tool preset


some brush settings of mine, apropos of nothing but archival purposes 

mostly because i don't 

actually remember where i got these texture packs

edit: fixed some of the settings that were a little off and made shit bigger for ease of perusal 

and i guess like? here’s all of the brushtex things i use (screentones) (boards brushes) 

edit ii: morjean brought up the fact that there’s still some stuff missing, so here is [my entire brushtext file] [my entire blotmap file]


here’s part two of my brush settings list!!! (part one here)

Note for marker tool for the drawr brushes, i sometimes use it for coloring too, but feel free to experiment with them however you like!

Also guys I recently posted my first full coloring speed paint video here ;v; check it out if you’re interested in seeing how i color things lol// subs and likes would greatly appreciated <3 (i still don’t know how to enable comments OTL)

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Do you know how to add sort of glittery effects to drawings? If so, any tips? I haven't had any lucky with finding tutorials...

I can only assume you’re asking about these

They’re pretty much stamps found in the [Decoration] Tool section. It comes preset with Clip Studio Paint.

If you don’t have CSP,  you can also hand draw it although it requires a lot of erasing. The easiest way I go about it is

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I love your art and I was wondering what brushes you use!! I hope this hasn't been asked before!!

For Manga Studio/Clip Studio Paint, I generally used a lot of brushes there but here’s the main ones:

For Photoshop, I use 

I use these regularly and vary in all sets. A huge reccommend. 

These ones are currently an ongoing fave and a high reccomend. I adore #292.

Really good overall brush collection to help you out with pretty much everything. 

Some of my faves. I really like #66 and #50.

An amazing collection for casual and big work, I use the brush called; ‘Forme échantillonnée 14 1′ for most of my sketches and ‘Smoke-like 1′ for hair details.

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I feel like you get this question a lot but what are your brush settings?

actually its been 50.345 years since i last updated my brush settings L OL. the ones on my faq are a good 8 months old…..

sketch settings:

brush to lay down shadows

brush to blend

i use the default SAI pen settings for filling in colors


theres no such think as a ‘BLEND’ brush on sai LOL. the brushes that were provided for you are actually different settings of already provided tools (pen, brush, watercolor, eraser, airbrush, etc). the blend brush i created is basically the watercolor brush but with more blending properties. to create a new tool preset, just right click on a blank square


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Hi Dian, whenever I use Kyle Webster's brush tools, my photoshop lags. Is there a way to convert his "Tool files" into "Brush files? I'm just drawing on 10x10" 300 dpi. When I use default photoshop brushes I can go as large as 20x20" 300 dpi with no lag. I'm a bit confused as to why there is lag. I appreciate any input b/c I'm still a newbie to digital art :'D

Welp, There are many ways to do it.

Take this brush as an example. Pick it from Tool Preset

Right click it on your canvas, save it via New Brush Preset

And then you can find your new brush here.

The reason why Kyle saved all his brushes via Tool Preset is because Tool Preset is the only way to preserve the specific settings of the brushes (that is, brush texture, opacity, flow, and mode, etc.). Keep in mind that once you convert the brush to the Brush Preset, it might not work as well as its creator had intended it to. 

Also, if you just want to practice drawing and upload the art to internet, 150~200dpi is more than enough. Some artists prefer 300dpi because they need the file to be big enough that when you blow the file up up to 3x it won’t blur or pixilate on print file. Keep your canvas around 8inx8in, 150dpi would be a good start. You can always resize the canvas as needed. 

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Hey, I recently found your tarot card art and love it all. If you don't mind sharing, what kind of brush settings do you use for them? I've been trying to make a few for me and my friends, but I have no idea where to start.

Ah! Thank you! Well, for those cards I’ve used mostly three brushes. I’ll drop them here as a toolset for anyone interested. I didn’t make any of them, and to be honest, I’m not sure where all most of these came from, they’ve just accumulated and are my favourites to use. 

I used the Flat Canvas brush for all the color blocking, and then I go in with the Painter’s Brush to clean up edges (flow at 60%), and then back in with the Rough Ink brush to roughen back up or add the “gold” details. For accents I use the Better Grunge Texture and Bristle Brush. My canvases are in the ballpark of 7x11in. at 300dpi, and the brushes scale up and down well enough at that size. 

