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This is going to take a while xD

Love Club: Big Bang

Oneness: Miwa

Still Love You: AAA

These Days: Take That

If You: Big Bang

N.O: bts

Bae Bae: Big Bang

If I Were You: 2NE1

Go Away: 2NE1

Black Magic: Little Mix

Aitai: Yuzu

Next Stage: AAA

GG Be: Seungri

Why Should I Worry: Billy Joel

One Of A Kind: G Dragon

Nicotine: Panic! At The Disco

Deja Vu: f(x)

Evanesce: Super Junior

Riot: Three Days Grace

Let’s Not Fall In Love: Big Bang

Akatsuki: Arashi

Never Stop: Nissy

Dead: MY Chemical Romance

And finished! :D 

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“@stevonnie replied to your post “Why do you think Vidalia wasn’t…”

oh that is good to know!! if you wind up diggin em up at any point i’d be curious to know

Found them! Took quite a bit of digging, though!

First, it was Matt who had said Vidalia hadn’t be written yet. It was a Twitter post that no longer exists but there’s a screenshot:


Next, it was Ian who said he was mistaken. But he did so in a post on Something Awful, which is why its not as well-known and why it was so dang hard for me to find.


Also, I totally forgot but he straight up says here that she was omitted because they didn’t want to spoil the fact that Sour Cream and Onion were related and they wanted to save that for “Joy Ride”

anyway, so, mystery solved!

Ah, Vila.  He knows just what Avon needs.  (Orac, booze, and someone to insult.)  This feels far more on-character than the other B7 comics I’ve read.  But Jenna and Cally….ladies, WHAT are you wearing?  I know some questionable outfits have popped up on the show, but boob window and stripes?  As they normally have far better outfits on, I can’t help but feel like they lost a bet or something.

“Blockade!”  Blakes 7 Magazine, Winter Special 1981 (possibly.)  And this just makes me wish Titan comics or IDW would get the license and make some Blake’s 7 comics.

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If u don't do versatile who's the top and bottom for u in ur ships? I'm curious.. XD

oh… Gosh..never thought I’d feel this weird revealing this information :P

Jeongcheol - I assume it would be pretty obvious who I see as top, but it’s Coups just incase you thought otherwise :P

I ship Vhope so - Top Hobi lmao (I’m cringing why does this feel so exposing lol)

I ship Markson - Jackson top lol 

The only ship I have trouble choosing with is Jikook. I can’t seem to decide what I prefer :P

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Now I'm thinking about the filter Clairvoyance manifests when looking through people's eyes. Manny canonically sees the living as dada collages, so that might hold true for anyone he doesn't have a strong impression of, and Eddie would presumably see people mostly as album art and movie poster badasses or stuffed-shirt dweebs... Sam and Max presumably see most folks as either caricatures or actual bullseyes. Not sure about Nelson (maybe just... psychological profiles?) or Guybrush, though.

It took me a bit of thinking, but I think I’ve got something for ‘em!

Nelson: He sees people as a list of details and questions written in his notebook. A quick mental tally of things he knows and things he wants to know, which are sometimes crossed off as he finds out more. As the pages overfill with his thoughts, sometimes they take shape into a rough human-shaped mass made from those papers.

Guybrush: Sees people as whatever objects they’re carrying that he wants, or would find the most useful. People that he hates become hideous caricatures of themselves, and he views his friends as heroic figures.

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5' 7" Sagittarius 270 lbs INFJ. A dog person. Personality is others' personalities stitched together. Prone to unannounced mood swings/depressive episodes. Love language is Quality Time. I seem cold/distant/condescending at first but I'm an overly passionate dingus. Love all arts. I'm crazy demisexual but stupid affectionate if I trust you. Very very easily hurt. Paranoid. Most extroverted introvert and the gayest straight. A walking contradiction. I'm all talk; a doofy weakling and a jerk. RIP.

Your match: Karamatsu

Why: He Gets You. He understands the mood swings, the passion, the love for art. And he’s easy to trust, so he’ll gladly soak up all the affection you have to give (and give you plenty of his own). He’ll learn what hurts you and what makes you sad and try to either avoid those things or learn how to comfort you when it happens. He’s demi as well, though it took him a bit of a bumpy journey to discover that, so you’re compatible in that regard.

What you’d do together: If you can stop cuddling for five minutes, you’ll be going to lots of movies and plays and concerts (and cuddling in the theater). Making art together. Just being there.