took this like last week

Fandometrics except every time it says bee nothing happens.

Television: Google oversatt denne setningen fra engelsk til norsk. Det kan være feil.

Skam, a Norwegian television show, is nummer en (No. 1).
⬆ With those last four words, Gilmore Girls jumps an impressive seventeen spots to No. 3.

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Music: Your ups and downs.

The Weeknd returns to No. 6 after dropping a new album and short film this past weeknd.  
⬇︎ Melanie Martinez takes a fourteen loss nose-dive to No. 18.

Celebrities:  Last week a man took a train like other men.

Eddie Redmayne, who recently made the news for taking public transportation, is No. 1.
☆ Tumblr favorite Lin-Manuel Miranda is back in the game at No. 9.

Games: A very Pokémon week.

Pokémon Sun and Moon moves up to No. 2. Which one did you play all weekend?
Pokémon GO (No. 12) uses Ditto Release and it is very effective. 

Movies: Like a plague. A beautiful plague.

Bee Movie comes back at No. 13. We can’t get rid of it if we wanted to, and we don’t want to.
Moana (No. 2) crushed the box office over Thanksgiving.

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Web stuff: Your faves are back on the ones and twos.

Dan and Phil move back to No. 1 and 2, respectively and finally.
Filthy Frank is finally found at No. Fifteen.

Next week, please enjoy Year in Review 2016 in lieu of our regularly scheduled content. See you on December 13, Tumblr! <3

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Nalu Week Day 7 : The End [is a New Beginning]

Extremely late Nalu week submission. 

Don’t ask me what Lucy is wearing. Can we just agree that it’s a star dress of sorts??

i forgot i was redoing that hideous old musain piece until it cropped up on my dash again yesterday and i went into overdrive and did the lineart 

((Part 2 animatic is done! It’s real short ()(about a minute? Possibly?) with limited animation, but, I believe I can get it done in a few days. Get pumped!))

Day 5: Sun and Moon/Confessions


Inuvember returns just in time for the 20th Anniversary of Inuyasha!

For those who are new to the fandom, Inuvember is a month dedicated to showing our love for Inuyasha, with a week dedicated to a specific category. We recycled many ideas from the previous two years, like keeping a free day (now on Mondays) and keeping AU Week.

Just like last year, we took everyone’s considerations into account, and thus created a different type of Ship Week. Instead of a day dedicated to a specific to a certain pairing, this year we just created a ship day for each character - so on Kagome Ship Day, you can ship Kagome with anyone you please, whether it be Inuyasha or Sango. It can be romantic or platonic - it’s whatever you choose!

Who is planning this?

Is there a criteria I need to follow?

  • Nope! Just follow this blog to be able to see what everyone is doing (we reblog everything everyone does) and be respectful of one another!

How do I participate?

  • Easy! Let your imagination flow and do whatever you feel like, whether it be fanart, fanfiction, gifsets, or anything else you’re interested in doing! Just remember to tag it as #inuvember so that we can see it to reblog, but if we don’t reblog it in 24 hours please send us a link so that we can!

Anything else I need to remember?

  • Inuvember Selfies!!! There’s two days for it - November 29 and 30 - so that it gives people more time to post them just in case they’re busy. It’s great because we’re able to see the beautiful and wonderful people in the fandom and spread positivity!

I hope everyone enjoys Inuvember 2k16! Credit of the top edit to @kago-bae