The brushes I use are here, there’s literally like 6 or 7, but I only use those three for 98% of the card. (Note, it’s a toolset, so it goes in the tool preset folder and not the brush folder).

I hope that helps!

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Hi Bri! I just discovered your blog and am in love with your artwork, particularly your latest piece. I saw you said in your FAQ that you use a lot of kyle webster brushes. I was wondering how you blended with his brushes as a lot of them are really opaque, are you meant to change the size of them as they're tool presets? I see loads of artists mentioning his brushes but I have no idea how to use them, but you seem to have nailed it! Any advice you could share would be awesome. Take care!

hello! thanks so much!! i dont actually do much manual blending…i mostly try to combine hard edged lines and shapes with soft edges, so i only really use two tools…a hard edged ink brush and an airbrush. and i also think that, when it comes to painting, blocking in major shadow shapes and managing your edges is more important than blending. and even when it comes to blending colors or getting soft edges i prefer to use the circular gradient tool or the aforementioned airbrush! but, here’s what i can offer you!

this was done with kyle’s big wide softy brush, which i believe is in the megapack. the key to blending is to use the eyedropper tool to select the color that was made by using light pressure on the tablet pen.

this color!! this one right here!!

then you just paint on and keep eyedropping colors nearby the color you’re trying to blend. it’s the equivalent of mixing yellow and blue paint and then dabbing the green you made onto your brush.

but this is how i normally work. this was done with shiyoon kim’s ink brushes and the 300px airbrush from this brush pack. my favorite airbrush ever!

this is a close up from the last thing i painted using kyle’s brushes…from my tarot cards. this was done with shiyoon’s brushes, kyle’s kid crayon brush, and the airbrush from above. you can see there are a lot of hard edges! all the soft edges were created with the airbrush or the kid crayon brush on lower opacity/flow.

all in all, my advice is to focus on large shapes and hard edges, then soften them as needed as you go. i approach it as putting down a shape with a brush, then carving into the shape rather than blending it out if that makes sense. over-blending is an easy mistake to make! but if you’re interested in how to get really really good at digital painting, there are great tutorials and resources out there. i am not a great digital painter in the traditional sense :8) hope this was helpful!!!!

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What... brushes... do... you use? (You're using photoshop, yeah?)

Hmmm, I have a mess of a brushkit, but I could figure out how to put out a few of my favorites? 

I use a few artists brushes, I’ve only tweaked a couple of them for myself. Kyle Webster offers an amazing megapack for like $9 or something. And Shiyoon Kim has his brushes out there as well. Some of my basic favs are by Pernille Orum. All of which I recommend exploring.

Try this: I made a dropbox folder with my favs in them. Keep in mind: There are two files- an .abr file which is my brush presets. Upload these in the brush preset manager. The other folder is a .tpl thats my tool presets. These are all brushes, but the .tpl gets uploaded in the top left hand side of photoshop, in the tool preset manager. This confused me when I first did this, but tutorials online helped me get it. Once you upload them, easy peasy, you’re ready to go. 

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if this doesn't bother you do you mind sharing what kind of brushes do you use or an old tutorial? i just really love the texture in your 0812 studies and kinda wanted to see how you did that

I used default Photoshop flat brush for my 081216 study. You can play with the Opacity and Flow, but make sure to do some tweaking with your Tool Preset (It is under your brush icon, next to Mode at the upper left corner of your Photoshop window, Toggle the Brush Panel. It looks like this):

  • - Shape Dynamics: Change the Control under Angle Jitter from “Off” to “Rotation.”
  • - Color Dynamics: You don’t have to turn this on, but I just have it on because I am too lazy to mix my own color palette. It creates texture too.
  • - Transfer: Make sure to allow your Pen Pressure to control your Flow Jitter.
  • - Smoothing: Turn it on.

This is probably the quickest way to make your own customized brushes, but you can also buy Kyle Webster’s Mega digital brush set. It is worth it.

Some good tutorials and online art schools: