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Can you please point on reasons why you think that their contract with MM will end soon and they'll come out in this year? Some blogs say that we are pretty optimistic and we all need to be realistic. I'm all in Team Positive anyway.

Why do I think they come out this year? Rather sooner than later this year?

  • Timing of MEDIA acting reckless from Nov 1st
  • Timing of Harry’s sexuality comments/quotes
  • Timing of Louis sexuality comments/quotes
  • Timing of putting Harry and Louis together after 83 years
  • TIming of how we went from SAME FRAME to MILD TOUCHING and NEXT TO YOU ON BLACK CARPET
  • Plus MEDIA contributing to anything Larry.
  • Which means they are WILLING TO RISK ACCESS TO THE BIGGEST BOYBAND IN THE WORLD. AKA ARE THEY STUPID??? STUPID ENOUGH TO CONSTANTLY TALK ABOUT SOMETHING MODEST CLEARLY BLACKLISTED? No, I don’t believe Modest is on board in any way, that’s why Bullshit 2.0 happened. So, no, it’s not Modest. It’s some other force pushing the media to keep Larry in the picture.
  • It’s a minor contributor to my opinion but Harry’s insta.
  • the fact that ¾ of this was meant for OUTSIDERS. THings were reported heavily. WHY?
  • The mild level (if we can call that) of bearding, and lack of a romantic stunt which means touching, handholding, kissing, etc (walking or sitting w 15 other people is not the same, ok? That’s why I said romantic stunt.)Plus that everyone knows so just let’s pull the bandaid off
  • timing of families, team, crew members acting pretty reckless as well as stopping any kind of public interaction w Eleanor since WWA New Jersey.
  • timing of industry people started acting reckless.
  • that the larries have never been this many in the fandom. There is an obvious support coming from the fandom, a support that increases with every day.
  • all the sad helpless trapped lyrics evolved to being ready and we’ll gonna be fine.

If nothing happens that I have a lot of questions. 

For the contract question if you don’t mind, I’m just going to reuse my previous contact speculation post. At the moment the following speculation is going on w their contracts…

Modest has left:

  • Can we even confirm this? The boys look genuinely happy, the same happy as they did in Q4 2014. Harry had a lot of MIA times in LA, hanging out w Azoff and co. Zayn is more and more open about Nasty (EDIT: I mistyped sorry: Naughty) boy, like.. I haven’t followed it much, but literally there is somethinig now every day… Also Zayn is more present on twitter, embracing fanart and artists. Great!

  • even if they are signed by a new management, NDA’s exist and there is not a need for a formal announcement
  • They took the bearding card when Louis did a pretend arrival at LAX. To be honest I’m quite sure that he is contractually obligated to do that. No way in hell he does it for fun. Louis’ twitter account is still “interesting”.

Modest stays but only manages the tour: (transition time now)

  • How would that look? 1D managed by Azoff as clients, but Modest would be responsible for the tour. Given the half-assed too late announcement of the opening act or anything OTRA at the moment I can see Modest in it.

Modest stays until mid tour - April 2015

  • This is where it gets the most intriguing: if you remember back to WWA tour the boys were happy to get 2 weeks off to be able to adjust to time zones. Now right after the APAC leg they have a 2 months break. Does that 2 months break sound Modest to you? It is either a new management that finally takes care of their physical and mental health and/or a plan to pull something…

  • The 2 months break starts 2 months into OTRA, a bit early. Tour starts on 7th Feb and the APAC leg is on til April 4h. Next concert is on June 5th. OTRA consists of 80 shows. They have the 2 months break after 23 shows. 23 shows out ot 80. A bit more than ¼ of their shows. That’s so strange.

  • Interesting though is that APAC countries are the one which are considered homophobic.

  • remember the proky pies interview? They had that in 2012 Oct. The interviewer mentioned to them that he heard they have signed an 18 months - 24 months extension. The 18 months extension expires in 2015 April. in the interview they mentioned Management, not record label. Management.

Modest stays till the end of OTRA: Oct 31st.

  • October 2015 would align perfectly with the 24 months extension in the porky pies interview.

Modest stays until the end of 2015

Worst case scenario is that it all ends in: