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People of the World please spread the word  please read, I beg you

People, I’m venezuelan and I still live here, I’m one of those people that still believe that our country will be a good place to live someday. We are going through very hard and difficult times. I know I only post my art here and I don’t like to bother you with personal stuff, but this is much more than personal. THE PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD NEED TO BE INFORMED about what’s going on here in Venezuela. Since years, months, weeks and days, venezuelans in the country are fighting for our rights. We are protesting peacefully, we don’t want more dead or injured people, we don’t want our people to look in the trash for food anymore, we don’t want our people to make lines to buy the things they need, we don’t want our people dying in the hospitals because there is no medicine or equipment, we don’t want our people to be killed because they didn’t have a good phone to be stolen, we don’t want our children dying of hunger, we don’t want our classmates to be arrested for no reason and tortured in jail, we don’t want our beloved ones dying because they decided to protest, ALL WE WANT IS OUR RIGHTS TO BE RESPECTED! OUR RIGHTS AS HUMANS! You don’t know HOW PAINFUL is living in here, knowing that there are mothers that die, hungry because they gave the last they had to feed their babies and somewhere else there are people of the government relaxing on a beach, buying Mercedes Benz, or having a fancy dinner.  Yesterday, april 19 people took the streets one more time and the government  did the same as always. THREE people died yesterday in the hands of the government. Nicolás Maduro sabe que esto se acabó. He knows! We venezuelans have had ENOUGH of you! 

Today, april 20, the people went back to the streets, and it happened the same way. I was in my apartment and suddenly a lot of gnb (military police) appeared in the street. The people, that is really REALLY mad at them, started yelling and insulting them, they are murderers. The gnb started shooting at the buildings (some windows are broken) and then used lacrimogen gas on us. THEY ARE SHOOTING WITH GAS THE BUILDINGS WHERE ARE CHILDREN, BABIES AND OLD PEOPLE! 


I won’t post photos in here, but for the sake of you, search in twitter or instagram with the tags #20abril or #19abril. The social media is the only thing left for us. No tv channels or radio stations are transmitting what’s really happening

I’m sorry it’s a really long post but you don’t know how much more I want to write about this

lovely-lo  asked:

¡Buenos días!/¡Buenas noshes! (No sé cómo está el tiempo en México) Yo tengo problema con la diferencia entre el Pretérito Indefinido, el Pretérito Imperfecto y el Pretérito Perfecto. ¿Puede explicar me? ¡Muchas gracias para la atención!✨

¡Hola, lovely-lo!

Sure, let’s see one by one and the differences:

Used for:

  • finished actions (focus on the action)
  • period of time, exact time
  • consecutive actions in the past
  • interrupting actions


  • Anoche dormí muy bien. (Last night I slept really good).
    **This action is completely finished.
  • Terminé mi tarea a las 7:00. (I finished my homework at 7:00)
    **Completely finished + exact time.
  • Viví en la ciudad por 10 años. (I lived in the city for 10 years)
    **Finished action + period of time.
  • Mi amiga estudió en España. (My friend studied in Spain)
    **She finished studying.
  • Él trabajó en esa empresa desde 1990 hasta el 2015. (He worked in that company from 1990 until 2015.
    **Finished action + exact period of time
  • Ayer me bañé, me vestí y salí con mis amigos. (Yesterday I took a shower, I got dressed and I went out with my friends).
    **Consecutive actions in the past.
  • La semana pasada fui a la playa con mi familia, nadamos, comimos mariscos y nos divertimos mucho. (Last week I went to the beach with my family, we swam, we ate seafood and we had fun).
    **Consecutive actions in the past. (For “nosotros”, the present and the past conjugations are the same).
  • Ayer me desperté a las 8:00, pero me levanté hasta las 9:00. (Yesterday I woke up at 8:00, but I got up until 9:00).
    **Consecutive actions in the past + exact time.

interrupting actions with pretérito imperfecto. ⇊

Used for:

  • past habits, skills
  • finished actions (focus on time)
  • describing people, animals or places in the past
  • time with past habits
  • unfinished actions


  • Cuando era niña me gustaba pintar. (When I was a kid I liked to paint).
    **Describing the person + past habit.
  • Antes podía correr muy rápido, pero ahora ya no. (I used to run very fast, but not anymore).
    **Past skill.
  • Mi abuela era una mujer muy guapa. (My grandmother was a very beautiful woman).
    **Describing a person.
  • El parque estaba muy limpio, hacía buen tiempo y habían muchos animales pequeños que comían frutas de los árboles. (The park was very clean, the weather was good and there were many small animals that were eating fruits from the trees).
    **Describing a place, weather, animals.

We can also use [imperfecto] + [period of time] if we are talking about past habits.

  • Iba a la escuela de lunes a viernes. (I used to go to school from Monday to Friday)
    **Past habit + period of time
  • Antes practicaba 3 horas al día. (I used to practice 3 hours a day)
    **Past habit + exact time
  • Visitaba a mis abuelos todos los veranos. (I used to visit my grandparents every Summer).
    **Past habit + time/season


  • Vivía en la ciudad por 10 años. (X)
  • Él trabajaba en esa empresa desde 1990 hasta el 2015. (X)

Unfinished actions: [pretérito imperfecto] + [pretérito indefinido]

We use the pretérito imperfecto to talk about the unfinished action.
We use the pretérito indefinido to talk about the action that interrupted the first one.

  • Estaba caminando por la calle cuando comenzó a llover. (I was walking down the street when it started to rain)
    estaba: imperfecto
    comenzó: indefinido

  • Estaba viendo una película pero me quedé dormido. (I was watching a movie but I fell asleep)
    estaba: imperfecto
    me quedé: indefinido **quedarse dormido: to fall asleep

  • Antes trabajaba en esa tienda pero encontré un trabajo mejor. (I used to work in that store but I found a better job).
    trabajaba: imperfecto
    encontré: indefinido

  • Antes sabía muchas palabras en español pero ya olvidé muchas. (I used to know many words in Spanish but I forgot many of them).
    sabía: imperfecto
    olvidé: indefinido

[pretérito indefinido] + [pretérito imperfecto]

Past action + describing in the past

  • Fui a tu casa pero no estabas. (I went to your house but you were not there)
  • Fui al banco pero estaba cerrado. (I went to the bank but it was closed).
  • Compré esta bolsa cuando estaba en oferta. (I bought this bag when it was on sale).
  • Llegué temprano pero no había nadie. (I arrived early but there was nobody there).

pretérito indefinido =  (focus on the action)
pretérito imperfecto = (focus on time)

  • ¿Qué hiciste? - What did you do? (focus on the action)
  • ¿Qué hacías? - What did you do? (focus on time)

Another way to translate these questions:

  • ¿Qué hiciste? - What have you done?
  • ¿Qué hacías? - What were you doing?
    *The first question focus on what you did, and the second one focus on how you spent your time.

  • Vi una película. - I watched a movie. (focus on the action)
  • Veía una película. - I watched a movie (focus on time)
    *The second sentence can be translate as “I was watching a movie”

estuve vs. estaba (estar)

Estuve and estaba can be interchangeable many times, for example:

Él estuvo trabajando. - He was working (focus on the action)
Él estaba trabajando. -  He was working (focus on time)
These two sentences have almost the same meaning. “Estuve trabajando” emphasizes
what he was doing, and “estaba trabajando” emphasizes how he was spending his time.

Estuve muy ocupada. - I was very busy. (focus on the adjective “ocupada”)
Estaba muy ocupada. - I was very busy (focus on time)
These two sentences are also very similar. But “estuve muy ocupada” emphasizes the fact of being busy and “estaba muy ocupada” emphasizes the time when she was busy.

Most of the times people don’t see these subtle differences, so both sentences can be synonyms.

Just as one of our previous rules, we don’t use the imperfecto with exact time.

fue vs. era (ser)

This follows the same logic:

fue, pretérito indefinido =  (focus on the person)
era, pretérito imperfecto = (focus on time)

Whenever we read a biography of someone, we always see “fue” because the important thing is their profession. For example:

  • Octavio Paz fue un escritor. - Octavio Paz was a writer.
  • Marie Curie fue una científica. - Marie Curie was a scientist.
  • Galileo Galilei fue un astrónomo. - Galileo Galilei was an astronomer.

If we use “era” the sentence is correct, but it feels like it is minimizing the importance of their job.

But we can use “era” when the important thing is how people spent their time. For example:

  • Cuando Octavio Paz era niño vivía en los Estados Unidos. - When Octavio Paz was a child he lived in the United States.
  • Marie Curie trabajaba con su esposo. - Marie Curie worked with her husband.
  • Galileo Galilei tenía muchos enemigos. - Galileo Galilei had many enemies.

Used for:

  • Recent past (finished actions) connected to the present.
  • Experiences.


  • He comprado un carro nuevo. - I’ve bought a new car. (I bought a car recently and is still there).
  • He estudiado todas mis notas. - I’ve studied all my notes. (I studied all my notes that I have until now).
  • Él ha tenido tiempo suficiente para pensar. - He has had enough time to think. (until now)
  • Mi amiga me ha dado un regalo. - My friend has given me a present. (and I still have it here).
  • Hemos tenido un buen fin de semana. - We have had a nice weekend. (until now, until the last second).
  • He viajado a Perú muchas veces. - I’ve traveled to Perú many times.
  • He estado en Bolivia sólo una vez. - I’ve been to Bolivia just once.
  • Ella ha nadado con delfines. - She has swum with dolphins.
  • Él nunca ha bebido alcohol en su vida. - He has never drunk alcohol in his life.
  • ¿Has visto esta película? - Have you seen this movie?
  • ¿Has tocado a un elefante? - Have you touched an elephant?
  • ¿Alguna vez has pensado en casarte? - Have you ever thought about getting married?

[pretérito perfecto] + [time]

  • He estado trabajando todo el día. - I’ve been working all day.
  • He estado estudiando 2 horas al día. - I’ve been studying 2 hours a day.
  • He estado leyendo libros en español desde hace tres meses. - I’ve been reading books in Spanish since 3 months ago. 

I think that’s all. I tried to cover everything I could, but if you still have questions feel free to ask me again. :) 
I hope this was useful!


Trico is finally finished! My boyfriend and I took him to the park to take some pictures, it was so much fun. He was very fun to pose and looked really cute in the woods and on the beach. A little girl thought he was real and came up to pet him and mentioned many times how much she loved him

I learned so much working on him, I hope you guys love him as much as I do

I hunter’s mark him! 🏹✨

The updated version of this costume is so much more complex and interesting than the first one and I’m really happy with how well the armor and new leather pieces go with the base costume. I’m also super proud of how Fenthras turned out! For my first time building a prop like this, it could easily have been a total disaster. But the bow is sturdy and solid, it flexes like a real bow when I draw it, and it looks exactly like I hoped it would.

Bytiffanychien took this amazing photo of my Vex'ahlia cosplay at Long Beach Comic Expo last weekend and she made me look like such a badass!

Christopher Nolan interview about Dunkirk in Premiere (translated by YFR3)

The popular filmmaker, inventor of crazy concepts, who reigns on global entertainment for ten years, is back. But this time, Nolan is naked : without his magic tricks or his theoretical scrolls. Farewell the world of dreams of Inception, the upside down editing of Memento or the black holes of Interstellar. Dunkirk tells the story of a handful of routed soldiers (Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Harry Styles …) stuck on a beach, between the Channel’s gray and angry sea and the Germans who fire. A real, brutal, anxiety-provoking and authentic war film. Really ?

Naturally, as always with him, it’s a little more complicated than that … “I guarantee you there’s no SF,” he laughs, welcoming us into the editing room. For its hardcore fans who rewatch frame by frame the two available trailers, to see when the film can twist. No: “Dunkerque will be faithful to events, the reality of history and the reality of places. ”

Perhaps this is where the most “Nolanian” aspect of the project nests. Some people still wonder if, at the end of the dream of Inception, the spinning top continues or not to turn. The same is true for the Operation Dynamo (code name of the evacuation of May 1940). For some people, Dunkirk’s rescue was a victory (340,000 soldiers saved while Churchill was expected ten times less); For others, it was a terrible humiliation (“War is not won with evacuations,” declared the same Churchill). This is this weird episode of the phoney war that Nolan chose to tell through the fate of aviators, sailors, soldiers and civilians. A story full of ambiguity, ideal to play with the genre. There’s always been in this man a desire desire to refuse the constraints of narrative logic, to explode into a thousand pieces the linearity of storytelling. Whatever the genre he confronts, his cinema is based on an art of rhythm and editing that allows him to deploy his incredible immersive mechanics. And that’s what we witness when we get into the editing room at Warner Studios. We see Nolan at work. We see it deconstruct a plan, subtly modify a sound to boost an image and make it indelible (his sense of frame is intact), all with a virtuosity of a killer who knows as well mix formats (prologue mixing 70 mm and IMAX is a visual madness) that learn his job to the most experienced sound engineer. It is this moment that he chose to welcome us and lift the veil (In Premier exclusivity …) on Dunkirk.

PREMIERE : I was very surprised to see how accurate you were in sound mixing. Can you explain what you were doing? 

NOLAN: It’s pretty simple in reality. In the room, the editor on the left is dealing with the music of the film. The other on the right the sound effects.  And at this stage, we ensure the balance, the mix between these two flows. It’s a very subtle process, but when we add these two elements (music and effects), working on hundreds of sound details, we finally define the tone and cohesion of the film.

(Rest of the interview after the jump)

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Heavenly Hell

Finn Balor x Reader

Requested by @helhathnofury-deactivated201704

Tags: @nickysmum1909

Prompt: Finn on a beach, pondering on our girl as she swam. His thoughts alternate between her physical qualities and her demeanor – pretty much her whole person, and how he felt about her lately. And when she withdraws from the water, the sight of her emerging from te sea, Finn realizes he has fallen deep for her

Originally posted by sethslayer

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"I'm sorry" - Grayson

Your POV:

“Fine!” Grayson yelled back. We had an argument because I wanted to spend time with him. He’s been working a lot lately and I miss him so much. I planned a surprise dinner at our apartment, I dressed all fancy trying to make this special but he had to leave for work again, which annoyed me. Instead of keeping it to myself I expressed my feeling and that pissed him off, which pissed me off. I heard the door slam, indicating that he left. I sighed and sat down at the table that I spent hours decorating and preparing the food that was laying there. A tear slipped out of my eyes, I just wanted this to be a special time. I stand up and walk to our room, I take my dress and makeup off. I take my lingerie off as well and put on regular underwear on. I grab sweatpants and a t-shirt and put those on. I step out of our room and clean the table. I put the food in the fridge, turn off the candles, return the wine and cups back into their place. I grab a bag of popcorn and put it in the microwave. I set the timer for 3 minutes, once it’s on I turn on the TV, surfing channels until i land on MTV, they’re airing re-runs on Fresh Prince of Bel-air, I decided to watch it, it’s one of my favorite shows. The microwave beeps indicating that the popcorn is ready, I take it out and spread it in a bowl. I walk back to the living room and start watching TV.

A couple hours pass and I hear the door open and close, Grayson is here. I roll my eyes, I’m still mad at him. He walks to the living room and turn off the TV. I stay quiet staring at the wall. He sits next to me and put his hands on my shoulder, I shook it off and sat on the other couch. He sighs and stands up walking up to where I was seating, he crouches down to my level and stares at me.
“Baby” he says. “Baby” I mock him mentally, yes I’m that mad. I don’t say anything. He grabs my hand tightly and kisses it.
“Babe” he speaks again, and guess what, I still won’t say anything. I’m not even look at him, I’m pretending he’s not even there. His left hand makes its way to my face and turn my head to face him. He had a sorry look on his face, but I’m not showing any emotion.
“Y/N, babe, I’m sorry. After I left, I went to our favorite quiet place” He went to library, we don’t even read that much, the place it’s also a cafe. “I started thinking about everything you said and you’re right, I have been working a lot latently and I barely even see you. It’s just that I have been so stressed and took it out on you today by accident. I’m so sorry baby, please forgive me. I promise I’ll spend as much time with you as I can. I want to see my baby happy” he smiled. I smiled too, I hugged him. A tight hug that lasted a long time and was very needed. I breath in his scent and close my eyes, this feels like a perfect day at the beach feeling the crisp, fresh air. I love this man with all my heart.
“I love you Grayson, so much” I kiss his pink lips.
“I love you so much more baby” he kisses my lips and my forehead. We go to our room and spend the rest of the night catching up, cuddling and the occasional make out sessions.

