tool doll

I recently found my “gold” hammer after misplacing it. It’s my favorite tool ever because it looks like a regular hammer trying to be fancy,

but then you twist both halves and unscrew it to find a flat-head screwdriver in the middle.

BUT, if you twist the very end and unscrew that

you find a phillips screwdriver.

BUT DON’T THINK THAT’S ALL THERE IS! THERE’S MORE!! unscrew the very end again to find a smaller flat-head screwdriver!


unscrew the end of this screwdriver to find a final, teeny tiny, flat-head screwdriver

look at how cute it is!

it’s like a matryoshka doll of tools.

Mystic Messenger 』 Toys

“Mooomm, Jumin hyung won’t let me play with his cat doll~!“
“…But it’s my doll.“

…and before you giving me a look why would Zen cry over Elly’s doll, look at his thought I caught on game. Does Zen actually likes Elly or something? (;´∀`)

Speed paint
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The throne

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Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: maybe some bad word?

Request; “Hello dearie!Love barter, by the way, it’s one of my favorite series!! Can I request a comedy bucky x reader, where reader works as an assistant for stark and has a Wednesday Addams personality and a nihilistic humor.She is really into bucky and when he confidently flirts with her she starts messing with him because he looks adorable when he doesn’t know what to do, before deciding that “I’m picking you up at 8. Be ready.” Thank you in advance, hon!!” 

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A/N: There you have it darling! Hope you like it  :)

Days like these, when everyone is or in missions or having a break, are your absolutetly favourites. 

Sighing satisfied , you roam with your eyes the lonely offices of the Stark tower, finally you would be able to advance in your work! Taking a high stool you start to tip in your adored laptop and you don’t notice hours passing by until someone opens abruptly the door making you jump.

- Y/N? - you hear the voice of Bucky Barnes behind the wood door and your heart skips a beat. 

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8 Things not to do to trans folks

Written from a trans woman’s perspective. Can apply to trans men and non-binary trans people too. If any information is incorrect, please let me know.

1. Kill us, directly (homicide) or indirectly (suicide). Nor should you rape, assault, or harass us. The rates for trans murders are through the roof, especially for us trans people of color. If the hot girl at the bar you’ve been flirting with turns out to be trans and you’re not into that, respectfully let her know and move on. If a trans man messages you on Tinder and you ain’t feeling him, politely turn him down and keep it moving. Discovering a person is trans does not give you the right to kill them, no matter when or where you find out.

2. Misgender us. It’s not funny. It’s not cute. I don’t care if you’ve known them since they were born. It is not “preferred name”, it’s new name. It is not “preferred pronouns”, it’s just pronouns. My identity is not a suggestion. It is a command. ‘Tranny’, ‘Shemale’, ‘He-She’, ‘It’ (debatable, most in the community find it offensive), ‘Ladyboy’, ‘Thing’, ‘Drag Queen’, ‘Hermaphrodite’ are slurs and will not be tolerated. Slip-ups happen. Making a habit out of it will get you throatpunched.

3. Debate our trans identity. If a person says they’re trans, accept it. Do not throw science or religion at us. Do not say ‘But you can’t be trans because ______’. If a person has gone as far as to reveal their trans identity to you, chances are they are pretty sure of it.

4. Treat us like freakshows or science experiments. We understand you are naive and probably met very few out trans people. Let us control the conversation. We answer whatever questions we feel comfortable with. If we don’t want to talk about anything trans, respect that. Don’t be invasive or inappropriate with your topics, even if you are a loved one. Asking about our genitals and why we keep/change them should only be brought up by the trans person. And please, no “sneaky” photos or yelling ‘Is that a man?’ while I pass you in public. We do not exist for your curiosity or your consumption. .

5. Compare our beauty to being trans. We are not “pretty for a trans person”. We’re simply pretty. Don’t point out features that clock us as our birth gender, unless the trans person asks. ‘I can’t even tell you’re trans!’ is a microaggression and should not be said even if it’s coming from a good place. Never say ‘You looked a lot better as a guy/girl’ or ‘You’re too ______ to be a guy/girl’. Many trans people’s self-esteem are fragile as is. And it’s just a mean thing to say.

6. Throw gender expectations on us. Tips are okay (use sparingly). Demands are not. Not every trans girl wears makeup or dresses. Not every trans guy wants a beard. Not every trans person wants surgery. Not every trans person wants hormones. Not every trans person wants to change their appearance. Not every trans person is a man or a woman. Not every trans person is straight. No two trans people are the same.

7. Use us as sex toys or dirty secrets. We are not blowup dolls or tools for you to experiment with. Trans folks should not “just take what we can get”. We deserve and will have love, respect, relationships, marriages, and great sex! If we are aromantic or asexual, that’s okay too. If you do pursue a trans person, do not fetishize them. Listen to their wants and needs and respect them. Just like with every other human being you get jiggy with.

