#Choicescreates 8! “Friendship”

“Come on guys! Just one pic for the gram!”

“urrgh fine,” 

“let’s all stick our tongues out, 3…2…1…” *flash* 

“Hey! you didn’t tell us you’d smile”

“the zackster striked again!” 

I’m super excited about book 4, and I’m super proud of this too honestly! it’s been a while since I’ve been that excited!! aah my heart! 😊 Zack is a tricker, I worked around the little dialogue I wrote above, I had a hard time coming up with something but I’m happy about this! 

Also can I say that I am in love with their tank tops? Aaah I ruined myself! 

sorry for the coachella vibe hahahaah I couldn’t help myself! 

The new book cover inspired me a lot ! They were all present on the cover and they all looked ridiculously gorgeous! 

There you go guys! I hope you like it! @hollyashton and @firefly-hwufanficwriter ! that’s my entry for this week’s prompt! 😊

It took me 3 days but man I never enjoyed working on a piece so much ! 

I love how diversed they all are, playing with their colour palette was very fun!

What is sleep? Also I wanted to add a snap effect but gave up at the end haha

That’s it for me! Feedbacks are more than welcome

 Zack, Zig, Chris and James belongs to @playchoices

the artwork belongs to me :) 


Finally finished this bad boy. Took me 2 days, and man I stayed up until 5am. I love the character, the mechanics, gameplay, background, basically everything about this game is stunning in every way. Now, if I only I have a PS4 to play this masterpiece😓

“So I can just do whatever I want to this girl to make you suffer right?”

Redrew the artwork from one of my favorite scenes in 707’s route! The original art design belongs to Cheritz. You can view the game screenshot that I used as a reference below the cut:

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Pure Passion(requests are open)

Can you do one where Sammy’s older then you (a little over three years) and he doesn’t want you have sex because it’s illegal and your a virgin and he doesn’t think your ready but you convince him
slight smut warning! *btw this is my first time ever writing a smut so don’t expect too much :P*
Sammyboyy*Hey baby what you up to?
Y/N* just woke up
S - -_- y/n …… it’s two in the afternoon!!
Y – Hey! Don’t judge me Mr. Lazybones! You stayed in all day yesterday AND called me, from downstairs might I add, just to get you your phone that was like 2 feet away from you!!
S – touché babygirl, touché
Y – Are the boys there?
S – Nah why?
Y – I’m coming over! <3
S – Yayy! I’ve been craving your cuddles baby doll :(
Y – don’t worry I’m omw
I tried to portraying my every day, calm cool and collected self to Sammy. I was pacing back and forth in my bedroom, completely indecisive of the two outfits that sprawled out on the bed. Should I go with his favorite color, a simple red dress or a black one? Or maybe wearing a dress would just throw things off; I mean don’t get me wrong, I want everything to be special and all but no one just casually shows up on a Tuesday afternoon wearing a dress. I finally decided on a denim top with a simple skirt and headed out. I texted Sam letting him know that I was leaving before hopping into my car. The drive was nerve wrecking. I was about to ask my boyfriend to take my virginity. This had been something we’ve talked about but also avoided. You see, Sammy is three years older than I am and at first we were both questioning our relationship. If it would actually work out considering the age difference and what our parents and friends would think but once we realized that it wasn’t even that big of a gap and others opinions shouldn’t affect our relationship everything just went smooth from there on out.  Funny thing is that our family and friends weren’t even judgmental, they were really happy for us.
When I arrived at Sam’s I checked the mirror one last time. This is it.
Unlocking the door with the spare key Sam gave me a few months back I called for him but I didn’t hear an answer. “Sammy babeee you here?” nothing. I was about to call him when I yelped out,  felling a pair of hands grip my waist “You idiot you scared me!” “Sorry ma’ I just couldn’t resist” He said in between laughter. Now that I’m actually here nerves started to kick in again and Sammy, knowing me way too well, picked up on it. “hey baby you okay? I didn’t hurt you did I?” Just say it “you didn’t I’m fine. Just tired” “awww I’m sorry to hear that. Maybe my world famous cuddle session could do you some good” this boy I swear will be the death of me. He’s too adorable. About fifteen minutes in of the ‘world famous cuddle session’ Sam kept asking me if I was okay and I’m wondering why I can’t tell him. I mean I’ve practiced, yes practiced, what I would say and exactly how I’d say it. I wanted to be confident when telling him and I guess I’ve stalled myself way too long now. “Emily took me running the other day and man am I out of shape!” “Sam I need to tell you something. Something important” ”okay.. shoot” here it goes “I want you to take my virginity” “you weren’t kidding with the important part” “Sam! I’m serious!” “I thought you told me you wanted to wait” “I did but I changed my mind” “baby, look. I’m really glad that you trust me with this, hell I’m ecstatic, but don’t you think that we should wait a while longer?” “No Sam! I don’t want to wait any longer! I’m sorry for flipping out on you like this, believe me this is not how I exactly plan it to turn out but I love you and I finally want to express it in a different way. I trust you enough to give you my virginity damn it I’ve put a lot of thought into this and I am ready!” Breathless and frustrated the only thing I could’ve done was to stare into his eyes “are you sure you want to go through with this?” “Yes Sam. One hundred percent sure and I wouldn’t want it to be with anyone else but you” By now I had my legs crossed over each other in his king sized bed and he had my hands interlocked with his “so….li-like… you want to d-do it lik-like right now? Like as in right now right now?” I couldn’t help but to giggle at him. Instead of answering him I connected our lips together, which moved in perfect sync. It wasn’t a hungry, ‘I need you kiss’ or the kisses we gave when we missed each other, but more of a passionate, I really fucking love you kiss.
soon the kiss started to get heated and clothes started flying left and right. By now I was left in my undergarments and Sammy in his. “you really sure you want to do this y/n?” “yes Sammy I’m positive” and in that moment I knew, before we even started anything, that I really truly loved this boy and I knew he felt the same. “okay I’m going to start going in now okay baby?” I nodded, too anxious to speak. “please y/n, please let me know if I’m hurting you okay love? Don’t be afraid to say so” he requested before kissing my forehead, his tip slowly yet cautiously entering my heat and I couldn’t help but to squeeze my eyes shut. Sam must have noticed because he asked me if I was okay “I’m fine Sam really” “you sure?” ”yea I just wasn’t expecting that much” ”do you want me to stop” “no I’ll be okay”  Kissing my lips Sam allowed his length to enter me completely and I couldn’t stop the moan from escaping my lips. He started off with a slow pace, asking if I I was feeling okay. After I gave him permission to speed up he didn’t hold back.  My body involuntarily yelling and moaning out Sam’s name, he left trails of kisses on my collarbone and I never expressed so much love towards him than in this moment. The passion and love that filled the room and space between us was unexplainable and I never will nor will I want to feel this way towards anyone but him.
As my high crept up on me I left scratches down my lovers back, making sure to apologize for it later. Soon after Sammy released into the condom he’d placed on himself earlier and fell beside me. We both tried to even our breathing as we came down from our high of pure love for each other. Somehow we ended cuddling again. My arm draped across his chest and his over my head. “Thank you” Sammy spoke up “for what Sam” “for always being there for me, for having this much trust in me. We both know that I hooked up with a lot of girls in the past but none compares to the passion and love we just shared between each other. I love you y/n” speechless and still out of breathe all I could have said was I love you too.