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Fic Rec - Haikyuu!!

It’s fanfic writer appreciation day, so I want to send some love to my favourite fic writers out there. Since there’s so many good fics in the Haikyuu!! fandom I’ll restrict myself to completed fics, or else this will get out of hand. These will be sorted by the main pairing in the fics. There’ll be some rare pairs here so look forward to that xD


Learning us (nsfw is skipable) by @morisuke-kun. I think I’ve said this a thousand times already, but this is my favourite EnnoTana fic of all time. It hurts so bad at times, but the ending is worth it!

Think Fast by GalaxyAqua. This one just made me smile the entire time.

Bring It In by garbagecannot. I love the premise for this one and the writing is on point!


There’s so little content with these guys as the main focus, but easier than you think by harklights is sooo good.


Raise your prayer to a shout by @veto-power-over-fanworks​. An interesting take on the Soulmates AU.


Rewrite the Rulebook (nsfw) by @tastewithouttalent​. The slow burn fic to end all slow burn fics.

Falling for you (nsfw) by @twisting-vine-x​. They have an absolutely stellar writing style!


When it rains… by @karasunovolleygays​. I really love how this fic develops.


The Stars in Summer (nsfw) by @ellessey-writes​. This made me melt into a puddle.

Spellbound by isthisphantasy. Just a really cute Hogwarts AU. (also Slytherin!Suga ftw!!)


Sun Above Your Shoulders by @lesbiopteryx​. I really like how Kageyama is characterised in this one!

I like the way your clothes smell (nsfw is skipable) by @mysecretfanmoments. If you haven’t read this yet, I don’t know what rock you have been hiding under, because it’s lovely.

Best Friends but Maybe Something More by @rolling-blunder. This one is just adorable.


Bad with kids by @silvercistern​. A lovely little one-shot!

Shake don’t shatter by @farseersfool. I really love the writing style in this one (also Transboy!Akaashi).


Because, Friends Hug (nsfw) by SheenaChan. This fic is so self-aware and funny at times and really well written!


A really evil guy but a really good dad 

Honestly the only person I thought of, when I saw that vine
 Hopefully this wasn’t done yet.


When I like somebody, I make sure they know it.
        Life’s too short to live any other way.


                           - ̗̀ luna cortéz & her family. ̖́-

luna values her family more than anything. she loved her biological parents a lot & she loves her adoptive parents even more. natali & jason crotéz weren’t fortunate enough to have kids of their own so they adopted three, bright eyed and dark haired girls to complete their family. julio & dolores mendoza were struggling financially and couldn’t care for luna so they decided to give her up to a family that could give the girl a chance to be successful. luna and her sister’s are known to the unholy trininty in a way. everyone knows of them and they often do think they’re real sisters because of how much they look alike. the three girls have an unbreakable bond and you’ll hardly ever catch one without the other two.

  • natali cortez ( stefani joanne angelina germanotta ); the mother. luna’s relationship with natali is as anyone would expect it. she goes to her whenever she needs help & after the accident, natali’s mother instincts kicked in & they helped luna & damaris get out of their depression. natali is an actress which is how she met jason— he was directing a movie she was in & ever since the two have been in love. she also embarrasses the girls alongside with jason to mess with them.
  • jason cortez mark wahlberg ) ; the father. luna is definitely a daddy’s girl— so it’s no surprise that jason spoils the mess out of her. when she had her accident, he was the one who took it the hardest because he hated seeing his two little girls in pain. jason likes to think of himself as the cool dad & most of the time is embarrassing his daughters by doing the typical dad stuff. he’s a director & movie producer so everyone knows his name & all the movies he’s done.
  • damaris cortéz ( jessica lowndes ) ; the middle sister. damaris & luna are practically twins. the two shared a room when they were little & were up to no good all the time. whenever they’d get into some type of trouble, they’d either blame it on alaska or just pull a pouty face & their dad would let them off the hook. after the accident, damaris also fell into a depression because she was the one who was driving the night it happened. she felt like it was all her fault but with the help of her family and different doctors, she was able to overcome it just like luna. damaris is very artistic & hopes to be an actress someday. luna helps her when they run lines together ( even though it’s hard to get the entire movie/play script in braille ). 
  • alaska cortéz ( megan fox ) ; the oldest sister. alaska is the mature one out of the three sisters, always being like a second mother figure to luna & damaris. she’s always serious and pushing her younger sisters to try harder and be the best that they can be. after the accident, alaska was the one who made sure luna & damaris got the best doctors and equipment that there were. she’s married to a lawyer and is currently working with her father in the movie business.
  • julio mendoza ( andy gracía ) ; the biological father. julio was a cuban immigrant who came to the united states for a better life. he met dolores & had luna, the sun in his life. he worked hard so that the little girl could have everything she wanted but then the bills kept piling higher & higher until he & dolores couldn’t take it anymore. luna doesn’t remember much about him but she does know how much he sacrificed to make sure she was healthy & happy.
  • dolores mendoza ( maría canals barrera ) ; the biological mother. dolores was raised in miami, florida which is where she met julio & where they raised luna for the first five years of her life. just like her biological father, luna doesn’t remember much about her but her adoptive parents have given her a photo album that dolores made so luna would never forget where she really came from

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fantasygeek  asked:

Ok, it took me waaay too long to get around to reading Vacation. It was amazing! Wincest+ any female is my new thing and you did it so wonderfully! All the emotions and dialouge around the whole situation was so in character to me and just perfect! Ok, I'm bad and expressing these things but it was awesome and hit me in all the right spots, so thank you for writing and sharing it!!

This is so nice!! Thanks so much, I’m so glad you enjoyed it! XOXO