took too long


iit’2 been forever 2iince ii’ve had to feed hiim though 2o ii miight be rememberiing it wrong

sumfortypun if i were to just say something like “everything will get better” or “you’re a great person,” there’s a likelihood that you wouldn’t think much of it since it may seem impersonal or trite, which i understand, but i will say that it isn’t meaningless.
you may not be able to see it now, but things will change and become easier to manage if you keep learning to interpret and change how you see yourself.
you’ve already made progress, and i’m proud of you.


*soft-resets for 50 TIMES…*

Hello everyone!!! :D
So I tried using SAI instead of beloved Photoshop and this is what happened! I wanted to draw those uniforms for a while now and… now I regret doing it while testing SAI x’DDDD I had a lot of fun, though! SAI feels completely different than PS and I’m already thinking of how I could combine these two ~
Anyway - have some Kaneki!! (as always)