June 15, 2004 and May 9, 2015

I’ve always loved when people recreate old pictures of themselves and their pets and I really wanted to do one myself. So today duskirises and I, with the help of our parents, tried to do just that!

The first picture is hilarious to me because it’s after griffin hit his full size and after my sister hit a growth spurt, but before I did. so there really was such a height difference between us, whereas now we’re essentially the exact same height.

you can also see how grey griffin’s gotten over the years :O I like how he’s still pointing his head almost the exact same way. diego’s in the picture cuz he’s an important change too! (they both need haircuts though lol look at their eyebrows)

Since I finally opened the gdoc and did something productive with it, i thought i’d share. here’s the intro to the dramatic thriller toewses and I chatficced. I swear some day it will all be done. (a couple other snippets here and here).

With a quick flick of his wrist, he’s able to easily tug the thick wallet from the pocket of Mr. Business, slipping away into the crowd unnoticed before ducking into a public bathroom to count his winnings.

At least, that’s how it usually happens.   Normally. 99% of the time, at least.

There’s been a few mishaps, of course. He’s dropped a wallet or two, though that was way back when he was new at this.  He got caught by the wrist once, but the guy was too lazy to bother running after him when he pulled free and took off.

He’s in a bit of a bind right now, though, with his arm locked behind his his back and his latest target right up in his face, looming over him.  

“Tell me you didn’t just try to lift my wallet,” the guy says, pushing on Jonny’s shoulder joint until he grunts uncomfortably.

“What if I was,” Jonny snaps, and the guy just laughs and shakes him a bit.

“Tough guy, huh? Yeah, you look real tough.”

Jonny sneers. He’s wearing the same t-shirt he’s had on for the past three days, and his jeans are ripped at the knees. He’s lean, but he’s not scrawny, and it just comes with the territory, anyway. He’s not always sure where his next meal is coming from.

“Let go,” Jonny demands, trying to twist his arm free.

“Give me back my watch first,” the guy says with a smirk.

Jonny hands it over, sullen, and the guy loosens his grip.

“You’ve got a lot to learn, kid,” he says as he fastens his watch back on his wrist. “You must be new to this game.”

“I’m not a kid,” Jonny snaps. “I’ve been doing this long enough.”

“Not long enough that you can pick out another thief in the crowd,” the guy says. He’s well-dressed; his watch probably cost more than Jonny’s entire life is worth. It’s why Jonny had targeted him in the first place. It would have been a sweet payday, if they guy hadn’t –

“Here,” he says, handing Jonny’s own wallet back to him. “Be more careful who you’re picking, yeah?” He throws Jonny a wink and start to walk away.

“Wait!” Jonny calls, and the guy stops, looks over his shoulder. Jonny puffs his chest and looks the guy straight in the eyes. “Teach me, then.”

The guy chuckles. “Gonna have to ask nicer than that, Jonathan,” he says, and then vanishes.

“How do you know –” Jonny tries to ask,  but the guy is already gone.  When Jonny opens his wallet, his cash is still there, but his ID is missing. He stares after the guy in shock until he finally shakes himself from it and pushes through the crowd. “Hey!” he shouts, scanning the room. He jumps when he feels a hand on his elbow.

“Looking for someone?” It’s the guy, of course it is.

“Looking for someone?”

“How did you –”

“Like I said, kid,” the guy says with a smirk. “You’ve got a lot to learn.”

Wanted to go to uwajimaya to get lucky star paper, with a craving to make cupcakes. Then started thinking about justin, and decided to do this! Green tea matcha cupcakes with red bean buttercream.

Day Eighteen

It took a bit more to sleep myself out than hoped. Needed it, though. Now you can see where the white stitches have filled in and what’s left, haha. One more day, maybe, and then I’ll move on from his head. Actually worked on him a few hours ago, just being dorky and didn’t want to post too early. 😄 I’ve been working on Zelda too, and her update will come soon. Going to do a little more while my phone recharges, before I go out for errands and treat myself to yummy food. Might help the headache I’ve had since I got up during the night.

theres no way im writing much more on my essay until i take a long break, the page is just kinda melding together and i cant focus on the words

shakes fist at the sky

anonymous asked:

im 16 nd yesterday i just shaved my.. who-ha for the first time. i gots really thick nd coarse hair so it took a bit of work (i trimmed it first though) but now i have red bumpbs everywhere nd theyre irritating me. is this normal for the first time or did i fucc up

I’ve honestly never shaved my vagina in my entire life. I wax so I don’t have to deal with these problems. Did you shave against the grain? That can cause irritation. You should shave with the grain from what I’ve read.

“Thank you for the life you’ve given me thus far.. And I look forward to all our years to come.”

Rasheed and his beloved wife, Liolf. Done for holyleonheart since last sunday was their 3 year anniversary and 1 year anniversary for their wedding. Time flies fast with the ones you love!

And personally this was a great stepping stone for me to learn on how to use Clip Studio Paint for manga. I learned a lot. I did it bit by bit per day though so this took quite some time to complete even though it’s just three pages. And i was getting VERY stuck on my commissions ;;; so this was a good breather and break from that. But yes back to that after this!

See progress steps here

iamlxyton replied to your post: MODERN FLORA X INSTAGRAM

{ “how did you figure out my instagram” im crying…. also what did you use for these??? is there like a website }

{THANK YOU!!! i made them in photoshop actually~ I just kinda screencapped the instagram page on my phone and edited it around it. It took a bit of trial and error though, I want to make more though, for different characters!}

Went for a little walk yesterday, should have taken 10 minutes but took me 30.  Was nice to be outside for a bit though.  Tried to make breakfast this morning but ended up being too sore.  Baby steps I suppose

Ordered a new laptop which should be here sometime this week

A drove of dark horses

Good thing I wore that t-shirt. From left to right: Gabriel Bá, me, Peter Bergting, Scott Allie and Fabio Moon.

This weekend has been all about the Stockholm International Comic Festival (SIS15) of course. Meeting readers, signing books and hanging out with fellow artists from all around the globe. It’s really the main event for comics in Sweden every year and it just gets better. I’ve been attending for about 10 years, ever since me and Loka Kanarp came to proudly show our fanzines called Lucky Death Comics.

We’ve had some guests from Dark Horse Comics over, Scott Allie, Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon. So me and Peter Bergting, the DHC representatives in Sweden, have been taking extra care to show them the sights around town. Great times! Okay, I had to run off to ink a couple of pages so Peter might have had to be the more active guide. But I took the night shift.

Sunday was a bit heavy though cause we took our Dark Horse-guests to a medieval bar (yeah, it’s really that old) and drank mead the night before. A must for visitors to Stockholm but be sure it will remind you in the form of a “wooden cap” (Swedish expression for a hangover) the next day. I think I might still be feeling it today.

Another high point was the premiere of the Alena-teaser. Super fun to finally get to show some moving pictures from our horror movie based on my graphic novel with the same name. Accompanying me on stage was two of the main actresses Amalia Holm (Alena) and Molly Nutley (Filippa) and the director Daniel Di Grado.

Now the Swedish comics community will go into hiding again, to create new sweet comics and everyone will be back next year at SiS16!

So i finally forced myself out by taking tue dogs on a walk. By the time i took jimmy out i was done though i cried a bit and keapt tripping over my own feet. So exhuating i hate the case of the sads haha
On a plus note this is my favourite tree

fwmdks2 asked:

Which movie would you & Caesar like to take the lead instead of humans if you had the choice? You can name more than one. Mun can help ;-)

Her brow furrowed, she scratched her chin thoughtfully, already knowing what a movie was, she’d seen enough of those on the boxes with moving pictures inside them at the primate shelter. Stories, of sorts, she’d later learned, Caesar had explained it to her. And like all stories, they had names, but she knew none of these, save for the ones her mate would sometimes recount in nostalgic moments where he spoke about his old home with Will. 

*Subtly the mun slides a notepad across the floor in the muse’s direction, labeled, “suggestions”*

Cornelia grunted surprised at first, then glanced down at the notepad, taking her time picking over the words. She could read, though it was brokenly, and took a little bit longer about it than most. When she was finished she had to agree - tall, lithe tree-dwelling beings didn’t sound too far removed from her own life, until one considered the fact they were from a completely different planet.

Some mirth crept into her expression as she looked at Ann and said “Avatar…maybe.”