And here we are. Took me about eight hours to put this together (add another two for the time it took me to resolve the audio issues).

I’m… decently happy with how it came out.


Pop- Art Zombie!!
This took me about 3 hours to do! Really stepped out of my comfort zone for this one and it turned out awesome!
IG: @cosmeticsbyanna 💚

Remember that one drawing I did like a month or something ago that I said I would digitalize and make it really dark looking (okay maybe I didn’t say that but I thought it)


I did it

Okay so like this took me about four hours to line and color and shade and probably a couple hours to draw (I don’t actually remember how long it took). To date this is the longest I’ve spent on a drawing and I’m really really proud of this thing that started as a doodle.

Please repub! Don’t repost! Thank you!


Some awesome hair coloring I did on my model a few months back! I entered this into the 2015 Pravana Show Us Your Vivids contest!
Details of products used on my Instagram @cosmeticsbyanna
This took me about 5 hours altogether, but it was so worth it and satisfying in the end!

alyok-gaming asked:

hello. recently I read a post that stated "makoharu shippers just ship makoharu because it's easier to ship, since they are already bros and all. rinharu is better because its much more dynamic" of course, I completely disagree with this statement. anyways, my question is: why do YOU ship Makoharu? i'm really curious. and what are your thoughts on this statment? :) (also your blog is my favourite ily god bless)

Someone actually said that??? That’s so ridiculous I can’t believe it. Some people are so petty.

Anyways this is going to be a long makoharu post and it’s probably going to show up in the rh tag because you used the ship name in the ask so I’m sorry for anyone who doesn’t want to see this but here I go.

Oh gosh where do i even begin?? Because I could (and I have lmfao) written log makoharu analyses about single episodes ALONE. Honestly everything in this post is just skimming the top of the water so i guess I’ll just go over a few very big ones. I’ll start off small. 

I guess the smallest reason would just be looks they give each other.

I mean look at Makoto in this gif. Look at the way he admires Haru then laughs at his silliness and the look Haru gives Makoto back ahhh my heart can’t take it they’re just so sweet.

And then there’s this gif. The sparkles in their eyes. The absolute adoration Makoto has for Haru. The way Haru stares back in disbelief with the same sparkling expression. This definately reminds me of scenes in romance animes where they confess their love to each other.

AND THEN THIS PICTURE RIGHT HERE. Look at how sweetly Makoto is grasping Haru’s hand, his other hand mostly likely gripping around haru’s back. It’s such a sweet embrace and the once again we see Makoto giving Haru an adorning look as Haru stares back, wide eyed and just as equally blown away.

*Deep sigh* Now that THAT’s out of the way, rest my soul, I guess I’ll go completely out of order with the series and just go with the general topic of how much they care for each other.

Even now I don’t know where to start? Jealousy. I’ll start with jealousy. Many people like to say things like “Oh haru doesn’t care about makoto bluh bluh bluh’ and every time I bring up

This episode. I have written an entire makoharu post about this episode alone. Haru has never been one to dislike people just for befriending his friends or them doing other activities together, but as soon as someone tries taking MAKOTO from him then he becomes jealous and actually begins disliking the person.

Makoto is the only person in the series that we have seen make Haru act this way towards someone else. Makoto is HIS best friend and anyone who tries stealing him away is on his shit list. 

And Makoto on the same hand is canonically jealous over Haru too. I forget the episode (because I haven’t watched free! in so long I am sorry) but in season 2 makoto says something along the lines “Maybe I’m jealous of Rin” Because he wants to be the one to swim alongside Haru in a race. He wants to be able to swim with haru on his level.

MMMF actually before I move on i think it was either later that episode or the next episode where they DO race and haru ends up winning and Makoto is about to cry and Haru looks absolutely TERRIFIED because he would never want Makoto to cry and think about quitting swimming because it would break him (hold that thought too lmfaoo) But makoto laughs it off BECAUSE HE KNOWS how much it would hurt Haru if he began crying.

Now that whole ‘breaking’ comment is going to have to wait a little bit more because now I’m on the subject of them being protective.

haru has always been protective over Makoto. Letting Makoto hide behind him when he’s scared. In this scene we see Haru holding Makoto’s hand as Makoto trembles in fear. The concern Haru has Makoto in this scene makes my heart weep. He just wants him to feel safe. Haru is doing everything he can to comfort Makoto.

About to kill 2 birds with one stone here: concern and the almost make out scene….and fear as well. Ahhh I’m so all over the place I’m sorry.