Hitched 11/11 (Epilogue)

a Captain Swan AU fan fiction

Summary:  After a series of events leave her life in pieces, Emma Swan finds herself hitchhiking out of Maine, her wallet empty and her heart broken. The best she hopes for is a driver who isn’t a pervert and takes her far away from the painful memories of Storeybrooke. But when she finds a ride with a quiet truck driver named Jones, Emma discovers that maybe a trustworthy friend is all she needs.

Rating: M or MA; some profanity and sex scenes.

Cover art: created by the absolutely fabulous @thesschesthair!!

Links: // ao3 // ch. 1 //  ch. 2 // ch. 3 // ch. 4 // ch. 5 // ch. 6 // ch. 7 // ch. 8 // ch. 9 // ch. 10

Final Word Count: Somewhere between 44,500 and 46,250 (I got three wildly different counts from MS Word,, and AO3 lmao)

(also @teamhook, @like-waves-on-the-beach, @lenfaz, @followbatb, @stardusted-nymph, @optomisticgirl, @xpumpkindumplingx​ , @strawberrycupcakeprincess, and @spartanguard, thank you thank you thank you for reading and requesting tags!)

At last, the final chapter!  I’m blown away by the amount of feedback the story has received - thanks so much to everyone who has taken the time to read. Smooches!



Emma squinted, angling the paintbrush clockwise a little, and took one last swipe against the tape. There! Letting out the breath she’d been holding and sitting back on her heels, she looked with admiration on her work. After three weeks of scraping paint on evenings and weekends, then another two of standing on ladders with a pole or a paintbrush, the front porch was finally done, even the wooden bits that sat right against the siding.

“Moooooom! I need help!” came the insistent call from inside the house, making her start. But then she laughed, shaking her head as she recognized that tone of voice.

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Sparks | Joshua Hong

Originally posted by misskoalacouture

Pairing: Joshua x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Joshua and you spend the day at the beach/board walk

He makes my heart flutter. He might not know it or feel it, but I feel it.

“Y/N?“ Joshua waves his hand in front of my face from across the table. I smile shyly and look down at my hands.

"I was thinking about something I’m sorry.” Joshua laughs and there goes my heart again. His smile was so bright and warm.

"As I was saying, did you want to go to the bonfire tonight at the beach?“ Joshua asked. 

"Who’s going to be there?”

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anonymous asked:

So i broke up with my boyfriend 3 weeks ago because i wasn't in Love with him. Last weekend i went to a party with my ex's cousin and he was obsessed with me and we were flirting all night and at 3 am in the morning we took off together and went down to the Beach. He starting kissing me then he fingered me and i gave him a blowjob. He fucked me from behind and i went 3 times. Anyone could have seen us. Best fucking sex ever!

tinder's a shit show (trixya) (1/?) - ornacia

(A/N: hey all. this little thing is the product of exam stress, boredom, and my inevitable relapse into full-on rpdr fanfiction addiction. i’ve never written anything for this fandom before so apologies if it’s not the best. i might continue it if the response is good but if not, it was a lot of fun either way!)

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❝ If it’s with you, everything is beautiful ❞

Late Date Night Surprise: 

- First he tooks you on a fancy restaurant, you’re to shy because rarely you’ve time for a “real” date; 

- Then a long walk through the city streets, occasional kisses and a lot of skinship; 

- He buys your favorites pastries before to get home; 

- Our date its’ not finish yet, the last surprise. Mini van, blankets, lights and you two spend the rest of the night on the beach (he drove for two hours just to get you to your favorite place). 

JaebumxYou / Late date night 

- For anon, I hope you don’t mind if I set up a “scenario” for the entire night with him! I hope you like it! M. 

Original Piece of Writing

I have NEVER been so nervous about posting something on here before.

This is something new for me. This is all me. This is an original piece of writing. There is only one other person whose ever read my original writing before. But even that was only a two page story that he made me write for him after I told him I’d love to be a writer.

This is a story I’ve been working on for almost a year now. It’s very close to my heart. I started working on this when I was going through a really rough time last year. It needs a lot of work (in my opinion) but I want to put at least the prologue out there to see if you guys find in the least bit interesting.

