tool academy

The flatmates are watching Tool Academy.

It’s a fucking waste of programming if I ever fucking saw one.

Never have I seen serious behavioural problems trivialised so… TRIVIALLY… it’s almost having a gameshow based on “Who has the AIDSiest AIDS of all the AIDS-ridden AIDS patients?” and the winner wins the cure for AIDS while every week the person with the least AIDSiest AIDS gets sent home with nothing but regret that they didn’t manage to dunk that last basketball in the ‘Dunk the Basketballs in a minute’ challenge.

I tell you what… it’s hilarious to watch when you’re pissed (I bet) but after that you start to question the motives of humanity, like… to a violently depressing level. Like you begin to imagine yourself taking hostages - my demands: that a documentary is to be made immediately featuring Katie Price, Simon Cowell, er… oh bloody hell, what do the kids talk about these days… th-that Phil Jupitus fellow. The purpose of which is to attract the 'punters’ and brainwash them into moving to the heart of Greenland with no clothes or weapons of any kind.

Hoepfully mankind will look favourably on this.

Tool Academy fosters the stereotype that misogeny and unruly personality passes as a well-recieved comedic medium. What’s more, it’s based on a channel called 'Really’ which professes to bring the British (and now American) public a true reflection of real life, thus reinforcing the whole concept of this rubbish in the audiences’ basis of reality and associating it with a syndrome of behaviour that can be seen easily by others.

I think I would rather roast my testicles while listening to Justin Beiber than absorb this anus cake. This nutty, soggy anus cake.