took this the other day and forgot to post it

10 months old! I actually took this on time yesterday but forgot to post it. It’s getting really difficult to take these because even with taping up the little card she was still trying to pull it down (I had to give her other cards to distract her).

She’s close to 20 lbs now and would basically eat all day if she could. She takes 30-36 oz of formula a day plus 2-3 meals most days. She tried a little bit blueberry muffin over the weekend and was obsessed (not so thrilled with refried beans though). She is standing up pretty well on her own and can get around really quick now between crawling and cruising along furniture. She can wave hello and goodbye and clap and give high fives. She seems to kind of understand the word no. She’s got 5 teeth and loves brushing them. She doesn’t like getting dressed and is also pretty against wearing socks lately. She’s not really shy, but I have noticed she’s a little more hesitant with strangers when we’re out (it takes a little bit before she’ll crack a smile vs a couple months ago when she’d laugh or smile at anyone). She loves chasing the cat around the room, swinging outside and her push walker. Just two more months until her 1st birthday!

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I got so worried when I couldn't find your blog the other day 😢 it took me a few days to find the new URL and I was so worried ! I hope you're okay, sending good vibes 💕 also I have much love for Kent parson at the moment (well all the time really).

oh no!  Sorry that happened.  I know I should have reblogged my url change post more than I did, but I got distracted and completely forgot about it.  I’m glad it’s sorted now though.  And you and me both, mate lol.  Kent Parson happiness 2kforever.  I hope you have a good weekend <3 xx

Hi again, Boueibu fandom

The other day I posted about a series called Gakuen Heaven and the toothpaste scene. Well, I finished watching the series late last night. Here’s another similarity I found:

A wishing on a star scene! Also, these two particular characters made a pact during their childhood, just like Atsushi and Kinshirou. I forgot which episode shows this flashback though and them talking about it.

Someone else pointed out that Kaoru in Gakuen Heaven:

Looks an awful lot like Akoya!

Similar uniforms too!

So it appears Boueibu took a lot from this series and I can’t stop laughing.

EDIT: fortune-maiden pointed out that Kaoru’s seiyuu also voices Kinshiro. :O

so I drew a lucario the other day :0