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prime-panda  asked:

hi! I've been following for a while now with my personal account and you motivated me into starting my own art blog. Do you have any tips to give on how to gain popularity on Tumblr?

awesome! thanks <3

stay productive and active by posting relatively often – if you don’t have finished pieces to post all the time, you can post WiPs, studies, workspace shots, photos of your tools, prints/merch you’re selling, events you’re attending, etc. try to make most stuff relevant to your work, people who follow you will want to see that instead of too many personal posts. also if you work in a lot of totally different mediums/genres you may even want to separate those out into separate blogs, i.e. one for illustration and one for photography

draw fanart, people are more likely to get hype about characters they already recognize and relate to. just don’t overdo it or you’ll look sellout-y. make sure to tag it!

use the queue to your advantage, this is one of my favorite things about tumblr. schedule stuff to post when most people will be awake, and queue up some extra stuff to put up when you don’t have any new content

some people do giveaways where you have to reblog to enter. tutorials also seem to be popular

good luck!!