thats how I did the key poses - the ones that I showed in those sprite sheets: 1 + 2

But how did I do the inbetweens? how did I do the smear frames? why does the movement flow so well? these are real comments people have given me - and as grateful as I am for such praise, I have to come clean - I didn’t do any inbetweens or anything - I only drew the keyframes - the rest was using the transform/skew tool in flash and swapping out the different poses - here it is in 4 fps, so you can really appreciate how this was all just a clever ruse.

Book 1 vs. Season 1: The Argument to Assassinate Daenerys

As I’m rewatching HBO’s Game of Thrones from the beginning, one thing that’s popping out at me more and more are the occasions where stupidity has been imposed upon Ned Stark. Whether it’s Ned inexplicably forgetting to tell his wife to secure Moat Cailin and prepare for war or falling mysteriously speechless halfway through an argument, the showrunners seem to have decided that Ned is just plain politically incompetent. Unfortunately, they had the power to make Ned incompetent in the show.

One of the most egregious examples of this is the argument in the Small Council about whether to have Daenerys Targaryen assassinated. Book!Ned’s reasoned argument against the assassination is gutted by the show - not in a fashion that suggests the writers needed to condense material for time, but in a fashion that suggests the writers do not believe Ned has any business being Hand of the King. Their added material betrays them. Let’s start from the beginning of the argument.

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Thump. Thump. Thump.

Modern Neighbors AU

FFNET: here

Thump. Thump. Thump.

Juvia had been hearing these sounds the last few months.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

Followed by some other sounds Juvia’s town-girl innocence could only imagine.

Juvia Lockser just moved from a small place called Oak Town. Since the first time she picked up pen and paper, Juvia had always dreamed of making it in the Big City. So after a few months had passed, without looking back, the aspiring writer left everything behind and moved to the City of Dreams.

Well, City of Broken Dreams. And Lights. And Heaters. And Showerheads. And almost every furniture. And now to the city of thin walls too.

The girl with the beautiful blue locks quickly regretted zeroing her bank account for the sublet one-bedroom unit on her very first night in Magnolia. Not only were the lights seldom worked, the thermostat was moody too. The showerhead in her bathroom was so afraid of commitments that it’d detach itself and hit her in the head. She could not even fully flush her toilet. But Juvia stayed. She had no choice. It was the only unit she could afford.

So, even if her next-door neighbor’s raucous activities kept her up all night, the bluenette did not complain. She sucked it all up. Juvia was not a whiner. Not even when the previous night’s thumping caused her a small bump on the head. She made a mistake of hanging her family photos above her bed’s dashboard.

Good thing she had her writing to occupy her.


“Awesome?! That’s the best you got?” Juvia scolded herself. She deleted the last two words on her computer and searched for something better than ‘awesome’.


“Really? You’re going for hot?”


Thump. Thump. Thump.




Thump. Thump. Thump.

“Oh that’s it!”

Juvia snapped. She just lost her train of thought. Her frustrations for the last few months boiled inside her and exploded. The deadline for her first draft was set the next day and her arse of an editor, a not-so-good and not-so-famous bald old man, was pressuring her to revise and put, in his words, steamy hot F-word scenes in it. The aspiring writer had no idea how to write down a steamy hot… something scenes. She could not even say it!

“I had it with that jerk!”

Juvia marched over to her neighbor’s and banged on the door. Making sure he knew she was furious.

No one answered.

The restless bluenette banged on the door again, thrice. She crossed her arms against her chest and tapped her foot against the floor in an impatient tune. Still, no answer. Juvia was about to kick the door open when a devilishly good-looking man popped out behind it. Boy, he did not look happy.


Juvia lost her voice. The image in front of her was hard to process. The man stood tall, his lean frame stopping the door behind him to close. His jet-black hair was wet and ruffled; shoulders broad like an athlete’s and abs just begging to be worshipped.

Awesome. Hot. Hardened body.

Juvia caught her breath in her throat. He wore nothing but a clean, white towel covering that area. It was only a glance but she was sure there was a bulge.

“Who is it?”

A voice came from behind the young man.

“Oh. Hi!”

Strangely, the owner of the voice was fully-clothed. She stepped over the young man and introduced herself.

“Are you a friend of Gray?”

So, Gray was his name.

It took some time before Juvia found her voice again.

“Ah… I-I’m… I live next door.”

“Really? Why don’t you come in? Gray, let the beautiful lady in.”

“Ahmmm…” There was hesitation. Which earned a quizzical look from Gray’s company.


“Hello!” Gray said in a tone that sounded like a ‘duh’, spreading his arms open to present and imply his current condition.

“Put on some clothes.” The woman retorted, the ‘duh’ implied.

Gray raised his hands in surrender and walked back inside the apartment. His lady company followed behind, dragging the confused bluenette with her. Juvia knew it was going to be awkward but the woman was really insistent, leaving her with no choice. So, she sat in the middle of the couch, feeling so small next to the gorgeous dark eyes.

“Sorry about Gray’s manners. I guess that’s my fault. I dropped him many times when he was a baby. By the way, I’m Ultear.”The nice woman offered her hand but it was holding a hammer. Which surprised and slightly intrigued Juvia. What exactly were they doing with a hammer?

