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“Let’s just say that there are a few places within the Shadowhunters universe that are more symbolic than others, and we see these two characters reunite once more in the final act at a place where they may hold some special memories from earlier in the season.” 


roy was kinda stunned stupid for a second there, but good news, his photoshoot gig went well… in a penthouse letters kind of way

(for @joyfire-week “no capes!AU” – so, underwear models au??? I guess??)

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Orphan Black: Siobhan Sadler & Sarah Manning (Part One)

Your daughter is struggling on the threshold of what it means to become you.”
“Chicken, you are a warrior, and I’ve taught you everything I know.”

“I’ve even done one in Catalan.”

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Colorblind Harrison you say? Tell me more!

Oh it was based of someone else’s post, I’ll toss a couple of my own things in though! (Keep in mind I don’t know a lot about this type of thing lmao)

-He has tritanopia dichromacy

An example of how that affects vision:

People with tritanopia are most likely to confuse dark purples with black, mid-greens with blues, light blues with greys, and oranges with reds.

-Nobody realized for a long time

-It was David who took him into town and got him tested

-Throughout his life everyone really thought that he was just coloring weirdly to be snarky

-Someone made fun of him for being colorblind once and he said “Colorblind more like colorbling”

when a woman posts on facebook about how she has the best husband because he cooked a meal and helped with housework one (1) time


Director Sanvers
Rated T
Set in [Three]

Pt 3/?

Whats this?  An update?  Crazy, right?
Super short, though.

Thanks to @crimsoncat21 for reading through it for me, while apparently already asleep.

Alex leans against Kara, absently watching her sister edit an article, papers on a clipboard, highlighters and pens spread on the corner table.

The fourth day is slowly ending.

Alex is tired.  So tired.

Tired of waiting.  Tired of the stares.  Tired of not knowing.

Tired of the doctors ignoring her, and tired of learning about her girlfriends conditions second-hand.

But, she can’t sleep anymore.

She just lazily blinks as she stares at Kara’s article.

She just lazily blinks when Kara answers a text, and shows her the picture of Mandy Vasquez sent.

She just lazily blinks as Kara urges her to stand, and leads her to the hospital’s cafeteria.

The sandwich Kara pushes at her is dry on one side and over laden with mayo on the other.  Alex takes a single bite, right in the middle, then just picks at the bread.

“You need to eat,” Kara says.

Alex shrugs.  She knows she needs to, knows it will help with the way her stomach keeps flipping over itself, but the thought of actually eating makes her stomach flip even more.

“Alex, please.”

She looks up, the desperation in Kara’s voice just managing to cut through the haze.  Kara lightly pushes the sandwich closer to Alex.


Alex’s stomach flips, but she forces herself to take another bite, then another as Kara watches.  She doesn’t notice M’gann has walked up until Kara reaches across the table to get her attention and gestures.

M’gann gives her a small smile.  “Maggie’s awake.  She’s asking for you.”

For a split second, the world freezes again, then Alex is on her feet, following M’gann back to the waiting room.  She ignores the glares coming from within the room, coming from Maggie’s parents, and just follows the doctor waiting for her.

There is no hesitation at the door, no stopping to steel herself.  Alex walks into the room and, for the first time in days, smiles.

Barely, but even the slight movement registers.

Maggie watches as Alex makes her way to the seat next to the bed.

“Hey,” Alex murmurs.  She rests her hand on the bed, two fingers laying over Maggie’s wrist.  She glances down at the tubes snaking out from under the blanket at Maggie’s side, at the cast on her opposite arm, then looks back up.  “Hey,” she repeats.

The corner of Maggie’s mouth twitches, then her brow furrows.  “Luce?”

Alex’s throat clenches.  Maggie’s voice is too weak, too rough.

“She’s fighting.”  She nods to ground herself, pulling in a deep breath.  “She’s fighting, and you know how hard she fights.”

Maggie blinks.  Tears start to well in her eyes.

Alex reaches up and brushes some of Maggie’s hair back before cupping the side of her face.  She wipes away a few tears as they fall, being careful to not disturb the oxygen tube.

“I know, baby.  I know.”