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Part 2 (/6) of The Gangsey loitering about town like the hooligans they are inside. Gansey looks more like a Studious Young Gentleman/preppy douchebag than a hooligan but the presence of Ronan probably makes up for it tbh

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The Gangsey

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Substituting with “anything” (a quartz and rosemary-inspired rant)

Apparently this is the month of me sticking my foot in places I’ll likely regret. But I feel like this really damages the learning process for a lot of witches and needs addressing. So today I’d like to talk about this thing being told to new witches way too often: that they can use “anything” as a substitution if they don’t have X ingredient for, say, a spell jar or whatever.

Can I just say, as someone whose practice focuses heavily on herbal work, how crazy that makes me?

I am not saying spells are set in stone and substitutions can’t be made. They totally can be.

I am not saying that this here fancy spell with all these fancy, expensive ingredients can’t have a more accessible re-working done with more common ingredients. It probably can.

I am all about making spells work for less money, less time, and less privileged people. You tell me what you’ve got in your kitchen and yard, and I will help you find a way to make that into any-damn-thing you please.

I am not all about the elite-extra-special “old way” or some dead guy’s mandates on how to witch.

But when I see, “just use quartz/rosemary instead” as the generic advice for EVERYTHING, no matter what the missing component in question is, it makes me crazy.

What’s the purpose of using ingredient-based spells? No, not just for the aesthetic™. It’s to reduce the energy load on you by replacing it with stuff that ALREADY HAS a given energy, or focus.

So if you remove it and just stick a generic energy booster in there, what’s going to happen?

One of two things:

1. The spell doesn’t work as intended, because you took off a wheel and put a rocket where it used to be.

2. The spell does work as intended, but I’m willing to bet you feel the exact same drain you would have felt if you’d just done energy work… because that’s probably what you did (and a lot of people don’t realize that isn’t supposed to happen).

So while I’m not saying that you’re wrong and your spell didn’t work regardless of whatever generic substitutions you made, I am going to say that if that’s true, I wonder if you’re wasting a lot of materials in your practice.

The purpose of spell ingredients is to use the properties of the ingredient in order to add a specific energy to the spell, which reduces the burden on you to supply that specific energy, and to have highly consistent focus while doing so. If your spell calls for valerian, then there is something about valerian itself that is aiding the spell. You can’t simply swap it with cayenne and expect to get the same results. There are definitely things you COULD swap it with because they have similar properties, but not absolutely anything.

If you can swap the valerian with literally anything and get the same results, that likely means you are not actually using the valerian to help you cast the spell. You’re simply using your own energy and the herbs are set dressing.

And there’s most certainly nothing wrong with being adept at pure energy work. That’s a great skill to have as a witch. But it sure is a waste of herbs if you’re not actually using them, eh? I mean, a lot of these herbs we use aren’t cheap or readily available.

Why not just get rid of the set dressing and save yourself time and money and just do energy work? Or if you like your set dressing, use tools meant to amplify energy work, like a wand or a staff or something?

Also, I think there’s a certain level of damage being done when we tell witches who are trying to learn herbal work that anything is just the same as anything else and none of it matters.

The magical uses of herbs are often tied to their mundane uses. Let’s remember: cunning craft was the mother of medicine. To this very day, the magical uses of many herbs are tied to their physical affects. Even when they aren’t, they’re often a sort of hypersigil, and they’ve gained those associations through dozens or even hundreds of years of thousands or millions of people all imbuing them with the same purpose and energy. Most correspondences have a biological reasoning behind them, or have been basically sigilized by being used the same way thousands of times.

Exceptions and personal correspondences are a thing; I have a few myself. But these tend to be herbs that have been highly significant in my own life over a long period of time, and have consequently become a sort of personal sigil, as opposed to the cultural sigil of most broader correspondences. My personal correspondences tend to be things I have history with (even if it’s mundane), not just literally anything. Basically, I’ve overridden the cultural sigilization, by writing over it with my own over time. But that’s an exception.

It makes it impossible to learn herbal work – which is a totally different skill from energy work – if you’re proposing that none of it actually matters and it all works the same anyway. And furthermore, it’s pretty discouraging if a witch tries that, and then their spell fails, which I see with some regularity.

Witches read that they can replace “anything” with quartz or rosemary, and then they come back and say their spell is doing all kinds of weird stuff it shouldn’t be doing.

Well, I’m not surprised. The original ingredient was there to give the spell a specific property, and then someone told them to replace it with a neutral energy booster and not do anything to replace the loss of that specific property, or control all the unprogrammed energy.

