tool doll


After waiting ten thousand years for the sealant to arrive, I’ve finally gotten the colours of this BJD sealed, eyes have been installed and the cat has been re-strung. Everything you can see on the cat has been done by hand, I’ve even made the eyes from scratch.

This doll was by far the most challenging and technically difficult polymer project I’ve yet taken on, but the next I’m sure will be a whole other level of hellish fun XD

Only thing left to do now is get the cat wrapped, packed and sent on to his new owner. Gonna miss him!

Favors!  I do something for you, you do something for me.  Hide something, get me something, BURN THE JOURNALS, any little task you can do in the physical waking world.  Easy stuff!

Or, I might ask you for some random thing you might have lying around.  Puppets, dolls, tools, bottles…other synonyms for vessel…  Just junk, nothing you’re really using, you know?  Nothing important at all!