8. See us only by our gender. Being trans is only a small part of our lives. We are doctors, lawyers, teachers, military personnel, cat lovers, coffee addicts, ride motorcycles, play video games, eat like a horse, sing off-key but do it anyway, can quote any Tim Burton movie, speak four languages, see football as a religion, want children, can’t cook worth a damn, love to shop but hate to check our bank account. We are complex and kooky and human, just like you.

Okay, let’s talk. My birthday is coming up soon. I’ll be 18. And I’m not expecting anything, but would you guys be interested in a link to my Amazon wishlist? It’s mainly art supplies and doll tools. I’m not asking you to buy me anything, this is entirely up to you guys. I’ll post the link when it gets a little closer to my birthday.

Widowreaper week - day 7 // soul

7. Dénouement

 every story has an ending, even theirs.

It was hard to admit that kiss was the last one of them. He did not want to think of it, he did not want to accept it.

But as the woman’s skin got colder, and he didn’t have anything to do to save her, he kissed those beloved lips, as black tears started running from his eyes.

“Stay with me, I beg you. I don’t want to be alone ! Not without you, we made a promisse, remember ? I would always take care of you !”

But her body was pushed beyond limit by Talon. By altering her biology, sooner or later she would start to reject the medicines and stop functioning, like a broken tool, a broken doll made by them. 

Amélie didn’t have any strenght to even hold him close, even if she wished so much. Her body wasn’t moving, she could only open her eyes.

And people said the eyes showed the soul.

Her golden, sunlight eyes only showed him love. All the moments they passed together. 

They could have a life together. 

But it was impossible now.

She was going to a place he couldn’t follow. 

A single tear dropped from her eyes, as they closed forever.

Everyone in that place could hear the man’s insane scream. It was sad and desperate to tear the soul. 

Nothing else mattered anymore.

But something pure, bright and beautiful emerged from her chest. That glowing orb, so different from the others,the kind, the true Amélie was free now. 

Reaper took that orb with his claws and felt the same taste of her lips on his mouth when he absorved it. 

She would be forever with him. 

And since that day, no one heard about Talon, or Reaper, or Widowmaker. Not since he killed every single one who did that to her, to avenge her. 

And he roamed like a peregrine, without destination, without reason to stay alive, but carrying in his heart that bright , lovely soul. 

The only one who made him feel again.

Making of  a Bitty Bones

- copper wire laced with silver coluor (just for the looks, since I knew some will definitely be showing) I think the thickness was 70 or 80 micrometers.
- FIMO mass for doll making
- teaspoons
- toothpicks
- a metal thing found in the drawers (helped with making bigger deeper holes)
- hands

Okay, so here’s what I did:

I knew how my fella will look, but I decided to make a small plan just for the reference (I used the size of my hand as a starting point).

Then I made the LOVELY frame(head, neck, shoulders and spine).

Checked if it’s at least a bit accurate to the sketch and added the pelvis structure

Size comparison

I also made the other frames before beginning with the modelling. Such as

frames for ribs (which had to be remade many times, because they were too big),

arms and hands


oh, wait.

Here we go! ^^

After the frames were done I took a break, before I opened up the FIMO.

Then I modelled the head. The biggest challenge was to get it in a shape that I’ve originally wanted and to make the hole have the cracked edges (still went much better than I expected)

Here’s some different angles:

Like I said, it went much better than expected. Also, by this point, the sketch and measurements were thrown out of the window. Most of the following was done by the feeling. (since the original head was supposed to be 3,5 cm wide, but that didn’t works as planed)

So while the head was baking (30 minutes 110°C), I remade the ribs. When it cooled down, I modelled the shoulders and arms, placing them back into the oven.
[no pictures of that, because I forgot that I’ll post this long thingy]

Then I modelled the ribs and baked them.

After that came the pelvis, which I tried to make in three different ways, before I resorted to Google for some help. That was also the moment I realized one arm was lacking upper bones (radius and ulna? I think so)
[ no pictures of that either ]

After that I made fingers (phalanges, however you want to cell them). They baked, I added them on the palms, placed them in the oven to bake and

tried to figure out how to position the ribs. They weren’t very cooperative as you can see. In the end it turned out that I’ll have a pair to spare.
BBQ anyone?
Okay, let’s move on.

A (bad quality) peek at how the palms looked after baking.

The wires were a bit short, so I could only hook them in the position. Once I started to secure them, I figured that his left arm had a frayed wire (that I tried to fix before) and as it fell off, I came to conclusion that my buddy will be missing everything from elbow down (until I figure out how to fix it and get more wire).

So this is one of the newer pictures. At the moment he resembles a messed up Blank Bitty (the bitty type that was made by @giggledroid​), but as soon as I get more wire and paint, I’ll get to finishing the little thing.
(In the meantime I’ll try to write down his story and get around making his blog look presentable)