friend - are u emo ?

me - omg! what?!? no! you tool! are you disturbed? thats not tre cool man! have you got issues? what pete wentz through your mind for you to think that?! like srsly theres no gerard way i could be! did all your senses fail or something? i’m patrick stumped as to why you would think that, just try asking alexandria, she’s tell you the same thing.  to be frank iero, whichever mikey way you look at it, that’s outrageous! it’s like you did 182 +44 and got the sum of 41. if you’re going to keep making these accusations, im going to get really josh dun with you; i might panic! at the disco and we might hit an all time low and have a fall out, boy- you know i can get pretty reckless and i just dont want a foo fight. attending a funeral for a friend would not be a good day to remember.