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Literate and Dangerous

You’re new ‘round here, so listen close: this is what I’ve got on that synth detective of Diamond City.  Yeah, he’s a pal to the great, green jewel, and he’s right chummy with those freaks in Goodneighbor.  They say in your darkest hour, it’ll be his hand reaching down, pulling you out of the unique despair of this wasteland shitshow.  But mark my words, to the violent scum who add to the chaos, he’s your worst enemy.  My best advice, kid?  Watch your step.  Stay clean.  Stay good.  And if you’re lucky enough to get the ol’ dick on your side, he’ll watch your back for life.

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The Boker tech tool is the most used part of my EDC. It is mostly used to open Letters/Bottles, but my favorite feature of this is the glas breaker. The Kershaw Cryo is for my personal defense. My Thrunite Flashlight unified size and luminosity and is used for dog walks. The Zippo is for always having fire with me (certainly for my cohibas too). Spacepen is for writing some notes. The German Military hank can be used for many situations (dirt/bleeding/hat/mummery). The Paracord Lanyard allowes me to have always 2,6m cord with me. My Christopher Ward watch speaks for itself. Dices for boredom.

29. Fleeing the country

He knew this would day come eventually. Johann’s experiments had been discovered at the labs in Berlin and he had no choice but to flee. He was called a monster, the next Frankenstein, the man that committed acts against god himself, not that he ever believed in the guy. The German scientist was not only that but a doctor as well. One that was once praised and glorified as great surgeon. He had a dark secret, though, one that had now cost him everything once it got out. Human genetic experimentation. Johann had to get out of here. They were coming for him; the authorities, the government, the medical society, nearly the entire country of Germany! He couldn’t stay here. He had to get out. He had to leave and go into hiding. Packing up what he could on the spot which was mostly his wallet and medical tools, he left the city of Berlin late that night. He was on the run now, and he didn’t know how long he would be. All he knew was that he was running for his life now.