“Sorry about that.” She casually swapped the tool to her free hand. “I’m Gray’s older sister.”

Older sister.

It was only then that Juvia noticed her long, jet-black hair.

“Juvia.” The bluenette offered her name with a smile.

“So what do you do, Juvia?”

“I-I’m actually a writer.”

“Wow. A writer? Anything I might have read?”

“Well, I’m just on my first book.”

Ultear leaned closer, all interested.

“Can you tell me what’s it about?”

“I can’t. I’m sorry.” Juvia sheepishly smiled.

“That’s okay.” Ultear reassured her, tapping a friendly hand on her knee.

“You know, Gray’s a journalist.”

“Really?” The bluenette was genuinely surprised. She never pegged the man to be a journalist.

“Well, yeah. He’s a photo-journalist.” The older between the two women cackled. “Ha. That man can’t even write a single paragraph.”

“You girls bonding?” Gray came out of his room and joined the girls, wearing a sexy v-neck. Drying his hair with a towel.

“At your expense, yes.”

The women giggled.

“Ha. Ha. Very funny.”


“So, what brought you here?”

Juvia was such in a hurry to come over next-door that she did not think through what she was going to say.

“Well… it’s just…” The bluenette nervously tiptoed around broken glass.

“You see…” She shifted in her seat. “Ah… That’s. The reason I…”

“Oh, is it because of this?” Ultear raised the carpentry tool in her hand. “Was I too loud?”


“I was just fixing Gray’s bed. I don’t know how this guy breaks his bed.”

Juvia had an idea.

“Why are you suddenly so red? Did I say something that made you uncomfortable?”

Blue eyes took a peek at the man in question. She got caught staring. Juvia wanted to look away but Gray’s intense, dark eyes kept her to where she was,  a glint of mischief flickered behind them. Then, she watched his lips curve into a devilish, knowing smile.

“Well, I-I g-g-guess I should go.” Juvia quickly stood from the seat and dashed to the door.

Ultear called out for her.

“You come back here later, okay? We’re having a party.”

“A party?”

“Yes. It’s Gray’s birthday.”

 Juvia heard the sound again but it was no longer coming from the other room. It was closer. The drumming sound was coming from inside her chest.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

A/N: As promised! I know it’s not too original but hey, I love me some hot, half-naked, devilishly handsome neighbor too! *fans self*


Name: Medic
Title: “The Greedy, Shallow Healer”
Gender: Female
Species: “Doesn’t matter”
Race: “Where’s my money?”
Occupation: Medic
Prevailing Element: N/A
Alignment: True Neutral
Typical Tool(s): Skirts shields, mechanical arms, swap-out tools, replacement hand
MOC Status: Assembled.

More pictures here.

Her actual name is Collete, but she doesn’t care enough to tell anyone, so she just prefers everyone to refer to her as Medic. A master healer who takes her work as not only being helpful, but profitable. She charges for her work regardless of who asks and will follow those who pay top dollar. However, if you happen to short-change her, she will become your enemy.

She was originally outfitted with small hand tools, but with time, started augmenting mechanical armaments to herself for quicker jobs. Going as far as to decapitate her own arm just to switch her tools more efficiently. She is also equipped with shields that can either be wielded by hand or by mind. They protect her back as she is repairing her clients and also act as a skirt.

If you actually get to know her personally, you’ll know that she doesn’t make a habit of giving herself rest. She works from job to job, sleeping only when it impedes her work. Collecting money for a reason that she is unaware of anymore. When she allows herself time to rest, she stays on speaking terms with her clients, stays friendly, and always talks about her significant other.

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Can you put the information from the "What program do you use?" question in the FAQ into a post/make it rebloggable? Just so I have the comfort of reblogging it/saving it

Here ya go!

Q. What program do you create your animations in?  Do you have any recommendations for animation programs?

A.  All of my animations are done in Flash.  Specifically Flash CS5.5.  If you are looking for an animation program, Flash is typically the way to go, though I have heard good things about Toon Boom as well (though I have never had any personal experience with it so I can’t comment on it beyond that.)  

My background artist for Ghost used Illustrator for her work and since Illustrator is in the same family of programs as Flash, they are capable of transferring over vectors from one program to the other.  Personally I don’t like Illustrator but that’s mostly due to me not being a fan of the interface.

If you ARE a Flash user, I highly recommend these plug-ins and programs.

Queasy Tools -  Adds a UI panel filled with a ton of useful shortcut buttons that speed up workflow.  The “Ease InOut” function is an absolute godsend.

Multi Swap-  An absolute must.  Allows you to pick multiple symbols and swap them all at the same time.  That this isn’t a default function of Flash is just disgraceful.

Keyframe Caddy-  If you are working with character lip-sync, this program will let you quickly and easily see and switch between frames within a given symbol.

SwivelGET. SWIVEL.  This is hands down one of the most important companion programs to come out for flash in years.  Allows you to convert .swfs into incredibly high quality/low file size movie files ready for Youtube.  Can also create video while maintaining Movie Clip effects, something that is cut out in Flash’s normal video outputting function.   If you have Flash, you need Swivel.