THIS SCENE. THIS EPISODE. WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN WITH THIS EPISODE. The concern. The fear haru has in his eyes over his darling friend. “Is Makoto okay? Oh fuck is he okay?” He is SCARED to look Makoto. Then they almost touch lips but no CPR is too gay so Makoto breathes again but anyways moving on.

After this we have the iconic makoharu scene that i could, once again, write an entire post about in itself where makoto tells Haru “It’s meaningless unless I’m with you” which is basically a confession in this show let’s face it.

(Not the same episode, but the point of ‘it’s meaningless without you’ is a reoccurring makoharu theme. Lmfao Haru didn’t even want to join the swimming cub at first. only because of makoto :0) ) 

Also, after this we see Haru get very angry at Rei, for not only risking himself but also his friends. He almost LOST Makoto over this. He scolds Rei pretty harshly. I think haru was also a little mad he had to drag makoto into this because of his fear of the ocean.

Real quick add on: Haru canonly walks between Makoto and the ocean to protect makoto from the ocean hahahahahaha (end me)


Once again, could do a whole post, blah blah blah

anyways we have seen Haru get in MULTIPLE confrontations and fights over the two seasons. Mostly between Rin and sousuke, and not a single one affected haru as much as the fight he had Makoto.

Haru expects other people to bring the subject of a dream up to him, but not Makoto. haru just expects Makoto to let Haru do his thing, but no, Makoto knows what HARU wants, and unlike other characters who were simply pushing themselves and their wants onto Haru, makoto is doing this FOR Haru because he knows this is what HARU wants.

Makoto knows he can’t just let Haru go on with what he’s doing because he knows haru isn’t okay. That he isn’t happy. he’s concerned.

AND THEN MAKOTO DROPS THE BOMB AND WE SEE HARU ABSOLUTELY FUCKING BREAK. Haru has never broken down like this over any other character. he was fine leaving Rei and Nagisa behind for the swim club. he was okay with letting Rin go off and do whateverthefuck in the Olympics, but as soon as Makoto tells him that he’s leaving haru fucking breaks, because he thought Makoto would always be by his side. He’s the person haru always wanted to be with. Haru RUNS away from makoto with a fucking broken heart and we see him lying in his bed absolutely fucking wrecked with sadness. Enough to where he’s willing enough to leave the country to be away from makoto-

STOP, okay some things I need to say here 1. haru did in fact say he was pretty much only willing to go australia because he was so torn up over his fight with Makoto 2. MAKOTO was the one who even told Rin to fucking do anything. Makoto was the one that texted Rin. Makoto is the one that got him to go on the trip. makoto was the one that cared.


After that whole cluster fuck of an episode 12 in season 2 of forced fan service and destroyed character development we get episode 13 and THIS beautiful scene

*Laughs bc once again I have written full posts on this 10 second scene alone* The welcome back was animated so fucking BEAUTIFULLY. The attention to detail, how much care the creators put in to showing how happy and relieved, but also nervous and scared haru was to see Makoto again, The way Makoto sweetly welcomes haru HOME (ahhhh!!!! HE IS HOME) and the way haru just looks so overcome that he almost breaks into tears of relief. So beautiful.

Then they make up with this sweet scene and the world is once again all fine. Also haru does that little scoot scoot towards his boyfriend haha we saw you haru you ain’t slick. (Fuck you kyoani that was the worst 2 weeks of my fucking life) 

Then we have the race between iwatobi and OH….OH MY GOD. the way makoto and Haru look at each other for that fucking scene in the race oh my god

DO YOU SEE THIS??? DO YOU FUCKING SEE THIS SHIT RIGHT HERE. Like they have this entire moment to themselves. just love, and trust and.. so much going on here. Then Rei and Nagisa swam up together. makoto and Haru got their own moment to illustrate the importance of their relationship.

Then there’s the scene where they’re all hugging and Haru smiles and oh my god my heart I’M DEAD.



Oh my oh my god I’m a mess um smaller things now

Cute shit like this. Makoto doting over Haru like this. It’s so sweet they’re so in love. More so the high speed movie! Once again, there are full posts by people who have seen the movie, but this movie wow. We get the ebautiful conflict Makoto has “Do I swim because I like swimming or because I like Haru” and Haru getting sad that makoto begins avoiding him to figure out but then we get the reconciliation and the BEAUTIFUL FUCKING SWIMMING SCENE. oh my god and after that we get Makoto saying he Loves swimming and he LOVES HARU *Slams cards down on the table to collect my jackpot money*

Although this is not the first time Makoto has voiced the word ‘love’ towards Haru. I believe the first time is in the makoharu fireworks scene in season 1… or maybe it was the fireworks scene in season 2 haha sorry i can’t keep my romantic multiple firework scenes in check.

Wow this has gotten way too long and I had actually planned on doing MORE but this post is already…wow. Anyways I’ll just wrap it up with this:

Anyone who doesn’t think Makoharu has dynamics, development, OR backing obviously didn’t watch the show and are just being bitter lil babies.

timeladyaerynjenkins asked:

how long does it take you to complete a drawing? like from a moment someone sends you a request or a prompt, do you need to make preliminary sketches to work out facial and bodily proportions, or do you just go "ok drawing levi!" like it's in your muscle memory? (sorry if this has been asked)

I just kind of wing it; if the sketch is neat and legible enough that I can just tidy it up a bit and post it immediately then I’ll do that and I guess that probably takes like 30 mins - 60 mins at most but most of the time my sketches are atrocious and I have to do a draft and a final linework and that takes longer, ESPECIALLY with comics. this comic here I was able to draw and just use the original sketch with some tidying up (though tbh I had a reference from ACWNR for the first half) but most of the time my first sketches look like this fucken mess and I need to take more time making sense of that shit:

It’s just… super frustrating and incredible to me, that people think it’s okay to just take photos from blogs and then post it on their own blogs without credit, or even worse, pretend that it’s theirs.

Can you imagine if I walked walked into the Louvre and was like “Hey I like this Mona Lisa” and I take it off the wall and bring it to my own house and start telling people I painted it. That the Mona Lisa is mine. Like yeah, it took me a couple of hours. 

And if you’re about to say “well, if you don’t want people stealing your images you shouldn’t be posting them, it’s the internet, it happens all the time.”

Can you imagine if people stopped posting original content on tumblr or anywhere else on the internet?? What would happen? There would be no more originality because people would only be posting and reposting whatever already exists. It’ll be super boring super fast. Can you even imagine that??

Or like this morning “it’s just a photo, relax”

And yeah, maybe it’s just a stupid photo. But it’s mine. It’s my stupid photo. I’m allowed to be upset when someone takes something of mine. If you don’t care that’s fine. But I’m allowed to care. I’m allowed to feel angry.  Or is it only the big shots who have hundred dollar cameras and spend hours setting up the pictures that allowed to be upset if their photo is stolen. Oh wait, those people would sue you so fast your head would spin. Aren’t you brave stealing photos from small-time book bloggers?

Especially on the site like tumblr, where sharing is an easy as pressing a button. It takes much longer to click save, and then going back and reposting it.

It’s stealing plain and simple. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a dumb photo some small-time blogger took. It’s still theirs.

And if you’re not insulted by someone reposting photos, you’re just as bad as they are.

Honestly I think one of the scariest things is at a job when you realise you’ve magically segwayed from ‘new person that’s faking it till they make it’ to 'person new people are apparently looking up to as an example’ because like who ambushed me with all this responsibility I’m not even a slightly good Adultling please take your cues from someone that didn’t accidentally drop a computer down a spiral staircase or start a minor fire with the coffee pot and let me hide from my supervisor in peace please

And I Love You, Haz

a/n its a larry fic but its got a little elounor (not romantically but youll see) i hope you like it 

     As we climbed the stairs up to our management’s office, the five of us were silent. Harry kept glancing at me nervously, but I just smiled. But what could management want now? They said they wanted to speak to me and Harry separately. I’m praying they want us to come out. It’s time.

    Instead, a man named Gary informs me that we’re here to speak about Eleanor. Lovely.

     "Did you know that 65% of ‘directioners’ think Eleanor is a beard?“ Gary asks me and I laugh.

      "Mr. Tomlinson, this is no laughing matter. If they think that, it’s because you’ve given them a reason to. What I’m saying is that tomorrow, you’re going on a date with Eleanor. Fans are becoming suspicious as to why you two never hang out, why you never kiss. The date is all set up. You’ll walk around town, do some shopping, give her a kiss every once in a while. Tell her you love her in front of some fans. Easy stuff.”

      I take a deep breath, trying to control my anger. This is bullshit, is what it is.

      “I think it’s nearly time to come out, don’t you?” I ask everyone as calmly as possible.

     "A few more months, Louis, then you and Harry can both come out as a couple. Together.“ A woman called Paula tells me.

     I don’t argue because I know Eleanor and I are under contracts, as well as Harry. A few more months and then we can drop Modest! Management, drop this bullshit.