So, the result is going to be a high-powered bouncy ball of a spell that just pings around doing random shit and putting holes in the wall. Because they didn’t give it anything except energy with no focus. Because you can’t just replace “anything” with quartz or rosemary.

That tripped me up for a while, as someone who relies a lot on tools. I’m an empath, and like a lot of drain-prone people, I find using ingredients helps reduce how drained I get by casting spells. Becoming adept at herbal work was really important for me to be able to cast at all with any consistency. I can DO energy work, but I don’t always wanna wind up spending the next day in bed, and that’s where tools help me.

It’s not very helpful to just say “replace it with anything.” That’s not how herb magic works.

Substitution can be done in most cases. But if you’re gonna remove a wheel, you need to add a different one that’s compatible with the car, not just strap a rocket to the axle.

So, long story short: I really wish people would stop saying you can substitute with “anything.” While I get that the intention is to try to make the craft more accessible, it just impedes people from learning how to do it with stuff that’s ACTUALLY accessible. I mean, what’s inaccessible about the stuff most people have in their kitchen? You can substitute for a lot with that!

While it is completely true that you don’t need ingredients to do a spell, it is also true that if you’re going to use ingredients, they matter. If they didn’t matter there’d be no point to using them.

If you find that you can substitute with “anything” and get the same results no matter what, then I think I can save you some time and money: just get an energy working tool instead!

I originally planned to draw team free will together but I didn’t have enough time so here’s Cas going trick or treating for the first time.

I hope you guys have a Happy Halloween!


hot dresses AU/spyAU inspired by that incredi-drawing by gabzy + Neji is too floored by how killer Tenten looks to properly touch her (for a while, anyways). based off of convo with gabzilla-z & matchaball and

this AU is gonna be the death of me my god 


super excited to give y'all a sneak peak at’s newest plus size line addition coming september 15, 2015!

vanity room ny is a new york based contemporary clothing company that is expanding it’s line to include plus sizes and will soon be available on target’s website! this perfect-for-fall mustard yellow cold shoulder dress is going to be a staple in my wardrobe this season. it is actually longer than depicted here - i just threw a belt on at my waist and bloused the top!

dress - vanity room ny
boots - urban outfitters
hat - forever21
bag - flea market in spain

I saw this dress and my first and only thought was trans girl yamaguchi

Happy Birthday, @upthenorthmountain!

As requested, Anna in “paradise” for you xxx

anonymous asked:

Imagine if the BATIM trio were a steampunk band. What are the admins thoughts on a steampunk AU? What kind of music do they play? What do they dress up as? Do they fly in an airship?

I was actually talking to Lei about steampunk two days ago!

Hmmm, A steampunk AU? Thats kinda a tough order. BUT! We’ll give it a try!

Alice is a gunslinger, nicknamed “Singing Death” or “Angel of Death”. Dressed in a vest, leather hat, long skirt, cowboy boots, a brass and copper gauntlet over her left hand, and a two ammo belts (she still buff under those cloths). Four of her 6 Wings have been clipped, and she can no longer fly to heaven, or fly at all (causes to much pain).

Cast out of heaven after a misunderstanding, and wanted in several countries, Alice is probably the kindest outlaw you’ll ever meet. Her beautiful voice is feared by many, even more so than her actual fighting skills. An ace shooter, she almost never misses her target. (armed with four revolvers and a rare semi auto rifle)


Bendy is a snake oil salesmen, Nicknamed “Hell’s Doctor”. Dressed in a top hat, black suit with red vet, pocket watch around his “neck”, a ring with the philosopher stone, and a fake mustache (it falls off often). A

Demon with knowledge on how the world works, he uses this knowledge to create medicine that can cure many sickness and disease. However most people don’t trust demons, or doctors. So, he was branded a snake oil salesman. Those that have been his patient know that he is an excellent doctor (with outrageous prices)(Armed with three small handgun)

Boris is and engineer, Nicknamed “Hand Tool”. Dressed in overalls, a dirty shirt, heavy boots, welding goggles, and has a metal left arm.

Boris is a world famous engineer. After having lost his arm in battle, he fancied himself one made of brass and steel. After that, he took on a job as a blacksmith, a shipbuilder, a mechanic, a train engineer, and later a gunsmith. He now flies in a retired  military zeppelin (which he basically stole), discovering many forms of engineering, production, and continues to craft and design weapons for his income. (Armed with an SMG in his hand, and a copper axe)


Well, that’s what i could have come up with! Hope you like it! ~Admin Comrade



A new Patina by Alexander Nurulaeff - Dandy Shoe Care.

Pezzo unico for our great client from Chicago: Mr.D.H.

This magnificent coloring is part of the beautiful trilogy that we created exclusively for this elegant gentleman.