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1. If you had one chance to change something in your life, what would it be? I’d study harder and never miss a chance to apply for a scholarship. I’d still want to be the same messed-up person, only a slightly less miserable and boring version of it.

2. If you could spend one day with your bias what would you do with him? I’d ask him to teach me how to dance properly.

3. Your dream job, what is it? Video game developer, director, writer.

4. If two of your fav bands had a concert at the same time who would you choose? And who are these bands? I’m not really interested in concerts anymore. I’d probably choose the one that’s closer to my place. A few years ago I’d have said EXO, but that was when they were OT12. Now I just want to have a nice experience and since I’m more into R&R, jazz and indie, I wouldn’t put much effort into getting tickets to a kpop concert tbh.

5. Is there anything you regret? Is there anything I don’t? Just kidding… I regret that I didn’t give a shit about my future when I was younger and wasted all that money/effort/talent/brain on getting two college degrees I’ll never be able to make money from.

6. What is your favourite thing to do during vacations/summer? Swimming during the summer and reading in a cozy little armchair on winter nights.

7. What is your favourite MV of your favourite band? I don’t have just one favourite band, so let’s just stick to kpop. EXO obviously, and I probably love LMR the most bc of the visual style.

8. What would your bias have to do to make you stop liking him? There are way too many things or character flaws I can’t tolerate bc I’m a super nice person… somewhere… deep inside. I can’t stand it when someone hurts innocent people - be it physical or emotional abuse.

9. Could you be in a relationship with someone whom you don’t like by appearance/ you don’t find attractive the way he/she looks like? To a certain degree, yes, but there always has to be some kind of physical attraction, a spark. It doesn’t mean that others will have to find him hot or handsome, too. *whispers* big… brown… eyes… nice… eyebrows… nice hands yo~~~

10. Would you like to be an idol in the k-pop world? NO… FREAKING… WAY!

11. You have one wish. What would you wish for? World Peace… *sighs* I agree, bro.

1. What was the cartoon that got you pumped as a kid? Silver Fang… to the point of almost driving my whole family insane with the thing. No regrets tho. ^_^

2. If you could have any superpower, but only one, what would it be? I’d want to be able to heal anything, also counting mental/emotional scars.

3. Are you a book or a kindle person? Book!!

4. What’s your current job? If you’re not working currently, what would you like to do? A super boring typical office job, but I’m on my way to the magically “people-free-zone” of IT. YAY!

6. Do you believe that the friendships you make online are real or not? It depends. I rarely make friendships irl, too… online I probably made 2 or 3 in my whole life, I don’t think the others count as friendships, more like really good online buddies. That makes the friendships even more precious. 

7. If you could look forward in time to see the future you, would you? I’d only want to see the outcome of far future events. What’ll it be like to live 200 or 2000 years from now? What sort of technological advancements have we achieved? How does our planet look like? Are there flying cars? I’d be interested in things that will happen after I die. I don’t want to see MY future and live the rest of my life in fear of what is to come.

8. What mythical creature would you want to be? Anything that could be turned into a great tragedy.

9. What astrological sign are you? Swagittarius

10. What was the last dish that you made? Apple & Cinnamon Buckwheat Pancakes

11. If you were reincarnated, would you want to retain your memories of your past life or start anew? I’d want a fresh start without the memories but with the same personality traits.

1. Favorite song at the moment? It’s a tie between Milky Chance - Feathery and Nieves - Winter.

2. A word or phrase you over use? OTL… ironically that’s also how I feel most of the time.

3. Least favorite food? Insects… I could never eat any of them.

4. If you could spend your entire life with a Kpop artist or group who would you choose? I’d choose Chanyeol or Chen. They could easily keep me from feeling depressed. They just have too much energy, it’s like they’re constantly about to burst.

5. Who/What’s your screensaver/wallpaper at the moment? On my phone The Witcher is my screensaver and Ronan is my wallpaper, and on my laptop it’s this amazing fanart. Wow— I’m soooo predictable.

7. Vans or Jordans? Neither.

8. Biggest pet peeve at the moment? Condescending attitude

9. CL or Hyuna? Absolutely neither of them.

10. SMTM or Unpretty Rap Star? SMTM

11. Iphone or Android? Android

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