    The five of us head back to our hotel in Chicago in silence. Niall chats a bit but other than that, we don’t have much to talk about. We’re all exhausted.

     I  look at Harry to read his expression, but he shows no emotion. I open my mouth to ask him what management told him, but close it again. He seems to notice and reaches over to squeeze my hand.

    The next morning, I get dressed for my date with Eleanor. Careful not to wake Harry, I tiptoe into the closet. When he’s tired, I usually let him sleep until noon. 

     Just as I’m about to leave, Harry groans and rolls over. 

     "No kiss goodbye?”  he says hoarsely and I chuckle.

      “Bye, love, I’ll try to make it short so we can spend a little time together.” I kiss his nose and then his mouth. He nods and I leave reluctantly.

      I meet my “girlfriend” at the place I was told to go. To be honest, I like Eleanor. She’s a nice girl. I feel bad that she gets so much hate. However, I’m reminded, she did want this job. She doesn’t need the money.

      “Hey, El.” I smile and she smiles bigger. “how are you?”

      We walk hand-in-hand to Starbucks and she tells me about what I’ve missed in the past few weeks. She speaks briefly about her father before asking me how Harry is.

      “He’s good.” I reply on auto-pilot, then tell myself to shut up. She’s sweet, asking about Harry. Don’t be rude.

       "I mean, I feel like I never see him anymore, so that’s not good. Our relationship is good, we’re just…“

      "Not good.” She finishes and looks around to see if anyone is listening. The coffee shop is nearly empty. “I think it’ll get better, Lou. I know it will.”

       "Thanks, El.“ I pull her small frame into mine for a quick hug.

       The rest of the afternoon goes by quickly. A few autographs and kisses later, I’m where I want to be: home with Harry.

        "Hey, babe.” I smile sincerely, unlike the fake smiles I’ve gotten used to.

        “Hi.” Harry runs a hand through his hair. I like when he wears it like that. Little quiff.

       "How was your morning?“ I ask, kicking off my shoes.

       "Clearly not as good as yours.” He mutters and I stare at him.

       "What are you talking about?“ I try to laugh it off, but it sounds weird coming from my mouth.

       He stares at his laptop screen as if I didn’t ask him a question.

      "Haz?” I question.

      “It just seemed like you had a lot of fun and all. Laughing and kissing and stuff." 

     He closes his laptop and looks up at me. I stare in confusion. Harry rarely checks things about us on social media. And he never acts jealous of Eleanor.

      "Harry, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you….management told me I had to…”

      “Why didn’t you tell me?” He asks, his green eyes looking dark.

      “I guess I wasn’t worried about it. Kissing her does nothing for me. I didn’t really think you needed a warning. " 

      "Do you think this isn’t going to work out?” Harry asks, avoiding my eyes.

     "Me and Eleanor?“ 

      "No.” he laughs dryly. “you and I. Me and you. Harry and Louis. This.”

    My mouth hangs open for a while before I can find words. “You’re asking if we're going to work out? Bloody hell, Harry, we are working out. We've been working out for 4 fucking years!”

    “Don’t yell at me.” he replies, and my heart sinks. “I just…don’t you hate hiding?" 

     "Of course I hate it.” I lower my voice. “I just thought it was worth it.”

     "I know…just…“

     "I do, Harry, I hate it. I hate hiding and I hate lying to the fans. But this whole time it’s been worth it. This band means the world to me. You mean the world to me.”

     "Usually I’m the sappy one.“ Harrys smirks. "Management told me that….yesterday, they said we…nevermind.”

    “No, what?” I ask, praying it’s nothing awful. Haven’t we been through enough?

    “When we come out, we can’t come out as a couple. They’re going to say you and El split because it wasn’t working, the long distance stuff. You’ll be upset and you’ll come to me for advice. Then we fall in love. That’s the story. They don’t want the fans to know how long we’ve been lying to them.”

    The pain in my love’s eyes hurts me. That’s how I assumed it’d go. And Harry was clueless.

    “You know what, Haz? Who gives a damn. If that’s how we have to do it, we’ll do it. We’ll act as if we’ve been dating for years, because we have. Some fans will know, some will think it’s just true love, some fans will leave. And who cares? I just want to do it already. We’ll get through it together, like we always do.”

   I’m reminded of Paula telling me we could come out together as a couple, and get the urge to hit something. They lied, like they always do.

   "You’re right, Lou" Harry stands up and pulls me into a hug. He rests his chin on the top of my head and I bury my my face into his chest.

    “I love you, LouBear.” Our lips connect passionately.

    “And I love you,Haz.”