I don’t have a summary for this story yet. But it’s about mermaids (not happy-go-lucky, the-story’s-set-in-summer mermaids). If you guys want to know a bit more, feel free to message. I also have a few boards made on my Pinterest. You can find the main board HERE and some the OC character boards you’ll find on my Pinterest are OCs for this story.

Anyways, I’d love you hear your feedback and I hope you enjoy!



           Dylan came to this beach every year, on this very day.

           It was freezing. The sun was just starting to rise above the horizon. The waves raged and crashed before him, the water an angry black. It was windy, and the sky looked as if it promised more snow. But it was the start of February, and the little town of Haxon Bay was in the dead of winter at the moment.

           But Dylan didn’t care.

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I had a bad day and I was on my way home. I took the train because that was the fastest way to our house. While inside the train, a thought came to me “Where should I go?” I asked myself. I don’t know. I don’t want to go home that time, what’s wrong with me?

Minutes passed and I am way too far from home already. Instead of going down, I enjoyed the trip. It was an ordinary afternoon that day, not much people are taking the train because there’s no rush. While it is still on going, a woman sat in front of me with a child. The girl looked so amazed while gazing on the window. I saw her mother’s smile and eventually I just missed mine to. My mom. She used to like this kind of adventure, riding the train without knowing the destination. For the past years I’m here in this city, I’ve never reached the end of the line. I don’t know, maybe it’s too far? 

It’s almost night and the sun starts to set. A guy on the west wing is reading a book while listening to music. During my college years, I used to play with my friends in the arcade, bond with relatives. Now that i’m over it, I started to work and my social life came to an end. To ease the stress earned in a whole day computer work, I read a book, listen to music, or do both while on my way home. Books and music became my only escape since after my childhood days ended.

The train’s journey ended, and to my surprise, I ended up being in the last station. For the first time. This is what it looks like, it has a beach at a far side 20 minutes walk from the station. I stayed there for a while, alone. I took off my shoes and run of the sands to the waters. It feels cold. I stand my ground on the waters and it actually makes me happy. For a while, all my problems were gone. The solitude, the feeling of being alone surrounded me that time. i put my earphones on and played my favorite music. The moon shines bright that night “Thank you.” I said as my eyes were on the moon. It calmed me. It’s hard to let go of that place. The water, sand, moon, and solitary are priceless. I packed my things, get ready to go home. i smiled before I leave and promised, “I will come back.”

“Who I Am Inside” Part 17

A/N” Sorry it took so long to upload! Thank you guys so much for all of your support! I love you all!

My Master List

I got up again later in the night, and I couldn’t fall back asleep. I didn’t want to wake Conrad up with my constant moving, so I decided to slip on some clothes and head out towards the beach. It was so peaceful out here. The waves were rushing against the sand, and a cool mist ran over me, sending chills up my spine. The wind chimes swayed in the wind, and made delightful noises throughout the air. I was at one with the sea, and as it was with me.

I stuck my feet in the water as soon as I was near, and looked up at the stars. How breathtakingly beautiful everything was, I thought to myself. I sat down in front of the waves and let them wash over me, washing away my troubles and worries as well. I remembered the last time I came up here with my family and Conrad’s. Carter came with us as well. It was a summer I will never forget. Everything back then was so perfect, and simple. We were all so happy. It made me miss everything that much more.

External image

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| Sonic Chaos | Chapter One : Eggman Blows Up His Own Ship

( A/N :  This is REVISED FROM THE ORIGINAL!!! Thank you all for being patient while I revised parts of the story! I love you all!! Also, thank you @lightningstar1389 for illustrating this chapter! )

                                                ~Chapter One~

It was a warm summer evening where Sonic The Hedgehog and his best friend, Tails, decided to rest for the day. Lounging lazily in their beach chairs, they watched the sun set peacefully in the distance. The powerful duo had recently been on back to back adventures for the last few months; saving an entire race of aliens, fixing space and time, and almost accidentally draining the entire planet of its life force can be quite exhausting.

Sonic took a moment to focus on the silence around him. He closed his eyes and took a deep, slow breath. He wanted to hear nothing but the calm noise of the waves crashing onto shore and the distant call of seagulls on the horizon. But, his mind began to race. He was never the type to sit still for a long amount of time, after all. His foot began to tap on its own; he smirked at his impatient behavior. Sonic slowly opened his eyes and stared at his feet.

“This is nice.” he said calmly.

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Prompt:  “If I get a sunburn, I will slaughter you.”

Character: Tina Goldstein

Warning: N/A

You took your shoes off as pavement gave away to sand and you took a deep breath taking in the smell of the sea air and the bright warmth of sun. Summer was your favourite time in many ways, the beach being one of them even if you rarely got to visit it. But here you were, Queenie and Tina following behind you with blankets, towels and food.

“If I get a sunburn, I will slaughter you.”

“Oh stop being so dramatic, Tina! Enjoy the sun while it lasts!” You always found it hilarious how dramatic Tina could be, summer more so than any other time of the year. She absolutely hated getting sun burnt. You’d told her she needed to keep an eye on how long she stayed out of the shade, but she always forgot to stay out of the sun for long periods of time.

“You’d be the same if you had the prospect of peeling lobster skin!”

“Which Queenie and I can fix with a flick of a wand, calm down!” 

Two Prompt One-Shot #43

Friendly reminder that Two Prompt Tuesday has now been re-named Two Prompt One-Shot!

Prompt: Sometimes, I lay in bed at night and think about the things I wish I could say to you. 
Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Word Count: 1200
Warnings: Implicit emotional affair.  

A/N: This was voted on a couple weeks ago, and it took me forever to get around to writing. Seeing as how I got it pretty much how I had it in my head though, I hope the wait was worth it for you lovelies! 

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Catanauan Cove, Quezon

Weekend well spent with the fam. We went to Catanauan Cove last Saturday for my tita’s birthday. I love it when my tita comes home from Canada because I get to bond with my cousins. Every time she’s here in the Philippines, she makes it appoint that we have a mini reunion / a small gathering. It took us almost 8 hours of travel time because we had a stopover in Calauan, Laguna. We also got kinda lost because it was so far and sort of in a remote area which is kinda hard to find.

The long drive however was so worth it because of the view you get to see after hours of being stuck in a vehicle. As you arrive they welcome you with a garland flower and buko juice. There were only quite a few guest which is fine because I get to appreciate the scenery more and just enjoy the serenity of the place.  It felt like we rented the whole place ourselves.

It was kinda sad tho because we were not able to enjoy all the amenities that the resort has to offer. There were a lot of jellyfish so we were not allowed to go by the shore. We only swam at the pool. I wanted to try the kayak but we can’t also go kayaking at the time. Horseback riding was also not available because one of the horses was not feeling good and the other one was a little moody and might cause accident.

So we just spent the whole afternoon taking photos and swimming at their infinity pool. The water was not cold, it was actually lukewarm. I pretty much enjoyed it because I cannot stand cold water. I easily get cold and sick. I was not feeling well during dinner time and only ate a spoonful. I was not able to finish my food. I was having migraine after swimming and I’m having hyperacidity which sucks because I vomited twice. Anyway, since it was our tita’s birthday we have prepared a simple surprise for her. I did a lettering of the words happy birthday and we asked the staff to sing a happy birthday song. I also asked my cousin’s to write on a birthday card so we could give it to our tita.

There was an acoustic band playing as we eat our dinner. And during their second set my cousins and I were teasing around and suddenly almost all of us jammed with the band. Hahaha. At first we were all shy and pushing each other to go in front and sing with the band. And since there weren’t really much people we did not hesitate to sing anymore. It was really fun. The band let us sang the entire set. We ended our night at around 10:30PM because we have to wake up early the next day and be at Graceland Estates and Country Club by lunch time to meet my tita’s college friends. More photos to come on my next blog post :-)

i got this request from @paraqeet for the pallete chalange!

i learned a lot working on this piece and it took me like…10 hours? i need to put a chronometer next time i work.

any way, i learned how to change the colors of my line work in the line work layer,which is extremely usefully,also always use references,even if the pose or the body type of the reference aren’t the same for your subject.

i tried using illustrator or Photoshop, but i realized i still need to learn a lot to properly use those programs, but what i have learned so far for those programs proved to be real useful in sai too